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Gamers love in-game ads, ad industry-sponsored survey reveals

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The only way i would tolerate

The only way i would tolerate in-game advertising is if it was *really* good MMO, that was free to play. For example, if Eve wanted to drop or reducethe monthly sub and sell the advertising space on Billboards near Jumpgates (and they could add them outside stations) to real world companies, I wouldn't have a problem with this.

However, if they charge me for the game and/or a monthly fee,I do NOT want to be bombarded with adverts. I would never pay for a game where I was constantly bombarded with adds. CoD 4 is a great game, but I wouldn't play if it was "ad" supported.

Gamers not social misfits, after all

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Very true. Some people watch TV to unwind, i play Eve. If I have 5 hours a night to play, I will, if I have 12-14 hours on a saturday to play, i will. However, I also go to the pub 2-3 times a week, work full time, and maintane a healthy relationship with my better half.

People around me sometimes tell me I game too much, to which I simply reply at least I'm excercising my brain rather than having it pumped full of mindless garbage. I'm not sure why someone who spends most of there free time online is considered to have a problem, whilst people that spend the same amount of time watching TV are "normal".

BOFH: Testing the obscenity filters

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Need to try that here ;p

Xbox 360 'eaten' by alligator

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This story fails to deliver

I was expecting Aligators+someones house+ American Redneck = Friday hilarity type thing

Shame on you reg, shame on you

*walks away muttering and shaking head*

Life a mess? The Moderatrix can help

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Please help!

I've just moved into a new flat with a member of the opposite sex, and I'm not sure how to confess my addiction to Eve Online. I've managed to hide it up until now, but we've discussed PC gaming and she thinks the only people doing it are "internet wierdos"

I'm dreading the first time burst into the room and catches me typing away, with my headset on, discussing ship fittings. Should I have some pr0n or something open in the background so I can switch to that and not get busted?

Please help!!

Phones 4u accused of misleading customers

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Paris Hilton

Why anyone would go to these

idiots for a phone after all the cr@p adverts that they put on tv. I don't know anyone who though they were watchable, let alone good.

And as for those that get sucked into an 18 month contract then complain that they can't get out, perhaps they should have applied some though before hand and not just though about how good their gonna look with their new gadget.

i signed up for a 12 month contract with Vodafone, and pay about £40 a month. A month later I had a nice indian fellow call me and ask me if I wanted to extend it to 18 months, I let him know that if I wanted an 18 month contract, I would have signed up for one last month.

He then tried to temp me with the offer that if I said yes now, the would take £20 of my next bill. OK, so Vodafone would have given £20 next month, so I can give Vodafone another £240 next year. He didn't get the irony, and said that many poeple had signed up. I have no sympatyhy for the tards.

Paris cause she seems to be smarter than most people, Sad, but true :(

Judge issues arrest warrant for Darth Vader

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This guy shouldn't be arrested, he should be knighted! Please please please get it on youtube. It would almost be as good as the one where the dork dressed as chewy decks the idiot outta Clit 45 for swearing at them whilst there mums were in in line with them.

Is Europe's war on Islamist terror running out of terrorists?

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@ AC, a few points (flamebait)

Well said mate. It's not only youths that are the issue, but also many adults that are causing todays issues. More people are killed and assaulted on the streets of London in 6 months that Islamic terrorist kill in a year (*in this country)

While I agree that there is a minor threat from religious nutters, i believe the bigger threat is Feral children with no respect for anything or anyone, and adults that encourage/excuse/stand by and do nothing their behaviour. Of course we can expect the goverment to do nothing about this.

Paris cause she has more sense than Gordon Brown and the Nu-luser party, conservatives and lib dems put together.

Creative climbs down over home brew Vista drivers

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Good to see that people power works

Still wont buy another Creative product tho. Once you lose me as a customer, I'm never coming back! I think alot of people think along the same lines, and Creative may find that even with the recent change in tune, they have still caused a huge amount of damage to the brand.

Although the senior manager responsible for the original post wont be "punished" in anyway. He will either:

1) be given a promition and a big payrise for the amount of publicity he has created (remember folks, no suck thing as bad press, especially now they've tried to look like good guy's!).

2) be put on gardening leave for 6 month's, then given a huge golden handshake (4th and 5th homes aren't cheap you know! most of us struggle to pay for 1, let alone 4 or 5! Think how he would feel if he had to sell one or two to get by, poor bastard)

3) Will actually realise the damage he has done, and move onto another big name business in a similiar position, for more money of course, until he fucks up again somehow and repeats the cycle (if any of us plebs makes a MAJOR fuck up, we're out on our arses, no Golden handshake, no reference, and have to struggle to get back to where we we. These guys in the ole boy's club just play musical chairs in senior management, regardless of how badly they screw up. Once your in, your in for life!)

New banking code cracks down on out-of-date software

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Like to see them prove this

Will they need anyone reporting online fraud to go into their branch with their machine to prove that they have an up to date firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware? Cause I can't see that happening! The bank might say "Sorry, you can't prove that this was installed/running/had up-to-date definitions, so you get nothing back!"


Comcast acquires BitTorrent for $53bn

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Well done reg, had me going for a second :p

LiveLeak pulls anti-Koran documentary

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They show their displeasure at Islam being depicted as violent and full of nutters, by behaving violently and behaving like nutters, and sending threats.

Oh sweet irony


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