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From doodles to designs – sketch it out with a stylish stylus

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Try Astropad

I use Astropad on my ipad3 with a wacom creative stylus 1 and it's like having a cheap cintiq, if anyone has the need for a cheaper solution than a cintiq i'd definitely recommend this setup

The Weinsteins go geeky

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no title

I personally can't wait, because we all now how amazing movie tie in games are...

Netbooks: notebook evolved - or stunted throwback?

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i agree

i agree, an hour of tweaking and now i use my netbook more than my desktop mac.

Woman sues Google after highway knockdown

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$100,000 in hospital bills

$100,000 in hospital bills in america, what did she do, break a fingernail?

UK polling stations turn away 'hundreds' of voters

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postal vote?

if they wanted to vote so much why didn't they get a bit more organised and vote by post?

BT still struggling to fix Olympic problems

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oh dear

am i the only one who read 'large thrust borer' as 'large thrust boner'?

US Patent Office exposes Apple secret plan

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i must say that the april fools stories this year have been a little bit boring

Google designer quits over performance obsession

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wont somebody think of the hex codes!

sorry, i don't have a comment, i just wanted to shout the title. seriously though, no wonder nothing ever makes it out of beta

Brown backs down on expenses secrecy

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i wrote my mp

and found out from my local paper that he was in america at obamas inaugaration party! although he paid the air fare out of his own pocket so i suppose it's not that bad.

this is great news

Israel hacks Arab TV station

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we all need a common enemy

like aliens or something, that would unite the world, although they only ever land in the usa (funny that isn't it)

PS2 the most played console of 2008

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hmmmm, what what what...

I was going to buy a ps3 this weekend but i ran out of petrol for my solid gold hovercraft and couldn't get to the shops.... are sony surprised? £300 for a console? during a worldwide recession? Are they really that batshit insane? 'but it's got a blu-ray player!' ....and?....but bluray looks so crisp...yeah, so do the tenners i'll be spending on other worthwhile things like food and clothes...

Sony shutting factories and laying off staff

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bye bye ps3

"The firm will withdraw or downsize from unprofitable and non-core businesses."

does that mean that there'll be no more ps3's?

i for one welcome our downsized drm riddled overlords

The True Confessions of an Election Official

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best article ive read on elReg

very well written. write more!

Lancashire plodcopters in laser dazzle outrage outbreak

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Black Helicopters


excuse my apparent lack of knowledge but am i right in presuming that a man stood on the ground armed with a laser pen, shone a dot of light about the diameter of a matchhead into the eye of a copperchopper pilot flying in a helicopter chase? this guy with the pen needs to open some kind of special sniper school if he's got this kind of accuracy...or am i missing something?

it could only be this icon

Oz cops sound iPod road cross death warning

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Dead Vulture


surely he's more in danger of tripping over that 30ft long headphone cable?

dead bird cuz it looks like it was crossing the road with its iPod on

Phorm admits 'over zealous' editing of Wikipedia article

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hang on a minute

so in light of this, is it ok to edit the wikipedia entry to say that they tried to remove parts of the entry? seeing as though they have admitted doing it is it not a fact that they tried to edit the entry? someone please look into this and update the wikipedia entry immediately ;)

CIA demands UK halts interrogation tactics

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anal probe

you gotta love that name :)

Mozilla plugs 10 security holes in Firefox

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Dead Vulture


i was sat on my mac yesterday and did the update, then as soon as firefox restarts, the talkback app loads up (obviously some kind of problem as the talkback app is used for error reporting) then my mac goes tits up and now it won't even boot in safe mode, has the fox got rabies? i use firefox and ie btw, it's the curse of every web developer :(

vulture because it represents my poorly G5