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Apple gives Boot Camp the boot, banishes native Windows support from Arm-compatible Macs

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Re: Hackintosh?

So being unable to speak for "less legal" ways of doing so..

The stock approach I've seen and used are mac mini in racks.

'Boringly reliable': Red Hat architect thinks Kubernetes is 'mostly done' – but there are still plenty of bugs

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Re: K8s a use case: Enable Self-Service

So k8s is hideous, it's sprawling, complex burdened with stupid names and written in yaml.

But it's about self service, when I have a templating problem, I reach for sed.

K8s gives them an override file to change a line, and a special command 'kustomize' which exists exclusively to change a line in this sort of yaml file. I didn't know this existed but it's really a thing, and now it's adopted into the main kubectl command with the -k flag.

So a way to look at it is an output target for various tooling, the result of which are some yaml.

So your scripts queries a db, runs perl over the results and spits out some yaml which k8s interprets.

The commands are verbose but sensible once you grok the concepts. You can run shell scripts with environment variables being injects from various useful sources, which something genuinely useful when combined with replication.

So I can tell a user, here is the platform contract, use the following env-vars in your service/script and the configuration management will do the right thing in development and production.

GitHub to replace master with main across its services

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Re: You are making his point for him imo

I'm not clapping, I'm baffled by this.

I have git remotes with a variety of stupid names chosen by the teams that operate them.

Develop, master, deploy-main, integ.

Why do you expect me to care?

Github is not git, the fine documentation available for git makes clear that the name master is simply chosen as an exemplar,

<refname>, e.g. master, heads/master, refs/heads/master

A symbolic ref name. E.g. master typically means the commit object referenced by refs/heads/master.


I am blissfully untroubled by what MS do, I don't work on their platforms, and my code runs there only through cross compilation. So as a *nix head, why do I care about some random wording change?

It's not like you are forced to use them, setup a vsp, install git and off you go..

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Why is it a problem? Change it? He's untroubled by the change, raises no objection, and wishes the world well. Why is that not enough?

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Re: You are making his point for him imo

I really don't care what word you use in code. I don't see why a cheeky /${old_word}/{s//${new_word}/g;} should cause such upset / help in such way.

But whenever this comes up, some people seems to be so triggered by it, I am forced to consider that I'm missing the utility of this change.

Git lets you name a remote whatever you please, so altering the default name is a harmless change.

Why does it trouble you? To be clear, I couldn't care less what term you use in the code, provided it's vaguely comprehensible and mostly consistent.

As for the wont someone think of the poor juniors? sod em, if setting up 's/master/main/g' and 's/master/main/g' as smude and clean hooks are too complex for them, another line of work is recommended.

Again, please help me here, why do you care so much? Why not meh, eye-roll and carry on with your day?

Thought you'd addressed those data-leaking Spectre holes on Linux? Guess again. The patches aren't perfect

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Re: TL;DR get your filty paws offa my high accuracy timers

Profilers for one, accurate timing quite useful there.

The basic attacks work on the principle of measuring latency of access to cache lines, it's not really about the precision of the timer.

Side note, crap timers can be made more accurate, with more iterations.

As an example, I dont have a <30ns timer on this machine, and other stuff is happening, like me waffling on elreg, so if I run my loop, a eleventy-billion times, averaging out the measurements, I will coverage on a very precise measurement.

Developers renew push to get rid of objectionable code terms to make 'the world a tiny bit more welcoming'

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Re: Shut it

Yes. This. How do you fund being a professional shouty person.

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Re: Shut it

I think they are both mental tbh.

Just how many Union Jack suits do you have to own to have one on for four years straight?

The alternative is too terrible to contemplate.

They are both drapped in flags, I don't know what it means.

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Re: I have questions

Poor lad.

I'll always remember “Enoch Powell says he wants to give me £1,000 to go back to where I came from. Which is great, because it’s only 20 pence on the bus from here to Dudley.” Lenny Henry

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Re: Shut it

"Unless the crowd is a convention for people with a face like a well slapped arse and no dress sense I can pretty much guarantee to stand out somewhere down the line. Picture if you will a time bending collaboration between Michael Angelo and Picasso, after a few beers, and before they'd mastered their arts." lol.

"Racists are illogical assholes whatever hue their skin, and they will always find their target, no matter the crowd." Completely with you here mate.

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Re: Shut it

The black guy has a union jack suit, and the white guy has a top hat with stop brexit written on it.

He's been screaming stop brexit for years, make of it what you will, I recalled one and not the other.

It's not a racial thing, it's a framing thing https://i1.wp.com/metro.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/SEI_589268781.jpg?quality=90&strip=all&zoom=1&resize=768%2C971&ssl=1

Again, just a framing thing.. not drawing a conclusion..

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Re: Shut it

That may be what the phrase means to you.

I've repeatedly made clear that 1) I don't hold that view, and 2) suggest the context which your response has stripped.

For example, I added the caveat in a largely white country, making it clear the thing is not about colour, it's about presenting as being in a majority/default in a given context.

I've also made it clear, I think that racism is not restricted to any ethnic group.

