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BOFH: Forgive and forget

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Of coure you are not bad just inproveing business efficency.

Nazi soldiers pose for Red Army calendar

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Thanks for the fading memories

At least the vetrans can be thankfull that it has been so long since this atroserty that the young have no idea what a german soldier of the second world war looked like.

Apple patent shows iPhone ruling the home

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missed point

I was implying that they should come together not that they could or would.

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And the point is ...

... that every device maker will have to put Apples source in evey peice of hardware just so the fanboyz can use their iPhone to change channels.

Wake up TV,Audio and settop box makers of the world and produce a standard for this now before its too late. The alternative is to eate Apple crowle for the rest of eternaty as you pay what ether Apple wants to charge to have their source in your hardware!

Adobe plots rebound with latest Creative Suite

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... stopped playing in the mac playpen years ago and it forced apple to produce a very good xp shell which can run AutoCAD so I dont see why Adobe can't say we no longer support mac as well. Sooner or later people will see they buy a mac to run windows and extra for the privalege!

Games console 'killer' powers Avatar 3D power package

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Mac or is that a peguine I see in the distance

I think Autodesk shoot them selfs in the foot when they removed support for Solaris and then Mac. Now they trying to find a way to provide Autodesk products to all platforms the cheapest way possiple. This no dowpt includes Lynux.

US Navy plans self-building floating fortresses

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I agree

While we are still dropping of containers the pirates will brobably be nicking them for scrap. Look out for smart swiming containers poping up on ebay soon.

SA news outlet deploys sh*t London Olympics logo

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Apt logo

Having seen the plans to give IOC members their own lanes (so they can stay in Park Lane hotels) on Londons congested roads, I think I may be using that logo a lot. The roads in the Westminster area are so congested Westminster Council has had to controll the number of motor bikes comuting to the area by charging them to park at the road side!

Just emagin how bad public transport is going to be with all the the people coming to see the games and like the IOC members rushing to the shops in the west end after.

If I am working in central London during the games I will be looking to take a holiday and go anywhere as long as it is out of London. I also think the road system is going to be at a stand still in the run up to the games as they still the roads to make express lanes for IOC members. We will also have to see how quickly they return the lanes to normal use after the games.

They wanted a legacy from the 2012 games and I think their will be one, no one in London will want to host the games for generations to come!

Student loan system failure could happen again

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It seems..

.. we have exactly what the government wanted to give students. A kick up the arse for being a burden on society.

The government knew this system would not work but went ahead any way and this will continue into next year with SLC making a minimal investment in the extra staff needed (if the original setup had worked) to process the additional work they can expect, while claiming to have made a significant investment in staff.

Shame SLC where not in charge of the replacement expences scam which sprang seamlessly into being when the old scam was exposed. If that had happened we would have saved a shed load of cach as PM's strugeld to get their snowts in the new trouth.

US government rescinds 'leave internet alone' policy

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Disconect your internet connection now

If you want to stop this now is the time. Stop using the internet, at least at home. I know its quicker but do you need it? Start telling authoraties to shove it we want paper, at least at home and businesses will follow. You have all the power but those in authoraty think they have the power to keep you in slavery, so tell them no, no more crap no more internet. If they get told no by enough people they will have to listern. If you refuse to do business online businesses will have to listern and they will start to pull internet support. The thing is to get organised. If you dowt this will happen look at what happened when thousands of Londons motor bikers came together on NoToBikeParkingFees.com. Don't forget a lot of people have internet access at work so they could drop it at home and save a bundel of cash!

Mandy accused of screwing small biz

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cuts in expences...

.. so the goverment ministers have to find another way to line their pockets.

ID cards: the first year report

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MP's First

If this scam is so wonderfull why are the MP's not queing up to join it?

Cyberspooks sceptical on UK.gov's IT cost-cutting plans

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No Problem

We already ousorce out torture to the yanks so why not our data to whoether?

1.3 million phones found down back of the sofa in UK

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I think you will find that it is the sim card that askes for the PIN and the proposal is a PIN for the phone.

