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Seagate slashes bare drive warranties

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Warranty is worthless anyhow

A fried of mine rang Seagate in the USA recently after one of his sata drives failed. It was 2-3 years old, so he was expecting the warranty to cover him. Turns out that it was actually out of warranty. What Seagate DON'T tell consumers is that the warranty starts from when the drive is manufactured, NOT when the customer buys it from a retailer. So if it's been sitting on a shelf for 3 years before you buy, you only get 2 years warranty. Good, isn't it?

Trading Standards in the UK aren't interested, because they say Seagate is an American company, and thus out of their remit. Cop-out, anyone?

EU complaint is just more of the same, says Intel

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amd vs intel

Not very often I comment, but the last post by Laxman needs answering -

1. If the Core2 Duo chips by Intel are all they are made out to be, how come the cores can't talk to each other? Those made by AMD can.

2. If the allegations the EC is examining against Intel are true, Intel deserve all they get for dirty tricks and restricting the market for processors in their favour.

3. If AMD are SO bad, how come thay have contracts in their pockets from firms like dell for the new Phenom processors? And also that their opteron server processors seem to be far more in demand than any similar processor offered by Intel?

4. Ref the ATI aquisition, have you read the reviews for the new ATI HD 4850 card, and its new big brothers that will be on sale soon?

5. Intel encourage customer ignorance about their products through the way they label them. AMD clearly differentiate between X2/X3/X4 chips, as well as the X£ and X$'s being marketed under the Phenom brand. Intel is nowhere near as clear in its labelling. Not only do we have Core Duo and then Core 2 duo, we now have Core 2 Quad - why not just Core Quad, as non tech users loking at the current name would be hard=pressed to work out if they were getting an x2, x4 or x8 chip?

I rest my case

EU tells UK to deal with Phorm - or else

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serves them right

I'm in major shock. Being a Eurosceptic on most things, this is te first time I have EVER agreed with anything they have suggested. Now lets hope she sees sense over the idea of charging us to receive calls on mobiles

Dear Hull, all your typos are belong to Karoo

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@ jb

Banshee's comments were about Karoo in general and his lack of choice with ref to isp, phone, and other services in the Hull area. Are you suggesting changing his dns settings will fix all this as well?

Virgin Media in premium rate U-turn

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cash for old rope

It's all very well them promising that the call fee will be refunded if its their fault. But recently I was forced to call the supportline when my broadband went off. Reason - because Customer Support refused to tell me over the phone if there was a fault in my area. As I couldn't access the status page on the web, I was forced to ring the payline. I have had this happen 2 or 3 times so far, and it's extremely annoying. Their attitude seems to be either you wait hours to see if it IS a fault and your internet comes back on, or you pay an arm and a leg to ring Bombay Central for advice half of us either find insultingly basic or have already tried as a matter of common sense.


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