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Re: Shut it

"I've been a victim of racism in this country as a white guy - both verbally on too many occasions to count, and violently (actual violence not made up "micro-aggression's"). There's no monopoly on this and no privilege afforded by being white - certainly it hasn't shielded me from the very worst aspects of racism in the country of my birth."

it's not that far ranging, so you like me grew up in a working household, so you missed out already on quite a lot of the early benefits, as growing up with money counts more in the early years.

It also is not going to shield you from some arse deciding to vent his spleen on you because you need more sun cream than I do. It just means you don't stick out as much in a crowd, that's not that much of a privilege.

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Re: Shut it

"e.g. Man walks into women's changing room - he's doing something deliberately wrong. Woman walks into men's changing room, she made a mistake."

I think you'll find both are assumed to have made a mistake. either that or the man is identifying as a woman and so is to be socially recognized as the same. That's how its supposed to work, right?

Actually it's interesting that you bring up a trans people reference, as quite a lot of the safe spaces objection to shared changing rooms (from women) is the assumption that a man is deliberately using access for ulterior intent. So thank you for unintentionally reinforcing my point.

"That isn't how people think about gingers or black people though. Racists might, but racism isn't a white people thing, its an all races thing" I don't think anyone is saying that white people are the only people who can be racist. Or even that white people are racist or more racist than non-white people.

But being a white person in a white country, is to not stick out in a crowd of other people who look the same as you. I'll give you an example, there is a very well photographed man of colour who is a big fan of Brexit. I wonder if you can call his dress to mind.. There is an equally well photographed white man who is on the other side of the fence. The pair of them have been shouting at each other for nearly four years now outside the H.O.C.

Can you call the white guy's clothing to mind? Can you call any details of the black guy's face to mind?

I don't think of myself as a racist person, but I failed this when the question was posed to me, so please don't take this as saying unless you are "marvo the memory man" you are xyz, just an exercise in framing.

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Re: Shut it

"White privilege is an attempt at gatekeeping suffering from racism as being a non-white thing because of the incorrect and wholly untrue fallacy that only white people are racist."

Where did I say this?

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Re: BTW: How did that work out?

Swatze peter - just saying.

Incidently the Brits to a man, went wtf... so make of that what you will.

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Re: Shut it

Being a man, I'm afforded the privilege of assumed agency, in other words, I meant to act this way for better or worse. Women are not afforded that privilege by default; e.g. Man walks into women's changing room - he's doing something deliberately wrong. Woman walks into men's changing room, she made a mistake..

There are around 2 million people of colour in the UK, 1.8 million odd live in the big cities..

Which means you are the "default" if you are white in this country, that is privilege. Because you are not black as a black person in a black country, you're simply a person. Logically that extends to being white in a largely white country.

The main effect of this is that you become that person who is disliked for being northern/southern/ginger/blonde/fat/skinny/stupid/smart instead of being reduced to a cypher for an entire spectrum of humanity sharing similar tastes in sun cream.

"if only *some of them* didn't act in a way that lets the *rest of them* down"

"It's the ones that aren't going out doing xyz..."

Remember the last time you heard that sentiment or other like it expressed towards people who present as part of the majority ethnic group. Because I don't.

I fully admit to playing up to this as a kid, I used to pretend to not speak English when buying booze underage. Alas I flew too close to the sun, having returned to the one shop three times on the same day.

In the England of my youth, it should not have been possible to have someone think, oh maybe "they're just short, or whatever rationale they used".. They called the police, and the copper near pissed himself when I came clean that I'd been doing it for months.

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Re: I have questions

Enlighten, comes from elucidate, to make clearer, hence to shine a light into a shadow. That said, people are messed up and skin bleaching creams are a thing.

Black at funerals:

It's a cultural thing, I was born and grew up here, so turned up to the funeral of a family member dressed in black tie, only to find everyone else was dressed in white (oops).. apart from my fellow godless heathens who couldn't be expected to know better. To this day, I still don't know why I was supposed to not wear black tie.

Took flowers to the funeral, turns out you're not supposed to do that either..(oops)

The family member would (a) have pissed himself laughing.. (b) given zero fucks about the clothes I wore.

It's all a bit bollocks really, fwiw the UK is a much more classist society than racist. But that has all the overlapping stuff about immigration tied in. "A bit below the salt", "Not quite one of the chaps".

Listen to callers on the radio, and see how many characteristics you are able to assign to the voice..

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Re: BTW: How did that work out?

It's easy define "major country" as UK or US. and we are clearly the least racist major country in the world. Q.E.D.

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Re: you can try and help

The "pigs killing black people" don't care about the terms used in the source code.

If you care, (1) vote, (2) donate [time/money/assistance], (3) don't conflate use of language with oppression, (4) Just treat people as fellow humans.

It's that basic, and apparently that hard to understand.

I blacklist IP addresses that show up in my firewall logs. I prefer the master branch, as it's the "mastered copy of the work" i.e. it's always safe to pull from

Am I supposed to be offended by all colours or only the English names for them? Seems a bit narrow minded, can I not be offended by the Spanish, or French names. How about the names of colours in Arabic or Bulgarian or Finnish. The idea of a "Black" = bad, doesn't work in those languages.

