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Is this the world's dirtiest PC?

Earl Kubaskie

I've seen-em too

A friend with 3 dogs and the PC on the floor asked me to do some upgrades - the dust-bunny was half dog-hair and completely filled the open space in the case. I have no idea how it kept running.

And way back, in the Apple /// days, I worked on one and really did find a dead mouse. Little turds and pee-stains all over the place, but I guess one day he hiked a leg over the wrong component and ZAP - he died along with the 'puter.

Microsoft delays first Windows 7 public beta

Earl Kubaskie

Seems to be up...

I got it downloaded (3.5 gigs) in about an hour and a half this evening. Congestion must not be THAT bad.

Botanist sues to stop CERN hurling Earth into parallel universe

Earl Kubaskie

I read sci-fi, too.

This one actually drove me to sign up here so I could comment. Apologies for not taking the time to come up with a cool nym.

This objection is straight out of James P Hogan's novels. I think it was "Thrice Upon a Time" where the newest mondo-collider made black holes that went into an orbit that brought them just above the earth's surface where they would slice through brains and such. At the very least make your teapot leaky.

I don't remember the deatils, but there was another article a couple weeks back struck me the same way. Boffins are making names for themselves by spouting what they've read in sci-fi novels.

BTW, no offense meant at all to James P. - one of the best we've had at the craft.


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