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Malware-flinging Linksys vulnerability confirmed as a HNAP1 bug

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The E2000 and some others can run DD-WRT, which mitigates this vulnerability. Call me Goku, cause I'm just sayin'.

US Senate bill would mandate 'kill switch' on all smartphones

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So I can flog my old mobe off on Craigslist, disable it, and then demand even more money to re-enable it. Brillant!

Oooh! My NAUGHTY SKIRT keeps riding up! Hello, INTERNET EXPLORER

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Re: Inori is close, but not quite...

I remember when it was next to impossible to find furries on the Internet. Beer, because FWA means Furries with Alcohol to me.

Snowden's email provider may face court rap after closing service

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Eventually, we'll have actual insane clowns running for the position of US president, and then we'll find out that people were less prepared for a double juggalo presidency than they ever imagined.

Starwing: Nintendo, Argonaut's Brit boffinry and the Super FX chip

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Re: Ah, the happy innocent days before the web...

And just what's wrong with furries, eh?

Google kicks off Android 4.3 updates for Nexus devices

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So how long until CM10.2 nightlies are available?

Take a number, says new social network

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Wait, so they're relaunching ICQ?

Skydiver Baumgartner in 128,000ft plunge from brink of space

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Space. Space. Wanna go to space. Better buy a telescope. Wanna see me. Buy a telescope. Gonna be in space. Are we in space yet? What’s the hold-up? Gotta go to space. Gotta go to SPACE. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! I’m in space! Wanna go to earth wanna go to earth wanna go to earth wanna go to earth. Wanna go to earth. Wanna go home. It’s too big. Too big. Wanna go home. Wanna go to earth.

Register SPB hacks mull chopping off feet

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Let's stick with Imperial!

I'm an Imperial fan at home - my car gets 300 hectares on a single tank of kerosene, and that's how I want it to stay!

Human 4G masts assemble roaming hobonet for pennies

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The last company to give hoboes tumors at least gave them $60 for their trouble, on top of the $60 they got for doing science.

Ten... sub-£100 mono laser printers

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I'll stick to me LaserJet 4000N what I picked up for $15 at a secondhand shop, with a full toner! Just needed the rollers cleaned, and the toner will probably have gone off by the time I'm close to exhausting it with how often I print! Saving me pennies and the environment, I am!

Go back to the future with Red Dwarf

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What about Norman Lovett then? Oh wait, they pissed him off, according to his Wikipedia page. It won't be the same without Holly, and I don't mean Hattie Hayridge.

Japan develops powered armour suit for nuke workers

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Welcome to the H.E.V. mark 4 protective system. For use in hazardous environment conditions. High-impact reactive armour activated. Atmospheric contaminant sensors activated. Vital sign monitoring activated. Automatic medical systems engaged. Weapon selection system activated. Munition level monitoring activated. Communications interface online. Have a very safe day.

Domino's to serve pizzas on the Moon, apparently

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I'm surprised no one threw Wheatley or the Space Core in the image as a Where's Wally-type gag.

Hackers hijack internet voting system in Washington DC

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The real WTF in this is that nobody had even a thought of "derp, let's escape this so that you can't do that." Hopefully Robert Tables isn't running for office this week.

Secret docs reveal Dell knew PCs were faulty

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Numbers and letters

The "Mirror Drive Door" PowerMac G4 and the iMac G5 had the same Nichicon capacitor failures. It's the capacitors themselves, not a design flaw of the boards.

Motorola hands itself divorce papers - again

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I have a name for the "Enterprise Mobility" division

Symbol Technologies.

That is all.

Adobe heats up iPad Flash bash

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Doesn't bother me

I'll buy one either damn way. This is the future, boys and girls, and I'm getting in on the ground floor.

Google contradicts self, confirms own Googlephone

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Verizon Droid

That is not the Droid you're looking for. The phone on Verizon is made by Motorola, not HTC.

Legless woman falls onto Boston train tracks

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Red rectangles (@Andrew & Alan)

Motion detection alarms.

At least the train driver wasn't texting.

Linden Lab unveils Sadville: Enterprise Edition

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Thumb Up


Nothing wrong with being a furry.

Blind one-legged man wins arse-kicking contest

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@Dave Mundt

Dave: At least they had a Taser available to him, Taser probes hurt a lot less than bullets.

LAPD probably would have just shot him from the car and driven on.

US deputies taze traffic dodging rogue emu

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@ John J

You got it all wrong, Johnny! It's an Emosbusturduckencorphail. An Emu, stuffed with an Ostrich, stuffed with a Bustard, stuffed with a Turkey, stuffed with a Duck, stuffed with a Chicken, stuffed with a Cornish Game Hen, stuffed with a Pheasant, stuffed with a Quail. Serves fifty, or 4 really fat American individuals. Can't be deep-fried, as deep-frying poultry needs to have an open body cavity for the oil to fill. I cook mine on a rotisserie over medium heat for 2 hours per pound, or approximately 72 hours.

Abigail's Windows 7 Party

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Some furry...

...is going to make a parody Windows 7 Party video wearing a snowleopard fursuit, I can just feel it.

Alabama judges take hard line on dildos

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I just buy mine from out of state.