Oppression is a real thing, it has definite symptoms, it's not about well-meaning people using the names of colours in a pejorative sense. I find the idea of avoiding certain words blood boiling, it's performative and pointless.

I'm offended when, after flying through three telephone interviews, the literal astonishment at seeing my face, followed by my interviewer's face dropping. (UK Home Office circa 2006). That's an issue.

I'm offended when a candidate being interviewed by a Brown and a Black man, can't hold back the revulsion at being forced to shake the hands of the interviewers. That interview was comedy gold, guy turned up with complex multithreaded code he claimed to have written. Couldn't explain the use of mutexes or condition variables, despite it being written directly against pthreads..

Barmy ban on businesses, Brits based in Blighty bearing or buying .eu domains is back: Cut-off date is Jan 1, 2021

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Just to be clear, you advance this behaviour as a reason why your views on matters of state should matter. Grow up.

Spending watchdog doubts UK is capable of managing Brexit and coronavirus info campaigns at the same time

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Impervious to evidence with my cloak of credulity

It's really a super power.

I with my daughter once watched someone, attempt and fail the same task, nailing two bits of wood together, repeatedly in exactly the same manner for nearly five minutes. (I am not Mr DIY by any stretch of the imagination, I hasten to add)

I nearly wet myself. It didn't work when attempted initially, nor then nth time, so why the n+1th time would be the charm, I couldn't understand.

But the sheer ability to disregard that inconvenient truth by dint of will both tickled my funny bone, and somewhat frightened me. This person is impervious to reason and wielding a hammer..

Devuan Beowulf 3.0 release continues to resist the Debian fork's Grendel – systemd

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Re: multiple monoliths

Yes, that too.

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Re: "It solves a problem that people have."

Oh I agree completely, you are hosed on *nix if you can't manipulate your environment in the shell, so much of the, "panic, we should never get here, and if we do, all is lost!" handling on *nix is "here's a shell, good luck."

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Re: "It solves a problem that people have."

You need to understand shell inorder to maintain sysv init scripts.

Personally I don't see that as a problem, but that is basically at the heart of it.

Once you've bought into that bit of dogma, then the justifications start to snowball.

For example socket-activation, because xinetd something..

So what do you get out of it, It's the same across red-hat/debian. Some convention over configuration, but I think at a loss to clarity, since the systemd unit files, contain shell snippets, mixed with magic logic provided by systemd. So one throws up ones hands, and hopes for the best. Which I suspect is what people do when confronted with an expertly written shell scripts. ${1:-'missing'}

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Re: multiple monoliths

It might help to think of it as GNU/Linux.

The init process and the rest of the system is GNU, while the kernel is Linux.

The reason that init is not in the kernel, is that, the kernel doesn't care once it's booted.

It's a userspace problem to select and use an appropriate init.

lets say, in my use case I want to mount a fileysystem and give me a shell. A plain shell script will be fine, and init can simply be /bin/sh

Init or pid-1 more specifically has responsibilities for cleaning up zombies, and then the divergent implementations add other things. Typically init will mount the filesystems, and spawn a getty.

busybox/uclibc specialises in this sort of very customised, small userland, shipping an init.

Also Init has to be integrated with the rest of the system services, so it's a difficult to ship an init without having made all the other downstream choices that implies, at which point, you've rolled your own distro, again;)

Far-right leader walks free from court after conviction for refusing to hand his phone passcode over to police

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Re: Would never have happened in my day

Thanks for the links, that's pretty disgusting..

1) People in the GLU deliberately frustrated the party's procedures, that alone starts to put the rest in rather a different light.

2) You accept Diane Abbot has been hounded blatantly because she's black, but you don't suggest that means Labour has a "Black people hater" problem, conversely you use that same rationale to suggest that the party has a "Jewish people hater" problem.

3) People voting for the labour party are not the labour party, If a party member robs a bank, waving his party card, that wouldn't implicate the party in the crime. So the presence of racist arse with access to internet and labour voting preference is not the responsibility of labour, deplorable as it undoubtedly is.

Now, party officials, candidates, members etc. Yes, that is on them, wear the badge, besmirch the name, get booted out. Given the behaviour of the GLU, castigating the victim of a stitch up seems unjust. And booting them out, doesn't stop them being a racist arse on/offline, or voting for the party.

", I still don't believe for a moment the party is anti semitic" Then surely you would support Chris Williamson, who claimed labour was too apologetic about antisemitism, as you also ", I still don't believe for a moment the party is anti semitic"

Do you feel the acceptance of the IHRA efinition helped in anyway? Personally, I'm perfectly happy with the idea that the phrase "all forms of racism are unacceptable". The party accepted it. I think the wording is sloppy, but I don't see it as more than virtue signalling to have accepted it. Conversely, it doesn't hurt to adopt it..

