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Microsoft won't back down from Windows 10 nagware 'trick'


I upgraded all my machines to 10 months ago, dunno what all the fuss is about ;)

Microsoft's OneDrive price hike has wrecked its cloud strategy


Re: Never had this problem...


This is exactly what I was thinking too.

Don't believe the hype: When that DATA seems just too good


Don't BELIEVE the title when the spelling is incorrect...

Post-Microsoft, post-PC programming: The portable REVOLUTION



You could bin all that ijunk and go get yourself a proper machine, like a Surface Pro 3...


Microsoft on the Threshold of a new name for Windows next week


Microsoft OS One

Microsoft Surface 3 Pro: Flip me over, fondle me up


Re: NO WIFI, LTE OR 4G: Not enough Battery!!!!! RTFLOL

Surface Pro 3 has WIFI and 9 hours of battery life.

If you have a phone that has "internet sharing" then just connect to that (it creates a WIFI point) - people generally have their phones with them all the time, so not a problem.


options, options, options...

Seems to me that MS is watching Apple fans pay an awful lot for not a lot and thinking "we can do with a bit of that, but we'll do it better" - hence making the smart, and quite pricey Surface machines. To be fair, their OEMs are banging out cheaper alternatives for consumers to look at. Makes sense for MS to set a high standard for OEMs to aspire to.

These are high end laptop ALTERNATIVES, if for whatever reason someone prefers a laptop, I'm sure Lenovo or some other company will be happy to sell you one.

I have a Surface 2 (non-pro) and I use it daily for consumer stuff, get home from work & sit on the sofa, grab the surface - perfect. Take it on short trips, bung it in the car - perfect. I don't take it to Starbucks like the Mac boys love to do, I have a Lumia for walking-mobile travel.

I also have a laptop - i use it for more productive stuff like video & photo editing, more serious office work and legacy apps - usually while sat a desk or at a table. This is now getting sold for a Surface Pro 3.

Interestingly, depending on how it works out, I might sell the Surface 2 and just keep the Surface Pro 3 for my sofa machine and my more serious machine... time will tell if it's as comfortable and small enough to be my consumer-friendly device too.

I think this is very cool stuff MS has produced and had Apple produced something similar, people would be falling over themselves to pay twice as much for half as little...

It's true, the START MENU is coming BACK to Windows 8, hiss sources


fine for me

I get on fine with windows 8, have it on 3pcs, a surface, a phone, no problems, thoroughly enjoy it, don't know what all the fuss is about. People really do hate change don't they.

The start menu will be making such a late come-back that it will be forgotten by then, clever to release rumours of it's return to shut the moaners up though.

Lumia 2520: Our Vulture gets his claws on Nokia's first Windows RT slab



Wow, a positive article on The Reg about MS and a number of positive comments too... Times r changin'.

Personally i think RT is great, my Surface 2 arrived yesterday. I would urge people to use it for a few months before bashing it...

iPhone 5S: Apple, you're BORING us to DEATH (And you too, Samsung)


I use a Nokia 925.

Microsoft's murder most foul: TechNet is dead


Re: Freeride

yes, yes, I do get it, got it, and I do agree with all of that.

However, the fact that "Technet never allowed you to use those products in production environments" is the point you need to look at because in reality, even though it's 'not allowed', I bet there are tons of people who ARE probably using TechNet as super-cheap way to install bread n butter apps like Windows & Office and also use all the other software they want for long periods of time... (years).



So, basically, everyone who has been using this 'loophole' to use Microsoft products for tiny prices (i.e. the price of a TechNet subscription for Windows, Office, & half the catalogue etc.), now actually have to go and pay for licences!

Whoah! who'd have thought that this would ever happen?!

Any business getting blatantly rinsed by its 'customers' would shut that door.

You can still test the products for 90 days, but now you have to actually buy a licence to use their products.

(or club together with your mates and buy an MSDN sub!)

Ten ten-inch tablets


Re: Missed the obvious one...

Fair point on Pro, although we are literally a matter of weeks away.

S/RT out recently? I've had mine since November, that's quite a while in tech terms!


Re: £399 for full Win8

it's not that jarring, it's just like a big start button - stop being such an old moaner!! ;)


RT Battery...

