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Aussie ISP pulls out of firewall trial

Lee T.

@Straight talkers

Yep, if a politician down here is being an authoritarian prick, (s)he's going to fucking get called on it.

NASA shops for new Moon spacesuits and landers

Lee T.


They DO need spacesuits for the soundstage at Area 51, they just don't need ones that WORK.

Any old hollywood props will do.

Ten of the best... noise-isolating earphones

Lee T.


Also no mention of the Creative EP-630s, which are apparently absolutely identical to the CX300, but half the price? I have them, they sound and isolate brilliantly.

McKinnon UK trial decision delayed

Lee T.


I agree.

The "costs" associated with the case, that the US is claiming he caused X dollars of damage, is the cost of actually securing their systems. He didn't cause x dollars of damage, he caused the US military etc to notice that their systems were wide open. To return the systems to the state they were in before mckinnon gained access to them would cost them almost nothing.

Also, what happened to not allowing laws to be applied retroactively?

Aliens, cos thats what he claims to have been looking for.

Benjamin Button eyes 13 Oscars

Lee T.

@ Sarah Bee


alright, alright, I'm going...

Apple explores auto iPhone audio

Lee T.
Jobs Horns

yet more prior art

the scala rider bluetooth-headset/intercom-for-motorbikes does this based om ambient noise


I'm sure other headsets do similar.

McKinnon's lawyers hope UK prosecution will derail extradition

Lee T.


wot, there was no extradition treaty when he comitted the crime?!

retroactive laws make me come over all angry libertarian, for some reason.

country is going to the dogs (Just as badly as australia, where i live - if not worse!)

If i lived in the UK, I would leave; i hear New Zealand is nice.

Microsoft delays first Windows 7 public beta

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Paris Hilton



its the perfect way to do a download like this.

but microsoft are a bunch of tossers busy demonising p2p, so it will never happen.

Long Live those who do (WoW, TPB) :-)

where's the PH angle?

Aussie protests over Great Firewall

Lee T.

Why to they want to access illegal material?

because the material on the blacklist is for the most part NOT illegal to own, view, or produce; it is only illegal to Publish in (some parts of) australia. And it will block LOTS of other things accidentally. And it'll be piss easy to bypass. And it will slow down the net.

I know, troll fodder. I'll be going...

the dirty mac, ta.

Windows internet share drops below 90 per cent

Lee T.

Oh come on, the graph's a bit obvious

I mean really, did you have to? The answer, of course, is yes.

< . . . . . = pac man

Aussie government muffs plans for internet filtering

Lee T.

re: The two major parties should get together

That is _Never_ going to happen.

both major parties have their unfair share of "religious Nutjobs", the PM is one of them.

The balance of power in the senate (aussie federal upper house) provided that the opposition votes against a bill, is held by the greens (who usually vote with the current government, but not by the looks on this) and two independents. One of the independents (Nick Xenephon) is basically a one-issue senator - He got in on an Anti-Gambling platform. He appears to be listening to reason on this issue. The other independent, Steve Fielding, is the only representative of the "Family First" party, which is basically a bunch of Far-right Christian-fundamentalist We-know-what's-best-for-you--even -if-you-disagree nutjobs.

He got less than 2% of the popular vote, and got in on preference deals with Labor. He is a bit of a sCunthorpe.

Spacewalking astronaut drops toolbag

Lee T.

Would a lanyard be so difficult to arrange?

i mean really, what's so difficult about tying things to the suit? you could even make it spring-return, like an rfid pass lanyard.

<-attaching the bag to the suit...

BNP membership list leaks online

Lee T.

@Racist/rightwinder - the difference?

right of centre != racist

that far right of centre == racist

El Reg seeks top net neologism

Lee T.



Reg readers in Firefox 3 lovefest

Lee T.

@ i use firefox1...

or alternatively use ctrl+w (command+w).

works for me.

Opera is better though


Relocated Oz croc menaces tourist beaches

Lee T.

Mmmmm, Croc

"The saltwater crocodile is an opportunistic apex predator capable of taking animals up to the size of an adult male water buffalo, either in the water or on dry land. They have also been known to attack humans."

saw plenty of salties in the Northern Territory.

wouldn't want to try to fight one (you'd lose, particularly if it was the croc jumping you and not the other way around)

tasty though.

DARPA seeks crawling, burrowing river-recce sub bot

Lee T.

power generation?

drill into the seabed and use water currents?

oh and "the only place to keep your brain is in a bubbling jar remotely linked to a huge, powerful robot or brainchipped-gorilla body."


Peaches Geldof cops a severe shoeing

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Paris Hilton

@So What?/IT Angle?

Bootnotes. need I say more?