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Re: Would never have happened in my day

What sticks in the throat is the bland assurances by labour that antisemitism was dealt with robustly. It was at the leaders office level, but the capture of the Labour GLU as shown time and time again in the report made action against the identified scum ineffective, there is some dispute as to if this was collateral damage or deliberate, but it clearly and provably occurred.

The report makes an overwhelming case that the Governance and Legal Unit of the Labour Party failed to take action on accusations of anti-semitism because it was devoting all of its energies to a factional effort to remove Corbyn supporters from the party.

These right wing staff were hoping for Labour electoral defeats in order to get rid of Corbyn. Senior Labour staff were actually hoping Labour would lose its seat in the Manchester Gorton by-election.

27/02/2017, 16:53 – Patrick Heneghan: Just had discussion at strategy meeting We will meet Steve and Andy next Monday – we are looking at all 3 in May but select in Gorton within 4 weeks Katy will speak to you/Iain

27/02/2017, 16:53 – Patrick Heneghan: From karie

27/02/2017, 16:54 – Patrick Heneghan: They didn’t include us in the discussion.

27/02/2017, 16:54 – Patrick Heneghan: Well let’s hope the lib dems can do it….113


while we saw party members who had been removed from their positions quietly allowed back in a few weeks later, we saw someone who had narrowly escaped prison for defacing the Warsaw ghetto monument being warmly invited and applauded by a momentum conference. Could you link that please, I'm not aware of it, but it's deplorable to host someone who had behaved in such contemptible fashion.

I think you have to separate the strands, 1) Labour party - policy, 2) Labour mp, 3) momentum. 4) Labour voters, 5) Labour sympathetic wider public.

The case of the horrible and very right wing John McTernan is instructive. McTernan had taken to writing articles in the Daily Telegraph praising the Tories and attacking Labour, but the Governance and Legal Unit of Party HQ refused to take action against him. They finally took action when he wrote an article urging the Tories to “crush the rail unions” for hampering the operations of private railway companies; but the action taken was to suspend a member who called McTernan out on his Tory support. p.140


Jewish MPs reported feeling under daily attack - are you suggesting they were all lying?

The person the most attacked in the Labour party was a black female mp, and Corbyn was attacked regularly, so I have no trouble believing that Jewish MP representing Labour, felt attacked. It's unclear if you suggest they were being attacked exclusively for being Jewish, which would be outrageous. It's also unclear how that's the fault of Labour in particular.

In August 2015, Ryan became Chair of the Labour Friends of Israel. In the 2015 Labour leadership election campaign, she urged those voting to choose a candidate who in government could "play a constructive and engaged role in the crucial search for a" two-state solution to resolve the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. In particular, she noted the "deep concerns" that she said arose from the positions Jeremy Corbyn had taken in the past and the "serious questions which arise from these".[33]

In her position as chair of LFI, Ryan was filmed as part of an Al Jazeera documentary on the alleged influence of the Israeli lobby in British politics, The Lobby.[34][35][36] This documentary was cited by her constituency Labour Party (CLP) in their vote of no confidence against the MP; in The Lobby, the CLP said Ryan made false allegations of antisemitism against the party.[37]


I had a long series of conversations with labour members who actually suggested the whole thing was a smear by Mossad because they were threatened by Corbyn, when I pointed out that they were saying that the antisemitism row was in their view because of some lying jews, therefore, they fell silent (after some choice language). Well

The Israeli ambassador, Mark Regev apologized to Alan Duncan for the comments made by Masot.[5] Masot was sent back to Israel and resigned, as did the civil servant involved.[10]

There was clearly some involvement at manipulating the public view of the situation and provision of material support to individuals.

Targeting pro-Palestinian politicians: Shai Masot, an official at the embassy, was recorded as seeking in a conversation with a British civil servant to “take down” British politicians, including Alan Duncan, then Minister of State for Europe and the Americas. Crispin Blunt, chair of the Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee, was said to be on a “hitlist”.[6][7][8][9]

Supporting lobbying groups: Masot was also recorded as seeking to promote the establishment of a pro-Israel youth organisation, intended to be linked to the existing Labour Friends of Israel.[10] He was also recorded as telling Joan Ryan, Chair of Labour Friends of Israel, that he had £1 million to fund trips to Israel.[11]

My contention is this - labour were not and could never be an anti-semitic party - as you have pointed out very clearly. What they allowed however was a festering sore of racists within the party structure to exist and refused to deal with it robustly enough.

The report makes an overwhelming case that the Governance and Legal Unit of the Labour Party failed to take action on accusations of anti-semitism because it was devoting all of its energies to a factional effort to remove Corbyn supporters from the party.


As I asked a friend, a labour candidate in the last election, if this had been any other kind of racism, would labour have been quite so relaxed about it? I don't see any evidence that they were relaxed about it. There is a good deal of evidence that Corbyn and the wider leadership team tried to stamp on this and were delibertely undermined.

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Re: "deliberately ignored by authorities because of the ethnicity and/or religion"

Evidence mate. Proof. Otherwise piss off. Much as you'd like to suggest some racial angle.