My Surface RT literally lasts all day! Sometimes longer - unbelievably battery life. I don't think the 'intel' based tabs even come close...

Friends with iPads have also been extremely impressed with Surface RTs battery life.


Missed the obvious one...

I believe Surface (RT & Pro) dominate the Windows 8/RT tablet sales - so why are they not included in your review?

Microsoft's ARM blunder: 7 reasons why Windows RT was DOA


Re: Another day, another win 8 hater story on the reg

i bought a 64gb from the MS site when they first came out - that's what people do nowadays, yunno, buy stuff online?!!


LoveMySurface<3 :)

i love my surface, dunno what all this fuss is about - it's awesome and everyone i show it to likes it as well :)

the battery lasts and lasts and lasts, amazing piece of kit... does everything i want.

Global warming still stalled since 1998, WMO Doha figures show


Re: Forever is a long time

Dino's haven't all died out, they have just got fewer (crocs) and evolved to the skies (birds)...

The world's first Windows Phone 8 hands on – what's it like?


i want

saving already, will be selling my Lumia 800 for one of these 920 badboys! :)

Want a Windows 8 Start Button? Open source to the rescue!


Re: why?!

u lot make me laugh, stuck in the dark ages you all are... i bet you'll be running XP & wishing for the start orb when your grandkids are grandparents... going on about how 'it just works' even though no-one else actually uses it or is interested in it anymore!



why do people have such an obsessive requirement for old technology?! Move with the times, the start orb is gone and the metro / modern start button is here to stay. No doubt i'll get voted down, but that's the truth so deal with it!

It's a bit like people still wanting to use XP - i dont get that at all, you're 3 O/S's behind now! keep up! Change is good and it isn't going to stop!

Windows 8 diet exposes Microsoft's weak ARM



if you have used win 8 you will know that in the 'tablet mode' there is a dedicated Video app and a dedicated Photo app. Media Player is for desktop - not relevant.


Re: The Windows 8 Disaster.

yeah, 80,000 apps is "no-one developing for it"


Re: Why do I want Win 8?

it's 2012 dude, what are you doing with XP?!!

Moody's downgrades Nokia to near-junk status


i think that's the thing...

loads of people on here spouting about it failing not being good - have you actually USED WP7 for any decent amount of time!?

I've had the Samsung Omnia 7 since the day they were released and now on the Lumia 800 - I am sticking with WP7/WP8.

Actually go and try it - you might think differently about iOS or Android!

Metro breakdown! Windows 8 UI is little gain for lots of pain

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not really fair...

To whoever wrote the article: it's not really fair to quote that "You see your iSCSI Initiator, your ODBC Data Sources and all your uninstallers" etc, as the only reason you can see them on your machine is that you have turned on the "show admin" tools in the "metro start settings" - this is obviously purely so you can write drivel like this! Which poweruser is going to want to run admin tools from Metro?! Certainly no 'consumers' will either...

if you want admin tools you can run them from the desktop, win+r, or right click the start icon and control panel... a much better way and of course doesn't put them in the metro interface.

Sort it out!

Microsoft drops 'risky' Windows 8 preview on World


Re: Re: Obvious really...

Why can't you just stay in desktop mode for business - that's what i'll be doing!

What exactly has been 'removed' and replaced with a metro app that is no longer available in the desktop???

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Obvious really...

it's very obvious after a short while of using it...

99% of the time on a PC or laptop, you'll be in the desktop environment (i mean, how often do you need the start button now anyway on a regular machine)...

99% of the time on a touch pad or phone you'll be in the touch zone (metro), it's simplistic and easy to use, much like the 5 fingers attached to your hand... the precision that a mouse provides is just not there in the touch zone as our fingers are too clunky... plus the requirement to be precise in this zone is also not required - users want email, internet, photo's etc, not CMD prompts, MMC's, office docs etc...

And there we have it. It's all a bit scary at the mo as we work out what we're meant to be doing, but fill the taskbar up with icons on the desktop, load the metro-start page up with tiles and then use it... it will make sense.

I love it :)

Microsoft celebrates the death of IE6



looks like i just got 100% with IE9! http://acid3.acidtests.org/

iPhone 4/4S 'self combusts' in airliner inferno


the hold...

