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Boeing gives busy billionaires unbothered about bespoke beds a cheaper BizJet


Did I read that correctly?

It's called the 'BBJ 737-7'...

The Boeing BJ .... I'm sure there will be sex workers who charge less than $89.1 million for one.

Microsoft has a workaround for 'HiveNightmare' flaw: Nuke your shadow copies from orbit


Re: all versions of Windows from 1809

Stefan deJobbes was already setting sail with his crew of trusty patent lawyers to claim the land of RoundRects for King Bob Fer'Apples, in conflict with the brigand Sir Gay Brin and his wife Anne Droid. Never more would they make land in the established Port of Headphone.

Global Fastly outage takes down many on the wibbly web – but El Reg remains standing


It feels better now ...

‘So far so good’ says Dido Harding, on first day as head of global internet content delivery network provider.

Sure, your app is crap, but Windows won't tell. Promise


Micro$oft crashed my advert!

Anyone want a potential weather forecasting supercomputer, going cheap?

Amazon to build its own consumer hardware in India, starting with Fire TV sticks


By listing the practice, Cancer Research UK is not condoning it. There are a lot of people affected by cancers who investigate such practices, quite often as by that time most other mainstream treatments have failed, so it is good that Cancer Research make it clear they do not condone those practices.

Only two ayurvedic products have been studied in more than a casual meaningless way (89 people in a trial is not a validating study) to provide some sort of useful application. A system of medicine of such an age that has produced two products is not a great track record. If you can point me at any others done by qualified organisations I'd be interested, but otherwise I'll stick with not taking untested products, thanks.


You seem to be mistakenly implying Cancer UK support the use of Ayurvedic medicince, which is simply not true.

From the Cancer Research UK website:

"There is no reliable evidence to support its use as a treatment for cancer"

"Research is looking into whether some herbs or plant treatments used in Ayurvedic medicine could help to prevent or treat cancer.

But, we still don't know much about some of the treatments that are part of Ayurvedic medicine. These include treatments like special diets and herbal remedies.

These treatments could be harmful to your health or interfere with conventional treatment such as cancer drugs and radiother



... if they sell more than three units through the Bezos Howling Void Portal (tm)(c), they'll mysteriously become AmazonSnakeOil (c) and those pesky villagers will be back to back-breaking manual labour and grinding poverty again. Minister then retires to luxury UAE apartment on Palm Oil Island

HP CEO talks up HP-ink-only print hardware and higher upfront costs for machines that use other cartridges


New scammer opportunities open up...

... web-connected "standard print hardware", which HP says "automatically detects and fixes connectivity issues" ...

<phone rings>

"Hi my name is May Dup from HP Technical Support. Your printer has told us there are connectivity issues - please download this softwares which will give us access to your PC, bank details etc etc in order to fix your internet."

Pentagon Wikileaks probe reaches MIT

Big Brother

@AC "Good on Lamo"

"Then they came for wikileaks...

...and when they came for me, there was no-one left to speak up."


Portuguese open sourcers decry MS-only gov eProcurement

Thumb Down

Same in the UK

The NHS Supplier Information Database portal here doesn't work with non-MS browsers either. NHS spending money on rubbish IT projects? Never....!

Fancy a shattering ORG45M for £150k?

Paris Hilton

Who'd buy them

What self respecting Clarkson-esque type would buy either of these plates , given that it demonstrates that an ORG45M is far more than a PEN15 ?

Paris, 'cos she knows the value of both...

Austrian official fuels Skype backdoor rumours


Seems to require a trojan on the suspect's PC

If you take a look at the English translation at


"The concept of DigiTask intends to install a so called Skype-Capture-Unit on the PC of the surveilled person."

so it's a trojan to intercept at the client side, rather than anything scary?

Scientology threatens Wikileaks with injunction

Paris Hilton

L Von Hubbard predicted BT/Phorm?

There are allegedly chapters in the particular document called 'Handling BTs Messed Up', 'BTs With Misunderstood Words' and 'Repairing And Blowing BTs And Clusters'

Does this mean that:

a) Da L Ron Ron Ron predicted the whole BT/Phorm thang

b) There is an even more tenuous IT angle (Clusters...)

* Paris 'cos am sure she's blown clusters before.

Dear Hull, all your typos are belong to Karoo


Have just got off the line to KFC Technical Support

As a very un-tech-savvy relative of mine uses KC's dialup service for the interweb, I've just phoned KC to find out if this atrocious hijacking can be opted out of for dialup services. The technical support bod hadn't even heard of the service - I had to give him the URL of the 'opt out' page. I was then passed back to Customer Services who said 'change the DNS servers on the dial-up connection', but didn't think it was wrong to increase people's dial-up phone bills by sending unwanted Ask.com webpage content down the line to them...."It won't take up more time - it'll save time!" was the comment.