Your first link says a copper said something racist and unsubstantiated, and a complaint was upheld about it, It doesn't opine on the veracity of the expressed opinion, nor provide any supporting evidence for the alleged "30 years" of continuous offending.. So yeah, I'm going to call BS on that link.

The tragic truth is that the police don't tend to take damaged children that seriously, that has huge knock on impacts in rural areas especially when there is often no-one else to ask for help.

Indeed your next link advances that very line of thought

Prof Jay said the first of these reports was "effectively suppressed" because senior officers did not believe the data. The other two were ignored, she said.

"Being cautious" much as you'd like it to mean, doesn't equate to let a nonce crack on, if they match the Pantone chart.

Prof Jay's report said that while ethnicity did not impact on the way front-line staff dealt with cases, it did affect the wider picture, with some staff in children's social care saying they were "advised by their managers to be cautious about referring to the ethnicity of the perpetrators" in reports.
Are these, the same people turning a blind eye to the welfare of the children under their care. that we are supposed to find credible?

You don't seem have read your links very closely, it clearly shows an organised group of abusers in that area and historical underreporting, which suggest that the differing races had little impact on reporting level, indeed in cases where races of offender differed from victim, it was more likely to be reported and acted upon.

Most of the victims in the cases examined were white British girls, but the report found the abuse of Asian girls was not necessarily reported.

Zlakha Ahmed, from the organisation Apna Haq which supports Asian women and children facing violence in the home, said there has been a long-standing problem of Asian girls suffering abuse.

She said: "The report's not come as a shock to me in terms that we've known about these issues for a number of years now.

"They follow the exact same model as the report that's been released; the difference is that the victims are Asian Muslim young girls and the perpetrators have been Muslim Pakistani men.

"It's just a pattern of abuse that's being repeated with another set of vulnerable girls."

Go and watch any respectable TV documentary on the issue.

Go read a book without the legend waterproof and chewable on the cover.

Just a tip, you'll struggle here, we can all read, try the daily mail or infowars, you might have better luck.

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Re: Would never have happened in my day

I must disagree with you comrade.

Clearly you aren't Jewish, because even thier own Jewish MPs openly decry the party as racist.

Firstly, is your contention that "No True Scotsman" would vote Labour should he eat his haggis at Shabbat dinner? https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/nov/22/jewish-voting-labour-antisemitism-progressive-government

Second to last leader was Jewish, but unfortunetly Ed came up with the wrong views..

https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/jews-against-miliband This seems to have a little more spice to it..

Jews don’t form a homogeneous voting bloc, but they have in the past been a barometer: long left-leaning, they strongly backed Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s before swinging heavily to New Labour in 1997.

This week, a poll for the Jewish -Chronicle found that 69 per cent of Jews intend to vote Tory next month, with Labour trailing on only 22 per cent. Moreover, while 64 per cent said David Cameron had the best attitude towards British Jewry, only 13 per cent picked Miliband as the best supporter of the community. The Jewish Chronicle poll found 73 per cent of Jews said the parties’ approach toward Israel and the Middle East was ‘very’ or ‘quite’ important in determining how they would vote, and by 65 to 10 per cent Cameron led Miliband on having the best attitude.

Community activists believe Miliband’s position on Israel has become such a sticking point that many Jews who traditionally vote Labour can’t bring themselves to do so. One said: ‘They have been forced to choose between their party and their support for Israel in a way they never thought they would be.’ Some have already made that choice: last autumn, Maureen Lipman declared that, for the first time in five decades, she wouldn’t be voting Labour. At the same time, Kate Bearman, a former director of Labour Friends of Israel, resigned her party membership.

Even some Jewish Labour activists believe the party has written the community off electorally. This could turn out to be a costly miscalculation. There are a string of marginals — Finchley and Golders Green, Hendon, Brent Central, Ilford North, Hornsey and Wood Green, Hampstead and Kilburn, Harrow East, Harrow West and Hove — where Miliband has little room for error and Jewish voters could provide the difference between victory and defeat.

Please identify which policies target or otherwise disadvantage Jewish people, or indeed any specific group. If you can identify any racist scum in the party, report them, help drive them out, if indeed you can point to any...matzo ball

Current leader, seems to have been perfectly comfortable in the party, https://www.timesofisrael.com/keir-starmer-elected-uk-labour-chief-apologizes-to-jews-for-party-anti-semitism/

This MP seems happy to defend her choices, and political beliefs https://jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/charlotte-nichols-nazis/

Her response to actual racists on the streets of Glasgow shortly after being elected (Labour) MP

She wrote: “I hope every single one of them gets their heads kicked in by the good folk of Glasgow.”

Asked by BBC correspondent Phil McCann whether she stood by her comments, she said: “These were people doing Nazi salutes on the streets of Britain.

As a Jewish person whose grandfather fought in WW2, ultimately sometimes I believe that fascism has to be physically confronted as it was at Cable Street and elsewhere.”

Obviously as someone who is now an elected public official, naturally your language is going to be different from being an ordinary member of the public.”

She added: “Sometimes I believe that fascism has to be physically confronted and I’m not going to apologise for that”.

