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Dear Hull, all your typos are belong to Karoo



I live in Hull (moved from Nottingham/BT) and I am sick and tired of reading the same comments from this small minority of people (who clearly have technically no idea) moaning about this local telco... this news story was based upon NXDOMAIN redirection, there are other small corners of the internet that you can moan about your favorite KC bashing topic.

My point was if you are unhappy about having DNS provide this service then change your DNS settings to something that you are happy to use! I have...

I understand you cant change the network provider away from KC, just like everyone outside of Hull cant change there's from BT! BT own most of the UK network, KC own the Kingston-upon-Hull network. i.e. If you use SKY for internet connectivity you must have a BT phone line, if you use Karoo then you must have a KC phone line, the fact that no other ISP has obtained wholesale ISP access from KC surely can not be put on the shoulders of KC, they are equal>lower than the current BT wholesale prices...

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Banshee talking rubbish

Banshee you talk absolute tosh!! I am a KC customer and I dont agree with most of what you shouted...

With regards to:

"The problem with what KC have done is NOT (in the opinion of most if not all of their customers) that they have done it at all but rather that as usual they have done it to people who dont have the recourse of changing their ISP if they dont like what KC are doing."

surely your able to change your own DNS settings to the new ones?


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