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How to destroy 60 hard drives an hour

Matteo Cisilino


never tried a birthday party of a legion of 5 years children ?

or more realistic , never though on a steamroller ? i think that a person who need to "terminate" a so high quantity i think got much space to play with a steamroller.

PDF spam tsunami hits email inboxes

Matteo Cisilino

OpenSource rules

When started this mess i've felt myself without any weapon to nuke the pdfs away, Why so stupid ?

A little search on the web and some tricks , and then clamav with sanesecurity , i know there're more solutions , but btw no commercial||corporate||famous AV software houses got the solution , i think this means something ;)

Oregon boy in double spider ear blockage horror

Matteo Cisilino

nature calls nature

can the child climb skyscrapers now ? .. it's insulting tell these news that make rumors only because we're living in the spiderman weeks :|

Debian 4.0 secures packages

Matteo Cisilino

ah ...

I'm so exited that I cannot stop my impulse to not going to buy any magazine for a month , to be sure escape from free Debian dvd/cd/64/ppc/sparc/i386* waste ... save the planet