UK Govt to spend £100m on three-city electric car trial

Lee T.

only worth it as a Greenhouse Gas solution if powered by renewables

Using fossil based grid electricity entirely negates the in vehicle efficiency advantages of electric cars. The major potential benefit of electric cars is to allow diverse renewable electricity sources to fuel cars.


i know its wackypedia, but it's right this time

need some vroom anyway

Gmail cuts out the meatspace with canned replies

Lee T.

@where pray tell?

gmail > settings>labs

Dawkins' atheist ad campaign hits fundraising target

Lee T.
Jobs Halo

There is a perfect OS, and it's name is Leopard


And sit back and await the flames.

atheist BTW, also


Dawkins in his own words.

UK.gov says: Regulate the internet

Lee T.

@Freedom vs anarchy

the internet is not like tv.

the internet is like the Real World (tm)

Take Responsibility for your kids, or don't have kids in the first place.

It Isn't the government's job to raise your kids.

.gov.uk is obviously impressed by .gov.au's ideas. In .au it is being pushed on the middle-to-right part of the labor gov by the far-right-religious-nut party senate member so they get his vote, as he holds the balance of power in the upper house. Don't blame it on left or right, blame it on authoritarian gov of all persuasions.

Oz watchdogs howl over 'Cyber-Safety' net filter

Lee T.

I'm Appalled

The government is implementing this highly undemocratic censorship policy in order to get the vote in the senate of 1 senator from a religously affiliated party, family first, who holds the balance of power in the senate.

send the senator organising it a message, http://nocleanfeed.com/takeaction.html

I agree with those planning a tunnel out of OZ, perhaps to a ssh box in sweden. arr.

Serial troll bitchslaps Reg hack

Lee T.

the guy obviously doesn't know shit about statistics either

If you have a database of all citizens, and run a test on it that is 99% accurate in finding terrorists, assuming .0001% of population are terrorists (for example) you will wrongly arrest ~1% of the entire population. of those arrested, the vast majority (>99%) will be innocent. Database testing lookups aren't even 99% accurate. All should read Cory Doctrow's 'Little Brother' available free on his website.

Porn, abuse, depravity - and how they plan to stop it

Lee T.

the australian federal gov is planning the same thing

censoring the internet for all australians, purely to get the vote in parliament of a 'religous nutjob' senator. I am all for prosecuting those who produce real child porn, as that has caused an instance of real harm to an unable-to-consent minor. I'll even go so far as to agree about charging those who pay for access to a real-C.P site with enabling C.P, but I will never allow censorship of my, or anyone else's (except voluntarily) internet access. If (hopefully not When) they introduce the great firewall of Australia, it will of course be used to restrict access to other material as well (terrorism, other porn, sites critical of .Gov, etc.) I fully intend to get a SSH tunnel to a country which doesn't filter Net access, and actively campaign against it. Those interested should read Cory Doctrow's stuff, he is a brilliant author, and it's all available for free on his website http://craphound.com/ I reccomend 'Little Brother'. No more victimless crimes

Microsoft leaks cloudy OS name

Lee T.

that brown looks suspiciously similar to the ubuntu desktop

copycat microsoft at it again

US brain trust: Beware of trawling-for-terrorist apps

Lee T.
Black Helicopters

everyone should read cory doctrow's 'Little Brother'


read it. and you can either buy a printed copy or download it for free *off the author's website*

Captain Cyborg to chew the fat with Ultra Hal

Lee T.
Gates Horns

as always, xkcd goes one better


microsoft is staving off the rotm's by crippling them with an o/s going backwards faster than the hardware improves. $Deity help us if *nix ever wins on the desktop.

T-Mobile joins data breach elite

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Paris Hilton

get the data back?

the data has been offered for sale online. Means someone has it who is willing to sell it. What kind of retards think they only have one copy? Once it is online, it is never going to not be online ever again.


cos she couldn't recover it once it became data online either.

Telco compares merger to Challenger space shuttle

Lee T.

OH Snap!

they just got burned! To death!

coat? me?!

Apple condemns FileVaulters to seventh circle of Safari hell

Lee T.

@People still use Opera?


lower on the "make it work" timeline possibly because it just does, especially if you've coded to standards or if firefox is working.

OMFG, what have you done?

Lee T.

@@ the fixed width wankers - By Alan

Nope, you're wrong.

