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Security industry too busy improving security to do security right

Patrick Evans

Re: Typo ...

That was the call. SSL has been verboten for a while. What the latest standard did was ban TLS 1.0, in favour of TLS 1.1 and above. It seems they''ve now backtracked on that, as support for TLS > 1.0 isn't quite as strong in the wild as it should be.

Top Eurocop: People are OK with us snooping on their phone calls

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Ben Franklin nailed it 270 years ago

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Fourplay frolics: Vodafone launches landline broadband

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Fibre-to-the-curb? Really?

Orally urinating turtle boffin in nominative-determinism classic case

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Hello and welcome to 2006.

WTF is... VoLTE

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Bye bye battery

"It's like the early days of 3G. Back then, the new network was criticised for hammering handset batteries. Chipset and handset technology has solved that problem"

Really? I must have missed that one - if I need more than a day of battery life for some reason, I ditch 3G and drop back to 2G only and *that* solves the problem.

Or is a battery that gets me through til a teatime topup considered good enough these days?

Everything Everywhere bags 4G monopoly in UK - for now

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Cheeky Vodafone

"The regulator has shown a careless disregard for the best interests of consumers" says Vodafone.

As an ex-customer, I'm fairly confident Vodafone couldn't give a rat's testicle for the best interests of consumers, so it's hard to give much of a toss what they think.

Sysadmins! There's no shame in using a mouse to delete files

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Good grief

Anyone bothering to even debate the absolute merits of one against the other needs to grow up. Anyone who refuses to do so needs to be put against a wall and shot.

Spy Hunter

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Outrun was good, but not quite the best. Why? Lack of turbo boost and guns. I give you: Chase HQ.

Steve Jobs' death clears way for Apple-Android peace talks

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The more I read about Steve Jobs...

...the more I believe the bloke was a 24-carat world-class arsehole. And this article does nothing to change that.

Ten... best Blu-ray movies of 2011

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Proof that the medium ain't all that

Off those ten releases, there's only one I'd bother to watch, and it's not Tron.

What are you trying to prove, that Blu-Ray is as big a white elephant as 3D?

How to kill your computer

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Will it blend?

Can't believe you didn't include the obvious option.

Vista attacked by 13-year-old virus

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A victory for backwards compatibility

Vista able to run a 13 year old application with no known errors. It's not often you hear that about a Microsoft OS!

Facebook to show profiles to search engines

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"May no longer be able to hide" ?

As you mention elsewhere in the article, it's dependent on privacy settings - you can adjust these to completely hide your profile from search results even for registered and logged-in users. Hiding is a doddle.

Buffalo's USB HDDs get bigger, faster

Patrick Evans

Firewire, maybe?

USB isn't the only way of plugging external devices into a computer, after all...

Enraged reader savages iPhone fanboys

Patrick Evans

"But will it run Linux"

This man is my new hero. I give it a week before someone starts whinging about how it's too hard to run Linux on an iPhone.

Nokia N95 multimedia slider phone

Patrick Evans

Vodafone seem to hate them

I called Vodafone twice a couple of weeks ago, asking about an upgrade, and both reps I spoke to had nothing nice to say about the N95. Battery life in particular seems to be a major complaint (the Nokia 9000i I had almost a decade ago sported similar battery life, ffs) as does the uber-buggy OS/app suite.

Not taking Voda's word for it, I asked around, and of the acquaintances I could find who'd one them already, all had sent them back after a week or so as unfit for purpose.

Not quite the near-glowing recommendation this review suggests.

Barclays deploys PINsentry to fight fraud

Patrick Evans

If I wanted to carry a calculator...

...I'd carry one. And probably buy a pocket protector too. But I don't, and my phone has a calculator built in anyway.

My employer already foists a second phone, two smart cards and two RSA tokens on me, none of which I particularly want to carry, but I do because it's part of the job. If a supplier (which is all a bank really is) wants me to carry more crap around, they can stick it.

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Hardly convenient

Half the appeal of online banking using a web browser is that I can access it from any machine I choose, wherever I happen to be. If banks start to make physical devices mandatory for access, that convenience evaporates in a moment.

Two-factor authentication is fine and dandy, but to be workable it needs to be a) portable, and b) require some common token for multiple services. If I have to start carrying separate tokens around for my job, my bank account and anything else using a similar mechanism, my pockets are going to bulge in no time.

Maybe the answer is a man-bag...


Patrick Evans

Spoilers, anyone?

Oh great. A review that gives away the ending. Thanks a bunch.