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UK e-tailers scurry to scrap dodgy Heavy Metal covers

Paris Hilton

Wikipedia from 6 IPs?

Hypothetically, since a lot of wikipedia's traffic now comes spoofed from the ISP; wouldn't it be really easy for a real paedophile to go and post some indecent images on the site and never get found? How has the action of the IWF helped in any way apart from to shape our narrow mindedness in to no mindedness?

Political correctness has more of an opinion about what's right and wrong in the west than the actual people who live there! We're too busy getting the next round in at the pub. On a major note though, the Internet is all about freedom of information; now wikipedia (and lots of uni students :( ) are suffering because of some dictator like clowns acting on behalf of my safety.

Paris because: she looks about as old as the kid on the album art thanks to make-up

Supersonic fighters could snuff out hurricanes


Going down the plug hole

Even in the quantum chance this gag of a patent works, how is it sustainable in any manner?

Our economy is falling faster than a lead weight so what, Disney Land/Alton Towers have a new attraction; go supersonic in a big circle? I'll stick to polo's and hula hoops if i'm to "snuff" out anything circular.

Where's all the fuel gonna come from?! I'm tired of invading countries for oil so we can simply move while sat on our butts, we have legs...to run far far away from these things before they even get close.

How have humans existed before this wonderful patent idea came out...

M42 closed by marshmallows and beer


On yer bike

They forgot someone on their pushbike rode in to a solid wall of beery marshmallow and hasn't been seen since. I'm fine now thanks for asking; now I know where the idea for Teletubbies came from.

Wireless comms and the end of civilisation

Gates Horns

Gates' Survivors

If this happened and the Gates' survived; how would they survive? I think that would be much more interesting than a lady who stares at her phone with no signal until it dies :p

Wanted: Americans to join Al Qaeda


"Welcome to 1984."

I have been thinking that we live in an ever increasing totalitarian regime for a long time now. We have ministries of government that go to causes completely different to their title and telling us what to do more and more.

"Remember remember the fifth of Novemeber, gunpowder treasing and plot". Guy Fawkes wasn't just a story, it almost happened and represents a silenced voice acting. That's what happens when you take away a voice, someone can only act, and the only way we let a lot of people from around the world act to us is in hostile embrace.

Open up your arms and smile! Say yes more and see the sun, it's Summer

Billy Bragg: Why should songwriters starve so others get rich?


I'm a freetard...not overly happy about it though

As the title suggests i download music once in a while without paying for it (or intent), to the artists i apologise but in truth i have been living off five pounds for the past few weeks now (Easter holidays at uni).

Presented with the option of paying £1 for a song or getting the whole album for free, it's a bit of a no-brainer and i'm not going to try and justify it. What i do object however is how artists have to sign their liberties away so that one day i might hear their music.

If i went out to start a business selling something everyone wanted i wouldn't expect to pay more for the right to sell more, i'd want to pay my rent and other overheads and everything else is mine. At the same time fair play to the industry for taking a slice but does it really have to be a chip off every plate :(

Most the music i listen to i'm never going to hear on the radio or MTV, who's heard of Nujabes or LTJ Bukem??? Messing around on the internet downloading random albums has allowed me broaden my musical senses beyond what i ever imagined compared to the old days where i used to buy "Now that's what i call mass produced garbage 5000"

Show me a way to put money directly in to the artists pocket and occasionally i will, i feel ethically responsible to but, from each £1 i give them i want more than 17P to go to the friggin artist!!! How much money do people need *coughs at record industry*, i wear a big smile all day and am almost penniless.

Just be fair and care if you can

Local council uses snooping laws to spy on three-year-old

Dead Vulture

Another way of keeping the elite from the downbeat

This to me seems like another way of stopping people from impoverished areas getting in to schools that "pride" themselves on an affluent image. At the end of the day, why the heck does it matter where a child actually comes from so long as they have potential.

Surely the fact parents lie about where they live for the sake of a better application shows completely how the current system is a big FAIL. Smart Alec with an IQ equal to the potato has a better chance of getting in to these schools than Potato sack Barnes who has intelligence, IQ and a hard working attitude.

I went to a Grammar School and saw so many people who didn't deserve to be there but because they were toffs could be, rather than complain as indeividuals though...How would we go about actually complaining in this day and age where petitions have to be approved, etc. A fools Democracy, we live in a dictatorship system really

Ohio man cuffed for shagging picnic table


A new sexual level

If a man has to turn to shagging a picnic table, his wife must be one stone cold lass. Before resorting to a picnic table i can only imagine he built his wife the pyramids to try and get a slice.

Either that or was just warming the table for afternoon drinks

British youths think Churchill went to moon

Thumb Down

So what...

I'd be more happy kids at that age knowing the difference between right and wrong before knowing who the first person to land on the moon was.