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Apple code of secrecy imperils Aunt Mildred



You guys don't know what Bonjour is? Here you go!


Valuable piece of software that I have on all my windows machines.

I digress; Quicktime update? They plainly gave a link in the update pane, that explained all of the security patches, fixes, etc., if you were so inclined to click it.

iTunes installation problems? Not here.

Sorry guys you had issues; support forums are there for your convenience when you do have an issue... I'm happy Apple provides and supports them. (It's also their way to monitor and make things better). A forum with a few hundred cases of problems is VERY good, considering millions of installations. Many times, it's some third party this or that causing a conflict, and there is just no way to ever anticipate everything. It's very helpful having the support forums there, to vet out and help us fix those special issues when they arise. I know they've quickly gotten me out of a jamb on occasion.



Bonjour is a great piece of software based on very old (and rock solid) Apple business technology. What it essentially does, is make devices automatically discoverable with zero configuration.

Why would a windows user want it? Well, most device manufacturers now support it, which means windows with Bonjour can discover printing services (as an example) without the typical headaches. Bonjour also allows for such things as wireless printing and device services sharing. Bonjour also eases the headaches of needing driver support on windows, giving a more mac like experience of, "plug in, and it just works".

Security: everything requires a password. Nothing is advertised globally, unless you have a Bonjour enabled router that supports it (which then should use IPv6 secure tunneling). The patch took care of "spoofing" that might occur. Of course, a successful spoof would have to be carried out on the local network, which would mean you'd already been infiltrated in other, much more serious ways.... and, of course, you would have to be persuaded to enter your password.


Assyrian clay tablet points to 'Sodom and Gomorrah' asteroid


Biblical Accuracy

The Bible has always been proven by archeology to be historically and scientifically accurate, when it touches upon those subjects.

It never starts out: "once upon a time, in a far away place"... but rather always gives specific dates, places, and names of people, etc. This is very different to mythology, which never gives specifics.

Take as an example the Babylonian King Belshazzar spoken of in Daniel Chapter 5. For the longest time, historians doubted the existence of Belshazzar, because he wasn't spoken of in secular history. Secular historians new of Nabonidus as the ruler, not a Belshazzar. Turns out, that archeologists turned up some writings dated at that time, called the "Nabonidus Chronicle" that corroborates the existence of Belshazzar... turns out Belshazzar and Nabonidus had a kind duel rulership. During the events spoken of in Daniel 5, Nabonidus was out of town, with Belshazzar left in charge. This is also why, Belshazzar could only offer the 'third position' in power, and not the second position, for deciphering the hand writing on the wall (Read Daniel chapter 5). Very interesting reading no matter what you believe.

One more example... this time on scientific accuracy. Check out Isaiah 40:22 and Job 26:7... how did the Bible writers know the shape of the Earth, etc. at that time way before the invention the telescope and before Columbus sailed the world?

Thought you all would find this interesting.

Nvidia drivers named as lead Vista crash cause in 2007


Think Different 

With so much Windows love going around, it might be time to get a new girl friend and give OSX a try. I've always marveled at how fast Steve gets his crew to turn software around. Why are software requirement specs for OSX always half of XP (not to mention Vista)? Must be the differences in OS overhead.

Give it a shot, guys... nothings perfect, but my productivity and happiness has gone way up since I dumped Microsoft (and my wallet's thicker too).

There, I said it... that was easy!

Apple forbids Windows users from installing Safari for Windows

Gates Halo

@ ge

3G? have you looked at a 3G map of the US? no 3G where I live. Having something that doesn't work is not a feature to me. (Don't get me wrong, I will love 3G, 4G, etc. when it is mature and works)

Buy the way, what's the battery life on that 3G phone of yours?

Oh... and how's the WiFi working for you?

Gates Halo

@ Morely Dotes

... wait till June... by the way, how does that LG do with real email and the real internet? Comparing a phone to a pocket computer is absurd.


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