So.... what happens if someone puts their iphone in their suitcase and this happens mid-flight in the belly of the aircraft...not.good.

iPhone 4S is for failures who work in coffee shops - Samsung



will = willing



...4 million mugs out there will to fund more of granny smiths latest...

The Great Smartphone OS Shoot-out



Personally i think WP7 wins everything hands down! I have used (and owned most) of all others and am more than happy with WP7 for the foreseeable future - it's completely re-thought and totally modern compared to some of the more aging O/S's out there...

The main thing is with WP7 - actually go and try it. If you use it (for more than a day, not just 2 mins) you'll likely be hooked...

It's time to end the Windows Wait


here's an idea...

just leave the laptop on sleep when u go to work (plug it into the wall if you have too) and then wake from sleep when you get home! takes all of...ooo 1 second!

why are people still shutting down and booting up every day!!!!???

my laptop (new toshiba satelite r830-143 will happily last nearly all week in sleep mode and is always on the coffee table when i come home to use it.... and guess what it's a 5400 spinning disk... (640gb to add, like to see ur SSD do that!!)

Bill Gates strangled Microsoft's 'tablet for creatives'



I think with Win8 they have a good foundation for phone, tab, pc, xbox/home theatre, all under one 'windows' roof, all looking quite similar & familiar and working on all devices.

So maybe having a family of stuff is better than bits and pieces.

We shall only really see their plan in full in 12 - 18 months from now.

True it's going to be a bit late, but there's a lot of future out there... i don't expect any tech from today to be around in 10 years time, so that must mean there's more competition to come!

Did a Seagate sales bloke just say 5TB drives are coming?



yes, i agree, my bad experiences with HD's seem to be with Seagate's. I find WD Green Power drives great for home use (storage), obviously not performance drive, but cool and quiet and perfect for streaming media.

SSDs for performance now anyway isn't it?!

Ten reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 5



...you become a sheep...

Samsung may try to block next iPhone in Europe too


Go Samsung!!!

I hope they kick Apple's butt!

Not that i really care either way as i'm in the WP7 camp, but it's great viewing!

Where's the popcorn icon, oh a beer will do!!

Blue Screen of Death gets makeover for Windows 8

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Love it!

Ballmer: Windows Phone can win third place in mobile!



hardly "the mighty" - when did WinMobile ever really have the lion's share of the market?

Nokia have fallen, and iPhone & Android have risen.

Things never stay still (apart from maybe Windows' crown on the desktop) and in the future the top dog in mobile will no-doubt change again.

Now Windows 8 goes into the ring to face Apple's iOS



hang on shaunhw, just wait and see, i imagine they'll be a "show desktop at startup instead" option in the menu's - we've hardly scratched the surface of the new O/S yet, so i'd wait and see what's coming...

Hands on with the Windows 8 fondleslab



"After all, Vista worked great in the demos too."

...did it!?

don't get me wrong, i'm very much in the MS camp, but Vista wasn't ever particuarly good, even after SP1...

The curse of Google?: Android licensees fail to cash in



thanks for spending the time to read my post history! i'm sure you can conclude from all of it that i am definite windows fan!

...crack, by the way.

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Doesn't matter about Android - Nokia will return to rule the roost with WP7 at the helm ;)

Roll on Mango!

Microsoft rolls out One Big Windows strategy



"If you're just going to be uncritical then no one is really going to be interested in what you have to say."

So you only post on forums to be critical - ALL the time?! What a sad life you must lead...



i didnt make a reference to the app running or not, it was a point that the tiles are not 'big dumb buttons' but actually quite useful.


no troll

i am actually being serious - Windows is what i use day in day out, i don't touch anything else - i genuinely do think it's gonna be really good! Not trolling in the slightest!

If i were trolling i would say something like "well Lion is gonna make Win8 look pathetic etc etc"




ooo 3 thumbs down already - are you iOS people gettin' well jel of the obviously far superior tiles!? =)


They're Tiles...

these big dumb buttons are going to be the basis of the future of windows - far from being dumb they will actually show, at a quick glance, a whole wealth of information - which means the user doesn't have to actually enter an app to see what's happening - kinda makes everything else look dumb all of a sudden, eh?!