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Student suspended for posting random satire on YouTube

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What's a title?

This is eerily similar to how I ended up "leaving" school back in '99.

Sex Party's down-under struggles with dominant Catholic priests

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

I really hope you're a troll...

Go Daddy CEO under fire for 'elephant snuff film'

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A bunch of disgusting hypocritial cunts.

I encourage everyone to find Penn & Teller's "Bullshit" episode about them and share it with friends.

Microsoft's Google complaint not an April Fool

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RE: @AC10:24

"MS IE may have market-share, but it's never been what I would consider "dominant"."

You wouldn't call a >90% share of the market for 6 years "dominant"? What would you call it?

Apple 'gay-cure' app severely slapped

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"any thing that incites hate should be censored"

let's censor the bible and quran then.

if you don't think these books incite hatred you haven't read them.

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"by someone who knows nothing about religion except what he or she reads in the tabloids"

or by someone who has actually studied what people believe in and what people have done to each other for not having the same views on imaginary friends...

Microsoft, Nokia, and MeeGo: Are they all doomed?

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Gates Horns


I sincerely hope that MS aren't doomed, the more players in the market means more competition and better end products for us end users. I don't particularly like MS (not at all in fact) but less competition is never a good thing.

iPhone owners get walked through confessional

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"those poor atheists"

I'm more concerned about the poor religious people who have no idea what they're missing outside the mental prison which religious belief imposes.

Put that in your papal chimney and smoke it.

Chinese retailers sell Apple-only white iPhone 4s

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"white balance tweak"

What does IT have to do with photograph manipulation? Besides the obvious fact that the task is done on a computer, we can't expect everybody who's ever touched one to know what they're doing with Photoshop.

US may disable all in-car mobile phones

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This is exactly what I was thinking while reading this article.

Medal of Honour

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Big Brother

War on terror?

Is that like the 'war on drugs'? Yeah, that's a real war too...

The 3G coverage picture that can't be published

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who claimed they did?

i think the point here is that a lot more people are using the 3G network, as opposed to just GSM. this is a question of carrier capacity, not "who invented mobile browsing?" we need to know which carriers have the best coverage (and thus network capacity) so we can make an informed decision based on facts as opposed to the network's marketing bullshit.

Can $100m a year keep Google on the iPhone?

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quantity of applications

I don't understand why the quantity of applications on Windows is seen as a good thing, when you consider that 95%+ of them will never been seen by 99%+ of users, and most of them being copies of existing applications rebranded by another vendor, a lot of the time very badly implemented and if they're "free" they typically come with some difficult to remove adware (which if you even manage to remove it, cripples the app itself).

This is usually where somebody points out that Apple keep going on about the size of their app store, but what you need to remember here is that Apple are promoting it's growth to both users and developers, it doesn't matter that a lot of the applications are useless rubbish (fart apps anyone?), what does matter is that they're pushing developers to get creative and some outstanding apps are being produced and sold. What do we have on WinMo? The same old crap we had on Win95. The developers have lost interest in Windows Mobile.

Hackintosh maker rises from the dead

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The OS has to be modified to run on non-Apple hardware. This is what the whole dispute is over.

Pro-Palestine vandals deface Army, NATO sites

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thick as shit

anybody who backs up israel or doesn't recognise palestine is either thick as shit or has a severe selective memory, israel is an occupation and always has been, fuck what the "world powers" want you to think just because you happen to live in one their soon to be police states

there's no such thing as the promised land

Catholic priests cane YouTube over blasphemous vids

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we really need an inverted crucifix (no, not the bloody st peter's version, the blasphemous one which looks just like auld pete's version) icon

welcome to the holy roman empire

Kings of Leon to freetards: Y'all are trash

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@ Thomas

fratellis & strokes i'm with you on but at least velvet revolver had some actually talent involved.

Robert Simpson

kings of leon

are a watered down pishy "indie" band, why does anyone take notice of anything they say? can't we just burn the bandwagon and all the sheep who ride her?

Google releases open source browser

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wow double post action

*looks at entry immediately above this one in the RSS list*

Erotic artist urges spanking for Jacqui Smith

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Black Helicopters

*shakes head* (not that one, you filthy minded barstewards)

as soon as i can afford it, i'm getting the hell off this island and going somewhere less of a police state, i hear east germany is much nicer these days...

Apple is sorry (again) over MobileMe

Robert Simpson

all fine except...


Everything syncs fine for me. Only problem is that I can't actually send emails using Mail, it just keeps saying the server won't allow the message to be sent, which is a bit of a pain. I'm using OS10.4.11 just in case anyone is interested.



Religious MPs get free vote on hybrid embryos

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i was going to post a huge anti-christian rant...

...but i really can't be bothered. everyone should listen to norwegian black metal :D