Nichols won her Warrington North seat last Thursday with 20,611 votes, narrowly pipping her Tory opponent who had 19,102.

Doesn't seems like the sort of person who would keep quite if they thought they were member of a racist party.matzo ball

It's a stitch up, Jewish people have been at the heart of the Labour movement and on every barricade along the way, it's a travesty that history is being smeared, purely in the name of manufacturing consent for right wing views.

Amazing as soon as Corbyn was no longer threatening to improve things for the country, the problem magically went away.

Again, provide some evidence that Jewish (or other) people have to fear Labour. I contend the entire thing is but a bunch of matzo balls

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Re: Would never have happened in my day

Leave off.

Labour are not and have never been a racist party.

The entire thing is a stitch up documented in a 851 page document produced by the labour party.

Detailed, footnoted analysis of which https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2020/04/that-leaked-labour-party-report/

If, for example, I were to discover evidence of blatant racism, and send that to the EHRC, the EHRC would not refuse to look at that evidence on the grounds it breached the racists’ copyright or rights under the Data Protection Act. These excuses for suppression of the report are just that. I am accordingly myself sending a copy on to the EHRC making just that point. I find it rather troubling that Keir Starmer seems more interested in suppressing this report than acting on its alarming findings – and I say that as someone who is not initially hostile to Starmer.

What are the key points we learn from the report? Well, firstly that there did exist among Labour Party members examples of genuinely shocking and indisputable anti-semitism. It is also true that in many cases the processes of dealing with these individuals did drag on for months or even years. Much of the report is concerned with precisely whose fault that was within the Labour Party.

The report does conclusively refute the accusation that delays were occasioned by Jeremy Corbyn or his office, or that his office displayed any sympathy for anti-semitism. In fact, the opposite is the case. Corbyn’s office showed a proper hatred of anti-semitism, but also an alarming willingness to throw good people under the bus on very flimsy allegations of anti-semitism. pp306-7 The report shows a serious inability to distinguish between real, nasty anti-semitism and opposition to the policies of Israel. Furthermore, this is the attitude of the authors of the report themselves who in many scores of examples take for granted that the accusations of anti-semitism are sufficient to consider the case proven, and accept a number of specified opinions as proof of anti-semitism which are anything but.

The headlines of course have been grabbed by the report’s stunning exposure of the fact that Labour HQ was staffed by right wingers so vehemently anti-Corbyn that they actively wanted the Conservatives to win elections. I think it is important to understand just how right wing they really are. Senior members of staff were messaging each other opposing any increase in corporation tax and opposing re-nationalisation of the railways as “Trot” policies.

sed gawk Silver badge

You forgot this ->

(Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid) seriously wtaf?

sed gawk Silver badge

Re: "deliberately ignored by authorities because of the ethnicity and/or religion"

As opposed to the people running the children's home not giving a stuff who was in at night, provided the payment arrived on time.

There is no copper or social worker in the country going to give a offender a free pass to abuse children, despite your delightfully evidence free assertion to the contrary.

Sadly it is most likely the "authorities" (low paid workers in childrens home) simply didn't care about the children under their care, which is terrible, but not utterly unimaginable given the degree of trauma and behavioural difficultly the average care entrant presents upon arrival. I don't believe the staff wished harm on the children, I think they were indifferent to children's well-being, and happy to turn a blind eye to the kids running off to get pissed/stoned whatever with the result being a generation of locals aware of poorly supervised children. It's clear an abhorrent group of depraved abusers used that access to harm children.

You don't give a damn why the kids were in that situation, or what happened to them afterwards.

Shame on you. When the "authorities" actually did get a chance of getting some of the evil scum up into the dock, the trial nearly collapsed thanks to the interventions of the stupid waxy lemon.

One wonders if perhaps he was helping the accused scum deliberately, it seems he has form for knowing and trying to help child abusers. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/far-right-hero-is-a-convicted-paedophile-z6pb87rr2q5

CEO of AI surveillance upstart Banjo walks the plank after white supremacist past sinks contracts

sed gawk Silver badge

Rehabiliatation is not recommendation

He *might* be a better person than previously, however he's unsuitable for CEO of a company in the surveillance biz.

Regardless of his personal journey of redemption, "serious criminality"[1] in the leadership team compromised the company offering and threw up questions about ethics, exposure to vicarious liability.

[1] Drive by shooting - that's not small beer..

Author of infamous Google diversity manifesto drops lawsuit against web giant

sed gawk Silver badge

Reliable sources say "yeah, it doesn't mean that!"

If you google his position you'll find articles with reliable sources that back up what he has to say.

ISTR that the authors of the studies referenced by Damore repudiated that interpretation of the work.


Women as a group score higher on neuroticism in Schmitt’s meta-analysis, sure, but he doesn’t buy that you can predict the population-level effects of that difference. “It is unclear to me that this sex difference would play a role in success within the Google workplace (in particular, not being able to handle stresses of leadership in the workplace. That’s a huge stretch to me),”

Keen to go _ExtInt? LLVM Clang compiler adds support for custom width integers

sed gawk Silver badge

Re: What am I missing?

