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Google promises what Jobs hates in next Android


Damned if you do...

Seems to me like you're slating Apple for not having Flash on the phone, yet slating Google for putting Flash on android! Leave flash, it's dying. Slowly and painfully, but it's not as useful as it was in '04

Microsoft admits Mac was Windows 7 muse


Copying Apple? Oh well

Hopefully, we'll be eventually left with something that looks and feels like OSX, but has clearer networking, and native DX11 support... game on!

Spain 'goes 50% wind powered' - in the small hours


Cripplingly Expensive

It's almost as if, we need a system of economics that isn't based on money to save the energy crisis... if only one such system existed!

iPhone owners are superior beings, says survey


This reminds me of a class I took...


Google in Chrome rebetafication


Side by Side?

Finally, someone did the side by side tabs thing. Been waiting for that for about 2 years perhaps?

Conficker seizes city's hospital network


Same situation here

I have problems at LANs, because I have only limited internet access, I'm always behind on windows update. Then it reboots in the middle of my game :'(

Main BBC channels to be broadcast live via web

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Remember when?

You used to have to pay TV license for having a radio set? They abolished it when TV was making enough money and becoming the main financial source for the beeb. Doesn't it stand to reason that the same will happen with TVs and the Internet?

As the internet increases in popularity, the TV set will decrease, meaning that the BBC have less money, and therefore need a new income. I don't have a problem with giving some money to the BBC, it's not like they're using the money to shoot puppies or something.

How geeks helped win the war

Dead Vulture


How is cracking the Enigma Code using an early programmable computer a bad thing?

I think someone needs to add a dictionary to their list also!

Apple rattles legal sabre at Canadian tech school

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Fruit Masters

I for one welcome our new pedantic fruit copyrighting masters

Ford cars to gain prang-preventing radar rigs


RE: A car to drive itself

If you want a car that drives itself... why don't you just take a train?

Judge Dredd smartshell shotguns to hit Iraq in '09


Science Fiction

Games always get these ideas first. I've been using this weapon in BF:2142 for two years now!

Security shocker: 75% of US bank websites have flaws

Dead Vulture

It's not only banks

That send passwords in plain text. no-ip.org of all places, stored my password and then emailed it to me in plain text. I thought they were meant to be internet experts?

mine's the vulture after having its passwords stolen

Microsoft discloses 14,000 pages of coding secrets



I don't quite see how Opera can claim that, when if Windows wasn't bagged with IE, how would its users download Opera? Please, name an O/S that doesn't come with a basic browser.

Do we need computer competence tests?


Another Viewpoint

One thing that no one has pointed out, is that it's not the users' fault. If your car has an electrical error and suddenly your alarm goes off, or you drive into a ditch, this is not your problem. When your computer is infected with a bot, essentially the Operating System was faulty to begin with, to let this happen.

Having a test is not necessary, all people who go through the education system learn how to adequately use a computer nowadays. It's the previous two generations that are causing more of these problems, and I believe mainly because of XP. Vista has taken a few steps in this direction (with UAC, which just happens to be the name of the bad guys in doom), but it isn't yet enough for me to be sure that Windows is a safe operating system. The amount of systems that I've seen running XP when they just can't handle it is depressing, these are often the worst PCs to fix, because they still feel broken once there are no errors.

I really think you missed the point when you wrote this article. Education is the reason that bots appear on the 'net, people don't know how to stop them. You teach someone how to cook before they use a cooker, how to read before you give them The Simarillion, why not PCs? Just educate people and the problem will change and we'll have different things to complain about.

iGoogle launch fingered in user data loss furore


RE: Can anyone recommend a good search engine?

Ok, just get developer's toolbar for firefox (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/60) and click 'block cookies'. Then you'll be fine for searching for as long as you want without any pesky google geeks looking at your 'browsing preferences'

Chemical weapons are not WMDs


The Media

Although chemical weapons are not actually classed as WMDs, the media picks up and demonises them because they don't have any practical experience, and it becomes the norm. The same thing happens with Hacker and Cracker, the former has been used out of context so much that it is now the norm. Also with Mass and Weight, I don't say I weigh 500N, but that's what it means.

I think the author makes some very valid points about chemical weapons. Something like napalm or cluster bombs are much easier to kill people with, especially in crowded areas.

About Saddam... it's not very difficult to kill people living in villages, hence called because they are small. He probably could have just sent a quick few shells or two men with some guns and done the job exactly the same. In my opinion, I think he was training his men for using them against a real enemy. When he realised they weren't as useful as conventional means, he didn't bother using them again, which would be why no chemical weapons were used against soldiers in Iraq.


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