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Boffins prove the existence of jet-setters

Steve Oliver
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@ Taskis

You said it all...... We have become a surveillance society stealthily by the government use of our fear of terrorism and crime, often exaggerated by the government to suit their own ends - indeed it seems that companies that wish to be able to track individuals are given an easy ride too, despite current laws (BT and Phorm....?)! I envy those that have left....

BT bundles MS Office with Linux laptop

Steve Oliver

@Hands Up a mistake

Hmmm, I wish you'd admit that getting into bed with Phorm is a mistake....

Virgin Media distances itself from Phorm 'adoption' claims

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@ Michael

Have to say that reading your post was painful. Can I suggest writing into a word processor, spell checking and then cutting and pasting into the system?

There's no way Ballmer survives Yahoo! disaster scenario

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@ 'snot SoHo

Ahhhh, he defaulted to the US version which is short for 'South of Houston' (St) - the UK version is just a name..

Wireless wonks celebrate 35th anniversary of first cell call

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The usual stuff....

They'll be telling us they broke Enigma next......

Shocking phone patent features heart-start smarts

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@taser phone

Brilliant! And love the Campbell ref!

Next time you go to the loo, bring your locked laptop with you

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Paris Hilton

Yes! The title!

For God's sake;

'Next time you GO to the loo, TAKE your locked laptop with you' or

'Next time you COME to the loo, BRING your locked laptop with you.

Bloody idiots mashing the English language! That's our job!

Paris, because she knows when to come or go.....

Apple unleashes monster patch batch on Mac faithful

Steve Oliver

@webster phreaky

My My, you are an angry little man. Have you considered anger management classes? It really is just a different computing platform to the one you are in love with you know.