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Norway gov mulls blocking online gambling


Noggie Hypocrits

1. Norway is communist country.

2. Norway is for Norwegians and imported slaves.

3. They tax their alcohol so much that country folk make their own moonshine-"Hjembrent"- which is 96% and they subsequently die in distilling/explosion/fire/methyl poisoning/ethyl poisoning/driving accidents.

4. Gambling as previously said is a State Monopoly. This means all gambling, Lotto, Gee-gees, Slots, the lot. It is therefore advertised endlessly by all media.

5. Noggies are the world's biggest gamblers, at about US$1,000/capita/annum, double the next nearest, the Yanks and Aussies.

6. The Norwegian Government greedily covets all income from these sources. They demanded that a Danish ferry line hand over to them all proceeds from gambling aboard a ferry operating between Oslo and Kobnhavn. They have set up "Duty-Free" shops at all international airports on the way IN to the country, to discourage folk spending overseas.

7. If a UK vessel docks in Norway, even in Norwegian service, it is virtually stripped down until faults are found requiring work at Norwegian shipyards. (Norwegian vessels enter UK without a glance)

8. One rule for the Nogs, another for the rest of the world.

Beer. Another reason UK is better.

The Equalizer prowls Albert Square



What sort of Class Act Actor would demean themselves by appearing on Eastenders?

Edward Woodward would.

Scotland Today in news nipslip outrage

Paris Hilton

yes but what...?

...are two women doing in a car together and why has one of them her blouse unbuttoned...?

Germany tests tadpole airship

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Yes I thought Sperm

at first, but then I thought

"..add some wings and a forky tale-PUFF ! the magic dragon !"

This invention only has a future as a Children's Entertainer, if such a thing's still allowed these days.

Armed anti-paedophile cops swoop on video site uploader

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WTF is going on Down Under? First Cartoon-Porn, now this !

That's actually a rhetorical question.

1. In the UK all the increase in employment over the last 20 years has been in the Public Sector.

2. All these new bureaucrats are actually unnecessary and need something to do (see Scottish "Government").

3. Make more things regulated/licensed/illegal to give them something to do.

Hitler understood that bureaucrats were traitors-in-waiting and all you had to do was takeover the top of the hierarchy and things would run as normal. Look at any nazi-occupied country in the 2nd WW. He didn't like cartoons either.

RAF in plot against Fleet Air Arm again


Sharky Ward

Yes an excellent read, and so was Vulcan 607. ALL the flyers involved were heroic IMHO.

A revitalised Russia is already pushing the envelope with some long-range sorties in our direction. This might imperil our energy resources in our own sector and in the Norwegian sector, where much of our future supplies will originate. We need the RAF to challenge that, so equip them with something appropriate to that threat and keep them in the UK. For projecting power or to meet the unknown future threat the carriers are needed also, presumably in concert with other naval units, so under RN command.

A up to date Sea Harrier would be one way to go while were waiting for the JSF, if it ever comes.

If we can't reach a target from the carriers then just let the Yanks do it, we can only do so much these days.

Counter-terror police arrest Tory frontbencher

Black Helicopters

Is it just possible...

...that the Police are actually our Best Friends...?

By acting on this latter-day Dangerous Dogs Act and demonstrating the possible extremes to which these anti-terror laws may take us they alert us to danger.

This is a clear example of a high-profile MP whose arrest could not go unremarked, and whose treatment shows us all that if he can be treated like this, then low-profile proles will get no media outrage.

They may may doing this consciously or unconsciously (should we give them the benefit of the doubt?), but since this arrest the ID card scheme, EU membership, 42 days and a lot of other stuff begin to look questionable altogether.

Benign Helicopters?

Retro piracy - Should the Royal Navy kick arse?

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are definitely the answer. Given the state of world commerce you could pick up a nice, rusty 10,000 ton freighter and nail some containerised rapid fire guns around the deck, direct your fire using below-deck geeks with suitable optics/radar, and shred anything recognisably piratical that gets close. Go through the records and trail your coat in the likely areas, which I believe are not so far from Diego Garcia as a base. I volunteer.

Boeing to build combo airship-copter flying cranes



...some of you academic-boffin-impractical-nerdy types have got your heads in the clouds most of the time, haven't you ?

There's an obvious solution to this "helium-venting" and "vacuum-spheres" and "negative-payload-stressing" etc.etc.

Carefully nail a tow-bar onto the back of this infernal homunculus, buy a trailer and dump your excess Helium in there ! And while you're at it, my old pick-up will carry double in my trailer what it carries in the back, so you could probably get 80 tons up there instead !

Really, sometimes...

eBay Australia ditches PayPal scheme



you've found other auction sites such as...?

UK and US agree biometric heavily vetted trusted traveller deal

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US immigration

They get a bad press, but it wasn't always so...

In 1981 I visited family in New England and with their help deposited my travel funds in their local small-town bank, assured that I could access them from anywhere in US/Canada. Travelling around I eventually crossed over into Canada at Niagara Falls. I was the only Brit on a bus of many nations and the only one to be pulled up by the french-Canadian border guard. Having only $250 on my person he gave me only a 2 week visa. I have long held no respect for arbitrary authority and being young and confident stayed 15 weeks, including some work. When I crossed back into the States the female immigration officer closely examined the dates and remarked "You spent a long time in Canada" I replied" Well it's a big country". Immediately she stamped the passport and handed it back to me "It sure is!" she said with a big smile.

Could pen-sized GPS jammers paralyse UK shipping?



Such a Joy to get the Register headlines once a week-excellent articles like this(well done Lewis) and informed, articulate, sceptical, humourous top-quality comment ! I have stopped taking the Telegraph and ceased believing anything from the BBC years ago.

Decca was accurate to within 20 metres in terms of repeatability; you could go back to the same mark (I'm a fisherman) and it would be there, although would probably not correspond to your correct position on the chart. Decca would "go off" with rain and darkness. In any event, evrybody threw out their Navstar 2000's years ago although I recently had the delight of uncovering an old Mark 12 in a workshop in Trondheim !

There are other alternatives such as inertial guidance as used on Submarines and modern radars are usually excellent for both longer distance navigation and close up boat handling.

But we should definitely maintain the old skills of sextant, chart, ephemeris and chronometer, the oil won't last forever and while we're at it what about the complicated sail evolutions of the square-rigger?

I hope I live long enough.

A quick broadside and board 'em in the smoke !

Sharp pitches 'world's largest' LCD screen



Fahrenheit 451, anybody ?

Wombat rape ordeal turns NZ man Australian

Dead Vulture


I was in nelson in 1982 and there were no wombats around in those days; you had to make your own entertainment. they are native to OZ but not NZ. how did it get there ?bloody marsupials, comin' over 'ere etc..