Nearly ;) You can't name zero width bit-fields

typedef struct {

unsigned char flag:1;

unsigned int :0;

unsigned char nibble:4;

unsigned int :0;

unsigned char munch:2;

unsigned int :0;

unsigned int mouthful:18;

unsigned int :0;

} someStructure;

COBOL-coding volunteers sought as slammed mainframes slow New Jersey's coronavirus response

sed gawk Silver badge

Write clean code, but comment on context and motivations.

I spent today tracking down an issue which is a perfect example of why comments are needed.

Symptom: YAML configuration file causes application parser to throw an exception and die with stack trace, parser complains of invalid input.

Strangely Input is well formed, and all test are passing on CI.

The code basically does


yaml_obj = YAML.new(some_properties);

utf8_txt = to_utf8_string(yaml_obj);





The fix is to add a single newline.



// Java.IO.SequenceInputStream in combination with SnakeYaml barfs unless we do this

// as the resulting yaml document is not well formed with '---' , see #link-to-more-info.





Not only is Zoom's strong end-to-end encryption not actually end-to-end, its encryption isn't even that strong

sed gawk Silver badge

Re: Citizen Lab's visual demonstration of AES-ECB encrypting an image.

I agree the example of a raw image being implicitly decipherable is less applicable in this context.

TBF to the authors, I'm struggling to remember ECB or indeed any mode of operations, being illustrated except with the penguin logo image.

For curiosity, I googled with https://www.google.com/search?q=illustration+of+ECB+mode

And gave up after a few pages without finding a suitable alternative image.

sed gawk Silver badge

Re: Citizen Lab's visual demonstration of AES-ECB encrypting an image.

I agree with your underlying point about I-frames and the like being not exactly deterministic, even with respect to colour output (different GPU's render differently).

However, I must disagree with your point about ECB. Given the same input, and same key, use of ECB mode of operations will produce the same output. When other modes are used, e.g. GCM or EAX, entire classes of attacks are prevented, by identical input producing different output.

So ECB being used as the sole cypher mode of operation, is a massive red flag, suggesting the code is therefore unlikely to have been reviewed by a proper cryptographer.

Hunting for IT staff? Lost your job during the pandemic? Sysadmin vacancies – and a free job ads offer – inside

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good on el reg

It's damn decent, well done people.

Boris celebrates taking back control of Brexit Britain's immigration – with unlimited immigration program

sed gawk Silver badge

Right back at you snowflake.

You seem to struggle with reading comprehension, again, telling you to speak freely, is not restricting your speech. Disaproving of your persistent use of racial slurs, is not restricting your speech.

As so often there is a useful xkcd https://xkcd.com/1357/

Jew not a racial slur, it refers to a follower of the teachings of the Torah. If you call me a racist one more time, you win a free toaster.

And sure, you've never heard of Wikipedia. Despite the many stories here in this esteemed organ.

You are expending a lot of energy needlessly, I'm more than happy with my assessment of your behaviour. I don't need your acceptance, deep down we both know what you are.

Use as awful language as you like, try to pretend an globally editable resource is the exclusive preserve of my opinion. I'm not that important, Wikipedia doesn't give a single shit about me, but you can edit it, why don't you share your wisdom with a global audience. After all as a "white new zealander", sorry a "Pakeha", of course you are totally speaking on behalf of the Pakistani diaspora, and totally not flagrant alt-right trolling.

Enjoy, feel liberated with your behaviour, I don't care how you behave, it reflects poorly only on you.

And the word racist, has a meaning, but keep projecting onto me.

I don't intend on responding to the next poorly constructed message you spew forth, so lets end it here, but feel free to keep shouting into the ether.

May you find good mental health.

sed gawk Silver badge

Bluntly, no-one voted for no-change for racist reasons.

Plenty of people have expressed a view that people who don't look the same as them should not be in this country.

You can call it what you like, it's fairly plain what that motivation should be called.

codejunky, doesn't come across as having racist motivations imo.

He's failed to engage with any of the specific questions put to him by myself and others, however.

I wouldn't describe that as dishonest, but simply the lack of an actual benefit to leaving the EU.

However we are seeing the effects play out in real time, so perhaps he, and the other leave supporters may yet be proved right.

sed gawk Silver badge

Re: Nonce

"The same can be said of efforts to stop people using terms they wish to describe themselves."

You can describe yourself anyway you like, even using deplorable language, you've shifted from [1] my "mates" like it, to "its my Maori" heritage. You simply like to troll people as it gives you a little thrill, please continue to do so.

"Wikipedia needs to talk to people of Pakistai descent." Firstly, what information do you possess that supports the notation that Wikipedia is unavailable to edit by people of "South Asian origin", I would contend that, Wikipedia is indeed editable, and thus your strawman has blown over on a windless day.

But hey, you continue to dictate to them Ah yes, the faceless mass with a single point of view, that you are kind enough to interpret, and broadcast, you hero.

I've actually taken the time to speak to people about how they prefer to be addressed, and am doing as I have been invited to do. You've been invited to refrain from using that slur on this forum, and seem unable to do so, so I find your claim lacking in credibility.

