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Buggy Flash code continues to plague the web


pay peanuts, get gremlins...

Speaking from hard earned experience - a fairly substantial problem for many of these organisations is that they simply don't have in-house expertise, and often therefore, given the creative nature of Flash and it's visual appeal and impact, the work is outsourced to PR and design agencies - with whom they may or may not have an explicit contract (which, in any case, is unlikely to include software service and maintenance clauses).

Many of these PR and design agencies also frequently have no in-house development and scripting expertise, they just know how to make it look good for lots of money, which they do, before indenturing some freelance-bedroom-enthusiast-scriptkiddy to code it into life.

These agencies offer little in the way of financial reward, and then proceed to keep changing the pixel-perfect but functionally inept brief, whilst refusing to increase the incentive, as it becomes clear that what they originally scoped isn't actually practical, or doesn't ultimately float the end-clients boat when they finally get to see it in action.

And so, as soon as humanly possible, the scriptkiddy delivers the job, waits several months to be paid their pittance and then refuses to take any further jobs from the soul-rapists.

Sure - it's the scriptkiddy's fault - after all, they should have known all about project management and proper development methodology and how to deal with scope-creep, and that the world is full of prowling nonces just waiting to screw them when all they really wanted to do was a earn a little extra cash - c'est la vie! - after that they have no moral obligation to give a damn.