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Extreme Programming in risky position, says co-creator


re: (fr)agile QA

I agree that QA can often be left on the side of the highway looking for its own ride to Fresno when deadlines are looming and people are screaming for working code they can point to and say we accomplished something.

However, in real XP, tests are integral to the process, not left to fend for themselves. I define the tests, which when passed, define success. To quote Kent Beck,

"In fact, in XP the acceptance tests for a user story are specified by the project stakeholder(s) either before or in parallel to the code being written, giving stakeholders the confidence that the system does in fact meet their requirements."

The onus is on programmers to develop appropriate unit tests. The problem is, they may not be the same people defining the requirements. Flexibility in programming is ultimately important so that we can respond to changing requirements without having to repeat an entire iteration in our development lifecycle.