Remember - Alabama is home of Redstone Arsenal, where the US developed all those nifty rockets. I still think Huntsville should secede from Alabama though.

And yes, Alabama has very liberal gun laws. Waiting period my ass; they just installed an express lane.

Gay animals going at it like rabbits

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Bat bugs? If there's one thing I took away from Calvin and Hobbes, it's "Bats aren't bugs!"

Rackable Systems slips into SGI's name

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*shriek of horror*

They made the ugly 'sgi' logo even -uglier-! Bring back the pipe cube, at least!

Asda clamps down on killer teaspoons

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That receipt...

Looks just like a Walmart receipt from the states, right down to the TC#. I wonder if a software failure like Tesco's this morning would take out Walmart on both sides of the pond?

Taser use still plateau'd among firearms cops

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@ Adam

Check out TASERCAM - They're using the hell out of it around here.


eBay officially not cheaper than High Street

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@ Steven R

£30 ProLiant may not be stolen, he never said it had top of the line hardware in it. I got one with a Pentium D in it for $20 at a salvage yard around here. With that being said, though, I haven't touched eBay in years; ever since I found a couple of computer equipment salvage places around town - I doubt you'll find a complete SunFire 880 on eBay. (Well, maybe you would, but I wouldn't want to ship the bloody thing.)

Google streams data center pods to world+dog

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@ Zeke

I kept my apartment warm this winter with a single SunFire 880. Your concept is sound.

Intel chips get new logos, star treatment

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Isn't it every time a company rebrands like this, they're either in financial trouble or experiencing slowing sales.

Also, how is AMD going to respond to this? A smiley-faced rating system? A row of CPUs, indicating how many of whatever CPU it is it takes to match a Core i7?

Fennec leaps into beta

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Yes, that -is- a fox in my pocket!

Cool novelty, I think I'm sticking with Opera Mini though.

Put down your pens: Cartoons next on censor block

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But what about the furries? Surely they can't censor the furries?! What will be left after they take Sadville and cartoon porno away? </sarcasm>

Sonim XP3 Enduro ultra-rugged mobile phone

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Been done...

I guess no one in the UK has ever used a Nextel before. That thing looks just like an i58sr, one of Nextel's old phones.

Apple fights iPhone unlocking (again)

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Breach of contract?

OK, I saw one of the points they made was breach of contract.


I have an original, 2G, 4 GB iPhone. I bought it off of Craigslist. I never signed a contract with AT&T or Apple. Shouldn't I have the right to use my device however I want, as long as I'm not copying or distributing their software?

Just my $0.02.

SCO boss to customers: 'Blah. Blah. Blah'

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At least...

At least they finally said one thing I can honestly say I do not take offense to.

Thanks, Darl, for all the laughs.

Mac OS 10.5.6 problems? Apple suggests shampoo

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A title is required.

Download kept failing at about 45 MB on my eMac, but Software Update managed to figure out it was an incomplete download, and kept telling me to try back later. Later that evening, went without problem.

World's first 'thought images' seen on screen

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The only interesting dreams will be the ones with the last human, a being evolved from his cat, and a hologram of one of his dead crewmates performing a song-and-dance number.

Mine's the one with the JMC logo on the back.

Motorola TLKR T7 two-way radio

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And here...

I was hoping for some sort of iDen based walkie, sort of like a Nextel phone's DirecTalk mode, without the rest of the phone features.

SQL injection taints BusinessWeek.com

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Ah well...

This is what they get for hiring little Bobby Tables as a news correspondent. (see xkcd or tdwtf)

Torvalds brands Digg users 'W*nking Walruses'

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Foxes don't felch, thanks.

Faggot Foxes, maybe? Or have I spent too much time in Sadville?

Dell and Wal-Mart team on TV installations

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Oh lord.

They probably have a minimum-wage clerk in the store to take the orders, and then probably dispatch it through OnForce or the like.

By the way, Walmart's prices are so low, they've dropped the hyphen and capital M from their name.


Do I hear whalesong...?

Baptist church in assault rifle giveaway

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Dead Vulture


In fewer words: "An armed society is a polite society."

Words I live by.

Reg readers kickstart WiReD UK recovery

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In 24 hours...

These will be on eBaumsworld.

Seriously, though, El Reg needs something to compete with Photoshop Phriday.

Only Ubuntu left standing, as Flash vuln fells Vista in Pwn2Own hacking contest

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The only machine truly secure from remote exploits...

...is the one not connected to the Internet and locked in a vault.

Additionally, the user is as important a part of the machine's security as the OS is, if not more. All the security in the world won't protect a user from their own actions.

Hannaford cc data thieves planted malware on 300 servers

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I work for a company that installs and services payment kiosks and other point of sale hardware. I've found it'd be unlikely for someone to be able to sniff the PIN coming from a POS terminal to the server, as every installation I've done with modern (<2002) hardware has featured encryption in the PIN entry device. The Ingenico 6550, which is what Wal-Mart and most other retailers are switching to, encrypts the PIN inside the device, before even the host terminal sees it. Older terminals, like the eN-Touch 1000, which I also commonly see, ship from Ingenico configured for in-unit encryption, but it can be disabled, unlike the newer units. That does nothing to protect those poor Visa / MC / Amex / Discover users whose stripe data is still there in the open...