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Poor management hampers gov IT



I work for mediumCo, a local part of globalCo.. the best of both worlds.

I think.

The pay may suck, but the satisfaction is high.

Paris loses her BlackBerry in Cannes hotel


Whats all this "tart" nonsense for?

You wouldn't say it to a girls face, why throw it around online? are we not better than that?

Maybe not..

I certainly can't afford stuff the she gets for free.. maybe I'm not better.. maybe capitalism is to blame for glorifying her.. maybe we should abandon all material possessions, then she'd be totally f****d.. ;-)

Mines the homeless coat with the disgruntled embroidery..

BOFH: Spontaneous Legal Combustion

Thumb Up


Just great!

Google throws secret auto-updater to open sorcerers


Easily Killed..

create this key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution\Options\GoogleUpdater.exe

Create inside this key, a string called "Debugger", set value:

cmd.exe /c echo %TIME% %DATE% >> C:\SuckItGoogle.log

Then, every time the updater thinks about running, instead you will just get a line in ya log file.. of course, you don't actually have to set it to do anything.. it is just convenient..

What works for malware, works for shiteware.. ;-)

Laptop Hunters snare Microsoft on Linux



MS Shooting themselves in the foot?

They have the biggest feet on earth, no matter what they do, inevitably they will hit one of their feet!

I'm just surprised that anyone gives a *BLEEP*!

Seriously, I don't get it..

... lame....

OpenDNS rolls out Conficker tracking, blocking

IT Angle


It made a lot more sense in my head!

Which makes me wonder if my head makes much sense.. I think I need a break.

Apologies to any who read my blather.. what a waste of life that was.


I get the Phorm connection.

Its not rocket science after all, its called a similarity.. except this system works globally.. instead of just one ISP's network. In that respect, its more sinister.

Phorm by design (as el reg reported) doesn't interfere with the flow of traffic.

openDNS by design, interferes!

This new plan, filter your DNS, is even more interference. Anything to stop them, say, diverting your requests to a more dodgy associate? Is this google in disguise?

What is to stop them being in charge of the bloody Trojan network? They say they are not? Nobody's asked them? They seem to be capitalising on it pretty quickly.. almost B movie quickly.

Beyond that,

Only DNS requests get funnelled through openDNS.. what if this new bot army suddenly uses a backup IP address.. and gets a new algorithm? What if they figure out how to incorporate p2p?

What then openDNS?

Does anyone really care if their network gets taken over by a trojan? It just means some hacker was too lazy to do it himself, so automated the task.. like a good admin should.

My network is now in his interest to protect.. ergo, you just acquired a hacker looking over your shoulder, cleaning up those "other" virii and malware.. well, in my utopian vision.. if all the altruistic hacker movies are correct..

In reality, a user complains the box is slow.. eventually.. when the machine is freshly cloned, it goes away.. waiting for the next one.. don't you just get bored with it all?

Its like we are all stuck in an infinite loop, patch/hack/patch/hack/upgrade/hack/patch/hack.. I believe its called software development, but the only party not enjoying themselves in this extended model, is the user!

Dire warnings, visions of hacker strength, embellishments and misunderstandings.. the media is making this an issue. What is it really? The product of laziness and overcomplicating things. Nerd problems.

I got a job in IT, its fun! Play war games with hackers all year!

That is how I see it. A big fun game you get to play till you retire! Like Risk, only with more pieces! I count on the machine being infected, that is the best chance I have of fixing the problems with them.. like finally being able to patch it, because the bosses wont let me patch them automatically, in case it breaks something, but won't let me have a test network to make sure it wont.. you get restrictions in this game, you get rules(rfcs), your board, your pawns, your dice, your playing cards, your bloody keyboards all rolled into one!

Are you a chaotic-evil troll with a C++3 of infection? or are you a lawful-good paladin with only a mild vision of what you hope to achieve in the dire prophesied land ahead? Why would the world be diced into fewer categories than have been imagined for other games?

It is a vast imaginary playing field people, get out there and enjoy yourselves!

How would you like to be infected today?

Windows Vista has been battered, says Wall Street fan



Not battered enough yet..

I would like to applaud Sony, for finally releasing the XP downgrade drivers for its Vaio line of laptops!! Yay, now that useless pile of expensive plastic in the corner can be a productive machine again! (we won't let our cherubs be exposed to Vista just yet)

If Vista had been recalled, it would have been a better product launch.

If Vista had been banned, it would have provoked more people to use it out of spite.

If Vista had worked as promised, it might have been intentionally purchased!!

Just for your edification: google "define:vista"

Definitions of vista on the Web:

* view: the visual percept of a region; "the most desirable feature of the park are the beautiful views"

Which sums it up beautifully for me!

Google and Microsoft have nothing on - drum roll - the SuperNAP



Totalled, _____ SuperNAP's Churlish Industry Failure...

Whats the missing word?

I can't wait for this to fail..

Oz carrier Primus blitzed by DDoS attack



What kind of monopoly do Telstra have, if they actually compete with a reseller of their own services?

Oh, btw iPrimus, wtf do you mean, "Don't use any international bandwidth sites" ??

Is there a list of international sites that don't use any bandwidth?

Microsoft updates squash four critical bugs



That's better than average for them actually..

Oz driver sticks seatbelt on slab of beer


The Boot?

Are you crazy!

Have it in the nicely air-conditioned cabin.. where you can reach it..

Windows XP SP3 sends PCs into endless reboot


significantly change customers' experience with the operating system

Endless reboots..

Yep, thats typical of windows.. I can see why they would say that. :)

BOFH: Shiny new computer room


Thank you!

Loved it Simon!

McAfee 'Hacker Safe' cert sheds more cred


Hacker Safe indeed..

A Hacker could feel right at home there..

Security gumshoes locate source of mystery web compromise


Hey Thanks!

Thats just what I was looking for, will have to learn it, use it, and spread it myself!

Thank you very much.


@ Unlimited


But what if you have inherited a couple of thousand php files and don't want to rewrite Invision Power Board.. for a non-profit org where you volunteer..

should be an option in apache

mod_xss disable

mod_sqli disable

mod_malware disable

mines the lazy Nehru Jacket..


So.. what can we do?

I've been scanning my sites for this..

The evidence for the malware I picked up, were malicious iframe's linked to javascripts appended to every index.html and index.php (even if the name started with something else)

grep -i -r -H -n --binary-files=without-match --colour=auto -U iframe /path/to/site/* > ~/tmp.txt && grep -i fromCharCode ~/tmp.txt > ~/results.txt

Just delete the iframe and script code to clean your code.. don't know how to prevent it though.. anyone?

Intel CEO confronts OEM grumbling around direct chip sales


Whinge whinge whinge...

They want to be taken seriously in the data center, yet act like children.

Makes me want to buy from google..

Got any retired servers guys?

Tokyo 250Mbps mobile supernetwork speeds into life



So, some geisha's can video-romp.. and stream it live online from the phone.. thats great!

They could do it before, but the bandwidth prohibited decent resolution.

Long live pr0n! Long live the net!

On a more serious note.. wtf are they getting wireless speeds massively disproportionate to our wire speeds? If its cheaper, would that promote pirate-bay style servers being run from cellphones? lol.. classic.

(he's taking off his jacket as a sign of respect to the Japanese... :)