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Speeding, driverless Nissan finally stopped by US bombers

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I sure hope...

...they've thought up some contingency plan for when one of these autonomous vehicles gets captured by the 'enemy.' Lest it be reprogrammed, loaded with explosives and returned to it's former masters.

T3 girds loins for IBM legal fight

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So this is the new MS?

Micosoft's investment arm seems to focus on just one type of company... those who want to sue IBM. Don't have to have a great technology or even a business model or even a future, as long as you plan to tie up IBM in court, here's a check for millions.

It's painfully clear that sanctions against Microsoft for abuse of it's monopoly desktop position have produced zero effect.

Apple boasts record Q1 as revenue tops $10bn


IP infringers?

He's probably talking about Pystar et al.

Silverlight to follow Obama into US presidency

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MS chosen or bought and sold?

So does that mean taxpayers are footing the bill or is MS benevolently donating it's services, software and bandwidth? Or was MS the high-bidder?

Superworm seizes 9m PCs, 'stunned' researchers say

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Bill G's true legacy...

An internet full of infected MS machines - his name shall live on forever - or at least until everybody does a clean install all at the same time.

Samsung swaggers in with 100GB SSD


What enterprise cares about lifetime?

The typical enterprise lifetime is 3 years - the length of the product lease - then it's goes back to the lease company in exchange for new kit, then it's off to ebay.

The built-in wear leveling should extend the drive's useful lifetime far beyond that.

Aren't these drives built using SLC not MLC - that extends the lifetime too - or so it has been said.

We won't fully know until about 5 years from now if and when we start seeing unusual mortality rates on these types of drives.

With capacity increasing and prices going lower each day, consumers rarely hold onto computers more than 5 years - unless they hold onto it forever.

Safari enjoys 'unusually residential' December boost

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Residential use...vs. Business use?

By all means don't count the computers people chose to spend THEIR OWN hard earned money on... yes, count the computers they're forced to use at work - that's how to count personal preference.

What a joke.

Fujitsu looking to sell hard drive unit


Good luck...

Why would anyone want to buy a maker of Black and White TVs (hard drives) now that Color TVs (SSDs) are the big thing?

Apple more closed than Microsoft

Dead Vulture

What's wrong with Apple as told by non-Apple users...

With the Mac's market share just under 10% and climbing, I'm not sure how objective a poll like this can be considering 90% of the respondents don't own or use a Mac.

"The food is terrible... and the portions are too small." - Woody Allen?


> iPod tied to the iTunes store?

I've had one for years and I've never been to the iTunes store. Put a CD in your computer and it get's ripped into iTunes where you can put it on your iPod if you want or don't.

> Apple's secretive product plans?

You'd be secretive too if you spent big bucks on design and development and the moment your products hit the streets, the Asian copying machine goes into overdrive getting crap knockoffs to try and steal your market.

I've personally never understood why most PC users can't seem to fathom that there could be a better alternative to what they're using. Why is it that you've closed yourselves off from learning anything new? Sure the knowledge you've gained was hard fought but what... you're done learning? Nothing new for you then? We might as well just pour dirt over you right now.

I'm a Mac user, a Linux user and occasionally a Windows user but the Mac is what I use to earn my daily keep. I write software everyday.

Intel, Lenovo to foil laptop thieves

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simply put a different hard drive in it before you go to use it the first time.

Apple forced to pull misleading UK iPhone ad

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What a shame...

...that a system most likely setup to protect consumers against advertising by fly-by-night companies, fortune tellers, penis-pill purveyors and the like is used mainly to harangue legitimate companies over the most inconsequential details imaginable.

Would that missing step have led purchasers to angrily demand their money back? I doubt it.

Company sues Facebook over somethingorother


Bogus Patent

Just finished reading the patent.

Sourceforge.net which has been around since before 2000 is prior art. This application wasn't filed until Dec. 10, 2003 - pretty late in the game to be trying to patent groupware don't ya think? Considering they didn't invent any of the individual technologies their like to prevent others from using.

The overly vague patent covers essentially any application that 'provides a single point of contact for multiple users and resources' especially if it involves the uploading of files.

White House network pwned 'multiple' times by Chinese

Black Helicopters

I'm confused here...

