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You'll learn to love mobile TV

Tom Toughill

Errr sorry to be a killjoy here...

...but isn't this illegal? I know downloading Music / Films etc are. I thought the same was true of TV Shows, especially abroad. I know people can record of the telly, the now dead VCR is a testament to that, but I would be interested if someone could clear this up for me and explain the legal situation

Carphone Warehouse stares down BPI and UK.gov on three strikes

Tom Toughill


@ Simplepieman

I've looked at the Wiki page etc. Just a quick one. If the data is encrypted it can not be inspected. Is this correct?

I mean surely that's all that has to happen. encrypt the data each packet data is encypted and that's it. Thus they can't tell the difference between legal and illegal file sharing.

T-Mobile slashes iPhone cost

Tom Toughill


do you have to sign in via iTunes like in uk? Never heard of jailbreak then

Virgin Media in talks to trial three strikes regime against P2P

Tom Toughill


“ISPs are under huge government pressure to agree to the scheme, or face legislation”

Some cynics may misread that line as:

“Those ISP who behave and fall into line, will be given lucrative government contracts.”

Tom Toughill

No Brainer....

Err.... So I guess no one has heard of encryption then... Will they be inspecting IP adresses? or actual packet data? Imagine keeping track of the IP used by torrents? Then you have to look at the data surely? Encryption would make that impossible (depending on strength of course)... I mean it can't be that simple can it? I don't think any ISP can force you to send data unsecured. How would you buy things online then.

Seems to be a simple solution. If they do push this then all that will happen is child porn etc will be harder to find.


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