Virgin Media battles privacy campaigners on P2P monitoring

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Silence is golden

Anyony fancy an Internet free month? Just say no to the Internet at home for a month and see how they like it. That will put the wind up them. OK the ISP's will still get payed but it will focus their minds on what a world without home use would mean to the bottom line. We the users hold all the real power not some poxy Euro crap government.

Home Office spawns new unit to expand internet surveillance

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Internet be damed

time to stop my internet connection I think

HMRC warned on wrong tax codes

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Her we go again

Goverment and comuters = disaster. Who cares why!

I for one am off to tpuc.org to get a copy of the Affidavit's to send to the Queen then I can tell HMRC no contract and return the tax for to sender.

Car-stopping electropulse cannon to demo 'next month'

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Pace makers and powerd stearing

If you zap electrinics indiscriminatly you could still kill the occupants if they are say fitted with a pace maker and this could render the device unusaable perticuly if the the person with a pace maker is also a hostage.

Then there is the problem of happens to a modern car when the electrics shut down. Loss of stearing brakes etc. could be as bad shooting the engin in terms of risk to the occupants.

I also suspect that shooting the engin of a moving car while moving your self is more of an art than a science.

Selfridges punts £1,800 Spanish ham

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bad joke

With a pig that expensive you would not eat it all at once

Discrimination warning over airport body scanners

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You can't scan me I am an MEP

was their not an artical on the fact that the European parlement bought and did not use a number of x-ray sanners because they did not want their right to privacy invaded.

It would be ironic if the government bought the scanners for our airports.

McKinnon: The longest ever game of pass the parcel

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No Justice

If he gets sent to the US he will not be given the same rights as a US citizan. The US has shown what it thinks of none US subjects with a little camp in a Cuban bay. He can expect a show trial and the rest of his life in prison on a set of drempt up charges that will make him look like a master criminal rarther than a minor hacker.

I think he will be used as a scape goat to hide the real failings of those in charge of US security.

IPS in cunning 'get an ID card, get crucified' scheme

Andrew Culpeck

Don't Froget

You ARE slaves. Given to the government at birth by your perants in exchange for a faximaly of a birth certificate.

So stop complaining IPS are just pionting out the facts of life.

I suspect you even think you own vehicals. If thats the case why do they give you a V5 with your name and address on it as the registerd keeper and not the owner?

And while we are on the subject the V5 is a grant of use, not to you the man or woman who paied for the vehical but the fictional legal personality that is MR/MRS X at Y address.

If you don't beleve me look up John Harris on youtube and he will explain the law far better than I can.

MEPs put virtual strip machines on the block

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Waste of money

Did I not here a report that sead that this tech. would not have spotted the Christmass bomb attemt?

It's also nice to see that the EU thinks its not a problem if our privacy is invaided but totaly unacceptable to invaide MEP's privacy.

As usual one rule for them and one for us.


Tiny TV could make billions for FCC

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If all the channels show the same stations then this may work. But we already seen what happens to English freeview boxes next to Welsh transmiters, where the box picks up the strongest station and not the one you want.

Scientist proposes quantum über-battery

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Sonds like a winer to me.

I have posted about this before but the idea of a copasitor to take the charge quickly and a battery to store it in the long term is a very good idea as it means that the charge times are reduced to minuets.

This could then mean that milions of mobile phones are charged only for as long needed rarther than overnight. This could save a lot of CO2 being waisted as the phone charger sits trying to top up the phones battery all night when it only needed charging for say 3 hours.

This could also mean that electric cars can top up at petrol stations, rarther than having to spend the entire day in a special car parking bay with a charge post. They would have to come up with the electric equiverlant to a liter petrol can, but when they do they can sell them though the petrol garage.

I still think that the best way to store power is the form of compressed air, at least for cars. This is because you can sore the compressed air for as long as you like , compressed air tanks are easy to produce from plastic and they are llightweight.

Gov retreats on vetting database but ain't climbing down

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Yes I do

You made an unfounded claim against him and if the police where to act on it and take him in for questioning then he would be bared from working with children ether again.

Scammers scrape RAM for bank card data

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more Info.

So how do they get the scaper onto the system. Its one thing to speculate another to know. And while we are at it do minimum wage till operators have access to the POS hard drive or are they only on a terminal with limited access to the POS hardware its self?