The NSA created Security Enhanced Linux extensions for the purpose of blocking all unknown attack vectors and only permitting known good traffic and applications yet the government doesn't use it to protect itself?

Clearly the definition of System Admin has lost its meaning in the days of point and click computing.

IBM delivers baby SAN


The same power...

Your 240, our 120, the amps delivered is the same only the voltage is different. Amperage versus voltage, look it up.

In America, where all the news on this site seem to originate, most homes have both 120 and 220 volt outlets. The 220 volt outlets deliver power for major appliances like clothes washers and dryers.


DARPA seeks sticky-goldenballs Casimir forcefields

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Since you're all Luddites...

Maybe your next stop should be the Journal of Natural Sciences...

You can throw stones at the Physicists and maybe even burn them at the stake for discovering these ideas which you so easily mock.

Yeah, that's about the IQ level of this crowd.


Red Hat buys Qumranet, sidesteps Microsoft

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RedHat a Johnny come lately?

Hi Kelly,

Redhat and it's dev. brand Fedora were among the first to implement OS level virtualization years ago.

Do your homework.

Yelp 'pay to play' pitch makes shops scream for help

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Blackmail 2.0

Plain and simple.

Criminals hijack terminals to swipe Chip-and-PIN data



Just carry cash. Can't get my card details or my PIN if I'm not using it.

Ballmer upset by Apple cart

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MS in a nutshell...

Jack of all trades, master of none.

And buy our crappy OS NOW 'cause we're never going to fix it.

Apple grabs number-three US PC market slot



I find it funny that you consider Mac people 'fanboys' when it's the PC types that carry screwdrivers in their back pockets and are always tearing their computers apart, benchmarking this and that...

Not Mac people. No sir, they buy a computer and actually use it. Can't put a hundred different video cards in it... and that affect the average computer user how?

Congress accuses American Phorm of 'beating consumers'

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How is this different from...

Say, a couple of guys hiding in the bushes outside my house peering through my window at the travel section of the newspaper I'm reading and then running to the front door, knocking -interrupting what I was doing - and trying to sell me a Florida vacation package?

"Quick, he's on to the sports page... go try to sell him some golf clubs before he turns the page!"

Maybe they don't know your name. Maybe they didn't need you to tell it to them as they've already aggregated your data with that from other "providers."

But they're still observing and profiling my behavior for the sole purpose of profiting from the sale of something that's not theirs.

Witness the future of Brocade


iSCSI - the second biggest con...

iSCSI barely delivers half of the performance of 1 Gigabit Fibre Channel unless you're using it on 10G Ethernet which is just as expensive if not more than most FC solutions.

CentOS updates Red Hat Enterprise clone


Single red cent...

When you pay Redhat, you're paying for support not the software. If you don't need the support, then you're just setting money on fire.

British newspaper websites liable in France for privacy invasion

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Team France - the New World Police

In theaters everywhere except for France where simply viewing images is now cause for a law suit.

Wanted: Americans to join Al Qaeda


Here's your message...

It's not a religious war.

The U.S. was never there to attack Islam. There are millions of happy Muslims in the U.S. free from persecution unlike in most Muslim countries.

How can there be a 'Jihad' without religion?

'Religious leaders' are using this excuse to mobilize angry youths who aren't yet old enough or wise enough to understand what's really going on. Just pawns.

Canadian toddler dies after VOIP 911 call

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Customer's must update their info...

How could CBC have been billing these people unless it had their _current_ address?

More corporate irresponsibility.

Heads are gonna roll...

Sprint and Samsung unveil Jesus Phone lookalike

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Sad sign of the times...

The double standards faced by developers today...

If I as a developer put a "Buy it Now" button on my commerce web site I'd probably get the pants sued off me, but you can go out and completely duplicate someone else's product as much as possible right down to the silver bezel and absolutely nothing will happen.

What a crock of ....

AJAX patent threat to giants under the hammer


prior art?

Wouldn't a mouseover be prior art?

If the patent's main claim is an asynchronous data request channel that doesn't cause the entire page to refresh, then the javascript onmouseover='this.src="/path_to_some_image"' is definitely prior art.

Web developers have used that same technique to asynchronously load dynamic data other than images since 1997 or 1998 easily.