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Yes, there was a viable liquid bomb plot

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Eloquent and persuasive.

Excellent article, with the data, arguments and conclusions being well thought through and presented.

Password pants-off at Lloyds Bank

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The story says that it was his phone bank password, this has to be visable to staff so that they can verify his ID. And they can change it, a "Computer generated" password is sent out to the customer first and during the first call to LTSB phonebank you are requested to change it, as you are on a phone and do not have a keyboard in front of you, the operator (Call centre advisor/insert gratuitous & facetious monkey describing adjective here) on the other end has to do this.

BAA grounds Heathrow T5 fingerprinting system

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Only Terminal in the UK....

Where international and Domestic passengers share the departures lounge...Sorry here was me thinking that both Gatwick North & Manchester, amoungst others I'm sure, use the same depatures lounge for International and Domestic travellers..Both have photo id to distinguish between the two..not Fingerprint scemes that would seem to be a little too big brother!

Awed fraudsters defeated by UK's passport interviews

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@Tony & @Steve Foster

And here was me thinking Irony was something the wife did with her irony board....

Mines the one with the razor sharp creases in... damn someone knocked it to the floor and stamped all over it so now it needs more irony...WIFE!!