Bonuses all round for failing Border Agency

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@ Scott 19

Mind if I join you. My employers ever have an offic in Hong Kong.

Pitchfork-wielding mobs encircle smart meters

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carrot and stick

Depends on the size of the carrot and the size of sick. I also live in a small falt and don't want to woken up by my washing machine starting and stopping at times that sute the lecy company thank you very much.

So I suppose I will have to get used to paying through the nose for my lecy! Any one know where I can generator? I aso live in a block of flats so a solor cell is useless before someone comes up with that idea.

Sputnik, spaghetti and the IBM SPACE machine

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Punch Cards

What my mother thinks of punch cards having worked on a punch card fead accounts computer is not prinerbal here. Needless to say having spent many a day feeding clearing and then refeeding punch cards, she still thinks compuer is a four letter word. Sorry but I don't know which system she would have been useing.

NASA preps Mars rover rescue plan

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Gecho's Tail

The followin may give a qlue as to how a sampling arm could help get the Rcver free.


'F-22 Raptor stealth coatings are crap' case goes to court

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put up or shut up

Why not get a Lockheed cometitor to test the radar sig. on an early F-22.

Dirty, dirty PCs: The X-rated picture guide

Andrew Culpeck

Anti Smoking posters...

...could do with showing the inside of a smokesrs PC with a strap line of something like this is what it has done to the PC and it don't even smoke

Google expands navel gazing

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Nokia 5800

I have the above phone so I have no problem running this. The GPS is unless so unless you run assisted GPS the phone has no idea where it and hopefully you are.

Election makes net snooping a pariah policy

Andrew Culpeck

A posative thought

I think that we don't have to wory to much about this as it is yet another Government wet dream of an IT project which like all the rest will cost sevral times as much as initialy cost quoted, most of the money will not be unaccountable for and the end result will be useless. Well that is if they follow the useuall patten.

Booze shops get ID card lessons

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Do You Trust MP's

I don't the last time the world trusted a Govenment with this kind of power was the National Soccialists in 1930's Germany and we all know where that ended up. As for trusting the Conservative party I don't. The Conservatives where supposed to give as referndom on Europe but gone back on that.

This is a Blatent attempt to MAKE the ID sceame conpolsary if you want a drink, and as others have seen that will only be the start.

Big Blue red-faced over Congestion charge crash

Andrew Culpeck

@AC 12:18

You may not beleve it but it's still not to late to protest against being charged to park on the street. After all Westinster Council (who started charging cars first back in the 50's) have just started charging motor bikes, but they are putting up a fight see www.NoToBikeParkingFees.com. So if you want to park a car without paying through the nose see how the bikeers are causing trouble and follow sute. By the way in over a year of demonstrations we haven't even had one person cautioned. A very British demonstration I know but one that is working.

Now don't get me wrong I still want street marking and CEO's to enforce them but we don't need to pay to park in order to pay for either as proved by the statement that 70% of a parking ticket goes to the ticketing company and 25% to the council.

Rigid sky-train to fly through magnetic rings on sticks

Andrew Culpeck

How about a vacume hover monorail

The Exetor to saltash rail used to pulled along a vacume tube, with pumping stations along the way to provide the vacume. What if the train creates the vacume in an overhead monorail and the train is lifted inside the same tube on a cusion of air.

I like the idear solor panels over the railway to provide the power for the train. I hope the train is not out after dark!

Citroën redesigns the 2CV

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It accelorate how fast..

.. who cares it still spend most of it's time culttering up the side of the road while being charged!

Peugeot looks to 1940s for quirky e-car design

Andrew Culpeck

Leccy losers

So what’s the range and what’s the charge time?

I have been campaigning for free parking for motor bikes in Westminster since they started their experiment over a year ago see NoToBikeParkingFees.com. One of the arguments against just providing enough parking for bikes was that there is too much pressure on kerb side space in Westminster, yet both Westminster council and Boris Johnson want to introduce more electric vehicle’s. Both see the political mileage in this and both want to get into the personal vehicle market, no doubt for the money to be made. The electric car is a joke when it comes to recharging though and needs to be recharged at the side of the road to make it viable so you need charge points which is fine until more people change to electric and every car space needs a charge point! The only viable alternative to petrol is a source of power that can use the existing petrol stations.

