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How to destroy 60 hard drives an hour

Chris Daley

Sod it just use a sledge hammer or a pick axe

If we ever replace a drive for a client we ask if they want it destroyed if so i usually go grab the pick axe or sledge hammer can't quite do 60 an hour but still cheap method of destroying drives!

BT 'security upgrade' causes email headaches

Chris Daley

Why ISP's are doing it wrong!

We provide email services to various users many from BT and SKY who operate their own domains for business or personal reasons.

The locking down of users only allowed to send through their ISP's mail servers causes problems things like SPF policies will not validate as mail is not being sent through the hosts mail server but instead the ISP's mail server.

DomainKey's is becoming a widely used method to sign emails but again if your sending email through the ISP's mail server not the proper hosts mail server, emails will not be signed.

Methods hosts have in place to make email look legit will not work if ISP's force users to send through their own Mail Servers.

We also get a lot of customers telling us their ISP's mail servers are black listed in DNSBL's and RBL's which stops email getting through.

What some ISP's let you do is use an alternative SMTP port which will allow SMTP traffic through to your host’s mail server so it can be sent properly. This works for a most UK ISP's!

If anyone wants a decent email service have a look at our offerings http://dhosting.co.uk/email.html


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