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Windows experiment meets the bottom line

Phil Taylor


What have the Kevins done for us.....

"Unfortunately it looks like the author has suddenly decided to downgrade all the massive problems and start singing the praises."

This seems an unreasonable comment to me.

Mark has told us the good and the bad. This is what I wanted to hear - the story warts and all. Having followed it all the way through the overall impression I have gained is that it went well and that's what the summary tells us.

His only major complaint is about the CTP program. And, in fact, the only link Mark includes in the summary is one to the comments on the CTP program, so how can he possibly be accused of downgrading those comments?

A summary should summarise - that's what this one did.

Delayed SQL Server 2008 hits release phase

Phil Taylor

MERGE as standard

I agee with AC, thanks for the positive comments - Reg could do with more of them.

Just to add my own 2 cents worth, MERGE doesn't actually represent lock in - it is part of the SQL 2003 standard.

Windows hardware challenge draws on resources

Phil Taylor


You know, Mark is quite right on this one.

In small organisations, which may be where Marmite Toast, AC and b shubin all work, the security for public facing websites may be handled by the database geeks. In more professional organisations the jobs are separate – the database geeks do the database stuff and the security team handle security.

So, the database geeks will never be handling the security anyway. In a pure development environment, behind closed doors, they just want security off; particularly when using CTP code for early development. As the application moves closer to production, then is the time to involve the security guys and start to worry about security.

It all depends how bright your people are. A big security switch is only a problem if it is misused. Dumb people can misuse anything, so does that mean we should remove all options from all software in case stupid people use it? I don’t think it’s a problem giving people a big switch, any more than its a problem giving them a DROP TABLE command. Some people will screw up with either. But the more tools you give an intelligent person, the more productive they are.