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Mystery web attack hijacks your clipboard

Ian Borge

Malwarebytes gets most of this

Using malwarebytes and spybot for a few registery settings that malwarebytes misses gets rid of it. At least in the 10 or so cases I've cleaned in the past 2 or 3 weeks, although I haven't seen any with the 2009 version which might have a few differences from Winav2008.

'Series of tubes' senator indicted for false statements

Ian Borge

Hey, lighten up !!

He said a few months ago that he "paid every bill that was sent to me".

I kid you knot.

ET cos he's from the same planet.

Mozilla CEO blasts Apple for putting security of the internet at risk

Ian Borge

Here's a good reason why it should be withdrawn

Note the Highly Critical portion of the advisory below, note the complete lack of patches.

How you can justify a browser being included with media players is hard enough to understand, but when it has a highly critical security hole in it, then it's just plain stupid/evil/greedy.




Highly critical


Spoofing, System access


From remote


Safari for Windows 3.x


At a minimum it should be withdrawn until it's fully patched, all the n00bs need is more security holes.