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iPhone app simulates political corruption

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wasn't it Dope Wars?

Apple channels Pandora with iTunes 8

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If I create a playlist based on Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart, I get Girls Aloud songs recommended to me. Is Apple's Genius actually Paul Morley?

Microsoft slashes US Xbox 360 to sub-Wii price

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This price drop won't take that many sales away from the Wii. People want the Wii specifically for a purpose that the xbox can't offer.

I'm not sure who will buy this, because even though someone in the article rightly states that sales go up once they've dropped below the $200 mark, this isn't the same circumstance.

Its not the whole package. I'd wager the 360 is barely functional without a hard drive, so really you have to add another $100 to it.

No casual gamer, who already owns a ps3 or wii, will be tempted necessarily by this price point, because they'd want a model with a HD.

That surely only leaves ignorant parents who couldn't afford an xbox before even though their kids desperately wanted one. I say ignorant, because they won't realise it's crippled until their kids hit them up for the price of a HD inside a week of them owning the xbox.

Blu Christmas coming, format fans forecast

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Just wait until there's something chinese that will play an .mkv file. It'll all be over and everyone will feel better about themselves. And then maybe some of the big brands will have to implement the file format like they've conceded to with divx.

UK's most popular Wi-Fi router defaults to insecurity

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Not as bad as it was

It used to be the case like previous posters point out that no-one secured their networks, so a quick sniff would result in a list of networks named Linksys etc, all default and unsecured.

It's not like that at all anymore. I live in a condominium, where I can usually see around 30 to 40 networks at any given time, and not a single one of them is insecure.

Bell Canada chokes BitTorrent traffic on someone else's ISP

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Other ISP

I'm using another third party ISP that piggy backs Bell's DSL lines, called Acanac, but I don't seem to have any throttling going on. Currently pulling Match of the Day down at 503 kb/s