You need to do a hell of a lot more thinking then, especially if you think you're qualified to tell other people how they may speak or what language they may use.

Your flimsy attempts at defending your deplorable behaviour are lacking any credence.

Hint - from OP: "please go on, I'm sure it gladdens your heart to use such language.

Please use any language that you wish, it's unlikely to alter my perception of you and your behaviour.


sed gawk Silver badge


Is a "number used once" in crypto circles, or a paedophile in general uk slang usage.

It's interesting that you've developed a new found appreciation of the use of a racial slur in the UK, on a UK hosted message forum, but please go on, I'm sure it gladdens your heart to use such language.

P*** is a term typically used towards people of Pakistani descent,[1][2] and as a racial slur is often used indiscriminately towards people of perceived South Asian descent in general.[3] The slur is used primarily in English-speaking countries. In the United Kingdom and Canada, the term "P***" is commonly associated with "P***-bashing", violent attacks against people of South Asian origin, chiefly Pakistanis.

A man faces being sent to jail if he uses a specific term of racial abuse in public.

Michael Guilfoyle, 31, is believed to be the first person in the UK to be banned from using a particular word - "P***" - under the terms of an anti-social behaviour order.


Incidently the word for pure is "Pak", I grant you there is indeed a Maori word with the same spelling.

I think we both understand that's not what you mean by it.

Incidently I didn't threaten you, I cautioned you against using that word in the UK, due to the likely consequences. In other words, I explained that using that word in the UK is not okay.

I do rather like the idea of you trying to explain that you are only speaking Maori, somehow I don't think it will wash, but you are welcome to try.

For the record, I do think your use of language is deplorable and deliberately provocative.

Git takes baby steps towards swapping out vulnerable SHA-1 hashing algo for SHA-256

sed gawk Silver badge

so git-svn was too hard for facebook to find?

Also it's very flexible git, there are things mercurial does differently but there seems to be a lot of happy git users, and support for mercurial is well mercurial.

sed gawk Silver badge

Content Addressable filesystems

So how it works is you have a hash that tells you which file in the directory is which.

when you change the hash function, you can no-longer tell which file is which.

This is more of a problem than just switching some function over, and git is fairly modular as is.

So I clone repo-A with hash-sha1, when I commit file b with hash-sha256 repo-A no-longer is able to tell that file b is already present.

This is why the article referred to write only repo. As the easy bit swapping out a hash function was done already. The hard bit, managing to still read all the existing git repos out there, still being worked on..

EU tells UK: Cut the BS, sign here, and you can have access to Galileo sat's secure service

sed gawk Silver badge

Re: Ha

Firstly the US food supply is not contaminated as such.

We (UK & EU) have rules that suggest animals should be kept in cleaner conditions than the US.

A US Food and Drug Administration handbook shows that US food standards allow for:

Rat hairs in paprika

Rat droppings in ginger

Insect fragments in peanut butter

Maggots in orange juice.

The US suggests that these are unlikely to be harmful to human health provided the levels are fairly low.

We (UK & EU) suggest that we'd rather not have them present, and err on the side of caution.

We have control of immigration policy, it's tragic that even now this is being raised as a justification for loosing the right of free movement.

The food imported from the US into the EU meets EU standards, the goal of the deal is that food & other products not currently compliant with UK influenced EU standards should be made available to the UK market.

sed gawk Silver badge

Re: Ha

So both the EU and the US are sufficient large markets, that we need them more than they need us.

The US is salivating at the once in a generation chance to beggar us, and sadly they've got a good chance.

The drugs market, country of origin labelling, food hygiene standards with the EU are known. We are compliant already, especially as we drafted a lot of the rules.

The US in contrast has much weaker rules, and correspondingly requires us to lower our standards.

That's unfortunately the case when we are a supplicant in the negotiations.

sed gawk Silver badge

Re: Why a trade deal with the US won't be in our favour..

We are much smaller, with industries unable to compete in the levels of scale, afforded by the American landscape, and as such we have higher costs to produce the same agricultural products, e.g. beef.

As other have explained the additional checks on produce, is likely to damage our local food production industry due to the flood of cheaper imports, requiring more stringent inspections, again raising our costs compared to the existing regime.

Higher costs, increased competition are unlikely to be helpful.

Finally given the well publicised American objection to country of origin labelling, our processed food exports will be assumed to contain non-eu sourced meats, unless we are able to prove otherwise.

Finally, I agree with your suggestion that my opinion is not relevant to the merits or otherwise of a trade deal. However, I hope that considering the relative sizes, and markets, may sway you one way or another.

sed gawk Silver badge

Re: Ha

Here are the US objectives for our "deal".


Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS): Page 5

"Establish a mechanism to remove expeditiously unwarranted barriers that block the export of U.S. food and agricultural products in order to obtain more open, equitable, and reciprocal market access."

Once you mix US food in our food supply, we can no longer export to our biggest market, and we lack the scale to compete with the producers in the US.

A trade "deal" with the US will not be in our favour, please accept that, regardless of your vote in 2016.



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