Just because the new, fixed-width site happens to fit perfectly your ideal, precisely measured and feng shui perfect window on your exact monitor, DOESN'T mean that it will work as well for anyone else. A flow-to-fit-window site would look EXACTLY THE SAME in your utopian browser window, but would also work fullscreen on my (small, widescreen) laptop, on SCC's, on mobile browsers, and on any other browser. On a small widescreen, there really isn't room to stuff about with multiple windows, the extra horizontal real estate is counteracted by a corresponding lack ov vertical space. The old site used the *area* available on screen, the new, fixed width uses the *Height*. I have 800 pixels of height to use, 1280 wide. the site doesn't use the available screen space, so I (and All the others complaining) have space wasted, and hence have to scroll more to obtain the same amount of info. As a quick comparison, frontpage now vs internet archived old frontpage, both fullscreen (how i always read the web), including featured stories but not Top Stories (as that duplicates main story links) old site i have 20 story links visible on screen at once, new site only 13. This is _incrdibly_ annoying, and makes picking out stories to read, and not missing things, very much harder. Variable width/fit to window allows the user to choose the size of the visible, useful window. You can have your perfectly proportioned browser, everyone else can size the site As They See Fit, according to circumstance. I don't want to have to horizontal scroll on SCC's, or vertical scroll more than necessary on my small laptop widescreen. Please try to understand. HTH, HAND.

Lee T.

@Dead Vulture icon...

>By Matthew Posted Tuesday 16th September 2008 16:38 GMT


>...has been removed, in an article where we get to critically comment on El Reg's >decision. I suspect foul play...

don't you mean _Fowl_ play?

Lee T.

@widescreen whiners

you don't get it do you.

If you want to read it in a window, fine, but NOT EVERYONE DOES THAT!

I (and many others) want to read the site fullscreen. Fixed width takes away my choice, you Are Not The Only Person Who Reads The Site, and if fixed width just happens to be fixed exactly at the width you happen to like having your browser window at, bully for you, but I DON'T HAVE MY BROWSER WINDOW SET THE SAME AS YOU! I read el reg both on my widescreen monitor, FULLSCREEN, COS THATS HOW I LIKE IT, and on my phone, AND FIXED WIDTH MAKES BOTH _HORRIBLE_. Variable width means the site fills the window, HOWEVER WIDE THE WINDOW HAPPENS TO BE. your window on a widescreen monitor would look the same, my fullscreen window on a widescreen monitor would *use all the available space*, and my phone *wouldn't have to scroll five million miles sideways* in order to read the site. just because, by happy coincidence, the fixed width *Happens* to be the right width for your preferred window width, doesn't mean it suits others. Get some fucking Clue before you make sweeping claims again.

sorry for the rant.

Lee T.

oh, and another thing...

two, infact. First, in Opera 9.52/mac the email/password/title boxes of the add comment form don't show a cursor until you start typing.

Also, for multi-page stories, the big bold *Next Page: foo* at the bottom of each page should be a link to the next page, not just the small page no/next links in the grey bar.

ps fixed width=shit

Lee T.

@Look and feel

but non-fixed-width fits more to a page automagically, as each article link+blurb becomes wider with less lines, so you have as many on screen at once as will fit. Four-to-a-line would actually _reduce_ the number of articles per visible page, because of the spaces between them. Works the other way too, with a really narrow screen/window, the individual links just become narrower and taller, with the same page layout of three-to-a-line. you should *Never* have to horizontal scroll, with the single exception being directly viewing high-res images *one-at-a-time* _After_ clicking a thumbnail.

Lee T.

@Icons ...?

yep, they're back.

Try clearing your cache

Lee T.
Paris Hilton

@ all the fixed-width-for-readability-prats

if the site is too wide fullscreen on a widescreen, that is the fault of the idiot reading it fullscreen-ona-widescreen. Put it ina window if it worries you, but don't fuckup MY ability to read the site. fixed-width SUCKS, as do the new icons, as does the kerning in the new banner. The old site was MUCH more useable on both my 1280-wide laptop (opera9.52) and in opera mini on my phone. Also, this page currently fails w3c validator, and the site works better as of now with NO css applied.

Please do something about it

crappy new paris icon, cos you now need glasses to read the site

Lee T.

@Fixed width complaints are rubbish

actually, the fixed width complainers (including me) actually heard that argument earlier. Fixed width sucks because YOU DON"T GET TO CHOOSE HOW WIDE YOU WANT THE WINDOW. It imposes a maximum width upon the (useable/readable) window. What is just right for you means scrolling sideways on a mobile/scc, and means HUGE, UGLY GREY BARS on anything widescreen. With the old layout, on a widescreen the frontpage articles shifted up so they were wider and more on-screen at once so you could scan for blue links to unread articles, then have a look at the title, fixed width ruins this, you now have to scroll FOREVER in order to find anything, and it's a waste of space. Widescreen monitors aren't just wide, they are also shorter (mine is 800px tall) so this fixed with crap means reading the frontpage now takes forever, i can't just open, glance, no new articles, close, i have to sit there and SCROLL DOWN FOREVER in order to check, and hence won't. Pissing off the readers is stupid, consider me (and anyone else with a widescreen or a small screen or a large screen) royally pissed off.

yours reading an ugly site with css disabled


Oz woman sold mobe with preloaded smut

Lee T.
Paris Hilton

dick smith

is an aussie entrepreneur who started the store chain, which is effectively the aussie version of radio shack/best buy. look him up on pikiwedia.

