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BT 'security upgrade' causes email headaches

Carl Taylor
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SMTP madness -> solved!

Over a year ago I had all this with my ISP - they provided SMTP but it was restricted. I use 4 email addresses across 2 domains and sometimes need to send a fairly small mailshot to about 1500 people (perhaps once a month).

My ISP would only let me send from the 'free' email address they provided = no good. My email host limited the number of emails per hour I could send etc. Do not want to use Google as although they are free have concerns over privacy and think they also limit xx messages per day.

After a bit of searching I found http://www.authsmtp.com - monthly message quotas, sending from multiple email addresses, virus scanning and more - been using it ever since from my home and work connections, 3G when mobile and abroad - no problems - just as it should be.

It's not 'free' but for £1-2 a month it pays for itself 10x over at least.


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