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Fennec comes to Android

Tim Groven

Opera Mini 5 rules

I just bought a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone (yeah, I couldn't wait for 7) and Opera Mini 5 is the best browser by far. I've never used Opera before, but I am now going to try it on the desktop.

EC rejects Microsoft's browser promises

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How do they decide which browsers to offer? If I develop one that's crap, can I get it included to make it fair?

'Bionic ear' can detect Wi-Fi, FM,GPS signals simultaneously

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can it hear the sound of a tree falling in the forest if no one else is around?

Gmail offers 'undo' email option

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If it only takes you five seconds to realize your email might get you in trouble, you obviously aren't pissed off enough. I suggest getting worked up more, then regret it the next day.

Linux to spend eternity in shadow of 'little blue E'

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@PC Gaming

Completely agree here. I installed Ubuntu to check it out and I loved it. The only thing keeping me in Windows is playing my games.

I know WINE is out there, but I don't have time to figure that out. :(


Rapists should be raped, declares Jordan

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Re: ffs

Best comment ever. Gave me quite a laugh. Thank you!

Meat Loaf gets Q gong

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At least...

his singing is a damn bit better than his acting. *shudders*

Cloud computing: A catchphrase in puberty

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Well written article and made me laugh on a Monday morning.


Telco firm, Coke sponsor Filipino crucifixion festival

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Appropriate comment

Nail down your security priorities. Ask the experts and your peers at The Register Security Debate, April 17, 2008

That was in bad taste. :-P