There are a lot of alternatives but so far the best idea I have seen is compressed air http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dq8aZVLpf-c . Compressed air sounds odd until you realise that a car engine is an internal combustion engine that just compresses the air in the cylinder. This system uses compressed air which can be compressed at the petrol station using electricity; you have to get power from somewhere. Charge times as shown in the video 3 minuets, so time to go and pay for the compressor and electricity, as you would for petrol. The only question is the type of engine. Lastly the compressed air cylinder technology exists but you would need to come up with a standard fill connection.

Well that’s put the would to rights mines a pint.

Mozilla: Web's future rests with millions outside IT

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Who fits seat belts?

It seems that manufacturers of cars fit seat belts so are we arguing that Microsoft and all have secure OS'es tostart with?

Personaly I thing whe analogy is bad because people are genrally not looking for ways to brake seat belts but they are constantly changing the way they attack PC's on the internet.

Forget solar panels, it's time for rooftop slime-tanks

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5 out of 10 must try harder

Where is the evidence that slime out performs solor pannels?

What is achiveable now?

If slime is more efficient then by what percent?

Are there any sudies into this tech.?

Basicly this is blue sky thinking, not that that is a bad idea but it would have been better to relise it with solid facts and tests to back it up.

One ferther question why do you neeed air circulation around a sealed unit?

Will Google regret the mega data center?

Andrew Culpeck

Airbourn Dater Centers

So what if the data center is airbourn say an airship? Commuting may be a bit intresting but planed in advance no more of a problem than commuting to an oil rig. If the Airship was off shore abouve most of the cloud and solor powerd it could sit in international waters and beam data back ond forth.

BT's giant new faster broadband boxes blocked

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Dig a whole..

.. may be the answer but it may not. First off their is the question of what is the ground under the box. Most streets are full of pipes and wires. secondly their is the problem of what goes in the bottom of the cabinet. Thirdly their is the question of how you maintain that which is in the bottom of the cabinet. Having sead this I dont know why they cant lie the cabinet on its side. 1.8 meters is very tall! There is also a coserted effort to reduce street architecture so I simpavise with the residents on this.

Cats mix baby 'cry' with purr to score dinner

Andrew Culpeck

Quote from someone I have forgoten

Cats used to be worshiped be us thousands of years ago. They have not forgotten.

Cats can be eval but fotunatly for them all we can see is their fur.

ESA to develop cargo-lander space podule

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China ?

It would be a grate way for China to improve its image aboroad and get more bang for its Yen if it where to get involved in the ISS programe.

Home Office gets another ad agency for ID cards

Andrew Culpeck

New Labour

... if it is unwanted unuseble and no use, then waist more money on the advertising.

US record industry wins $1.92m from file sharer

Andrew Culpeck


can she not file for bankrupcy and walk free of this now?

Church of England schism fear over mobile phone masts

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Looks OK to me

I think the church has the right aprouch. That is to decide on a case by case basis. If as the photo in the artical showes you can't see the areial and the perishoners don't object to much why not put areals on churches? We live with the radiation for better or worse anyway so the only objection would be being eraiated when in church which for most of us would be never.

Johnson shuffle returns ID cards to the table

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On the issue of usefulness I recall a posting I have made on another article. If we have one point of verification we have one point the criminals will attack. History has shown that when there is a signal point of security people always focus on that. If you don't know what I mean just think for a moment how popular Windows software is for attacks.

Before we all start thinking of complex ways to undermine the ID card you may like to think about how secure pay by phone parking is?

I like most thought that sending a message to pay by text would possibly be exploited by some sophisticated blue tooth technique but in a recent programme of the real hustle all the con men did was put up a fake sign with their text number on it. They could not even be bothered with answering the phone! Instead they got the marks to send their credit card details by text only. Of course people complied with the request on the official looking post, because we are socially conditioned to accept road side notices.

So before you text think! Is that the right number?

The lesson is that no system will remain secure for long if the reward for braking it is high enough, so lets scrap this now.