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Apple in 873-page legal claim to word 'Pod'

Neil Davis

This is dumb...

Words that are part of the English language (or any other for that matter) should not be targets of copyright. period.

Sun, Fujitsu juice entry Sparc box

Neil Davis

Re: Anonymous Coward.


Sign a NDA with Sun and they will gladly show you the SPARC roadmap. Roadmaps from Sun are never public....

Nikon D3000 digital SLR

Neil Davis

Re:Great camera - but...

The Sony name may not be synonymous with "quality" SLRs but Minolta was. Oh wait, Sony bought Minolta...


Sun to be eclipsed by Red Hat?

Neil Davis

You just don't get it do you.

Would you care to remind us of the innovations that RedHat have brought to the market over the past 25 years? Aside from re-packaging a free operating system, what else do they actually *produce*?

Entire class fails IT exam by submitting in Word format

Neil Davis
Gates Horns

MS Word is the wrong format?

In a word, PATHETIC. So having force fed our students with MS products, one is not allowed to submit documents in Word format? What did they want: OpenOffice ODT files?

Or better still.... Paper?

Carphone co-founder quits over secret share pledge

Neil Davis

Re: Q: What's two plus two?

Damn, I thought it was

"What would you like it to be"

DARPA: Self-repairing, learning kill-robot tech is go

Neil Davis

Re:Be hold, the rise of the machines!

Its been real for a long time


Mankind to detect alien life 'by 2025'

Neil Davis

Hearing and seeing are not the same.

There is life out there. We might hear their radio transmissions, which have been travelling for several billion years, but that's serveral billion years in the past. I defy any civilisation to last that long, let alone a single species. (Unless its a bacterium, but then, it wouldn't have radio would it?)

EMC: The age of high-end flash has begun

Neil Davis

re: But where do I place my swap file?

That might be true of your average USB pen drive, but it's not true of SSD. If it were, then what would be the point of GB's of RAM? That gets written to billions of times and I've yet to see a memory chip fail cause it was 'tired'. That's not to say memory doesn't fail, but your mistaken belief would have the stuff falling over in heaps, which patently isn't the case.

France's €4.9bn rogue trader gets IT job

Neil Davis

Re:@Mark Broadhurst

Hey Homer, check this out:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liquid_crystal_display#Brief_history.

You yanks *did not* invent computing.. (Charles Babbage, Alan Turing, Niklaus Wirth, Just like you didn't invent jet engines or rocket propulsion.

And lest we should forget, if it wasn't for Europe, the USA would not exist. get over it.

NHS IT loses its interim head

Neil Davis
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Re: Let's do an Apprentice

I don't know about you, but Amstrad was a by word for cheap tacky electronic goods that fell to pieces.

Hey son, here's you new hifi. Gee, Dad you shouldn't have bother, really you shouldn't have bothered.

Civil Serf blogger faces disciplinary action

Neil Davis

Fast track to .. no where?

So, she was on "the Fast Track" programme within the Civil Service was she? I'm worried that she even got the far. Still, give people enough rope and they will, ultimately, hang themselves.

Herein lies the problem with all this online interaction during 'work' time; your employer should be concerned. And no, I'm not saying who I work for!!