"I'm not disgusted by what she did, what people do in their own homes is their business. But I'm disgusted that it was left on the shelf to be sold."

sensible woman.

paris - Pics!

Reg readers rage at comment icon outrage

Lee T.
Paris Hilton

@Good riddance / rotm

clear your cache to see the old icons back

Could have the HAL9000 eye as a ROTM icon.

paris, cos .... paris is back

Lee T.

where's the web 2.0 angle?

bet you won't do that one now, will you?

Net-talking toaster to burn news onto bread

Lee T.

won't your toast go cold while you read it?

that toasted news is at least a couple of minutes of reading.


Ten of the Best... iPod rivals

Lee T.

fuck webster, you're even thicker than i thought

have you ever heard about the creative zen micro? generally speaking, every single one had the headphone socket fail either just before or just after the (1 Yr) warranty expired. I had one. It died and i got it replaced (free) with a different model. Also, apple currently sells LOADS of different players, but they are all called ipod, and so every single fault on every single ipod from the last howeverthefuckmanyyears gets called by you as evidence. The more sold, the more faults will be reported, and apple has sold the most. learn something about statistics you twat, before you post yet-another-pointless-inaccurate-incoherent crap reply. I shouldn't bite, really, but Damn does webster get irritating.

Yes, there was a viable liquid bomb plot

Lee T.

@Stating the obvious

no, no, carrying dets around isn't a lifetime proposition _except_ for suicide bombers.

<-- should be obvious.

Erotic artist urges spanking for Jacqui Smith

Lee T.
Black Helicopters


...is a very good movie along these exact lines, but taken to the absolute thought crime extreme. Rebellion against such appalingly repressive government is indeed necessary, here's hoping Jacqui Smith is the first up against the wall when the revolution comes - oh no, i just imagined someone being shot, arrest me!

iPhone passwords not worth the paper they're written on

Lee T.

fuck off webster...

nobody cares. Any devce's security is useless once you have physical access. Yes Mac/Apple products suck, infact all software sucks and all hardware sucks. Apple's, in some cases though, sucks a bit less than others.

Crypto guru thinks outside the box with Cube attack

Lee T.

what are the odds...

that he will be arrested for "revealing flaws in security measures" or under 'terrist' laws? even his name sounds dodgy...

the orange coat with all the pretty arrows, thanks

Aussie school trials use of gadgets in exams

Lee T.
Paris Hilton

on the other hand...

this is teaching the brats that they need never actually _learn_ anything, that any question requires internet access to answer, and that they don't need to _think_ in order to achieve. Without their precious mobile, they will become completely useless. Dumb idea in my book. (I live in Oz, relatively nearby). Paris, cos she isn't _Entirely_ useless without her mobe...

Network Solutions falls off the web

Lee T.
IT Angle

working from australia

at 8pm uk

traceroute to www.networksolutions.com (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets

1 ( 2.320 ms 6.300 ms 2.639 ms

2 ( 22.026 ms 9.715 ms 6.888 ms

3 sbr2-pos3-3.gw.optusnet.com.au ( 13.612 ms 10.656 ms 7.682 ms

4 mas2-ge1-0-5-900.gw.optusnet.com.au ( 9.324 ms 9.666 ms 10.208 ms

5 sbr3-ge14-0-0-821.gw.optusnet.com.au ( 13.457 ms 10.599 ms 11.306 ms

6 ( 168.491 ms 169.991 ms 167.744 ms

7 ge6-0-128.ir1.paloalto-ca.us.xo.net ( 168.144 ms 168.643 ms 168.074 ms

8 te-3-1-0.rar3.sanjose-ca.us.xo.net ( 175.952 ms 169.464 ms 175.467 ms

9 ge7-0-0d0.rar1.sanjose-ca.us.xo.net ( 172.334 ms 169.711 ms 172.543 ms

10 p1-0-0.rar1.washington-dc.us.xo.net ( 244.252 ms 243.052 ms 245.484 ms

11 p7-2-0.mar1.washington5-dc.us.xo.net ( 244.680 ms 247.784 ms 244.394 ms

12 ( 243.175 ms 246.792 ms 245.474 ms

13 ( 245.643 ms 248.587 ms 246.685 ms

14 edg-r-01-vlan12.net.dc2.netsol.com ( 411.537 ms 468.986 ms 454.011 ms

15 * * *

16 * *