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Brussels: Old-school lightbulbs to be gone by 2012



has anyone done a full energy review of these things? cost of materials, extra packaging, transort costs, manufacturing, end of life recycling, not to menting turning them on and off seems to reduce their life quite a bit, not had one that lasts even 50% of the lifetime on the packet. one even crapped out after a weeks use.

Failed probation system 'masterclass in sloppy management'


evil people

I now have the yes minister theme tune running though my head.


US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet



Is it just me or could it be that the Dell worked fine but she somehow managed to plug the modem cable into the ethernet port of vice versa.. I mean who uses 56K modems now a days anyway.

Last Xmas for CDs, please, researcher tells music biz


Right.. not just crap then?

I don't have a MP3 player linked to my sound system. I have a DVD player, a CD player that does not have gaps between tracks inserted for no reason and a digital box connected to it. My portable mp3 player is good but not the same as a CD.

I've not brought a new CD for many years now.. Why? nothing out there i'd pay money for that is not already repeated to death on the radio or TV channels. All my CD's are on the computer as MP3's now anyway. note the difference between my sound card and the portable MP3 player make mp3's on the PC sound better, though i'm not connecting the PC to the other sound system, different rooms, different useage.

so in my view the main reason sales are down is its mostly pap at the moment and nothing i've listened to recently rates as a "keeper"

reducing the price is not going to help legal MP3 downloads.. free vs a few pence and having to set up an account, giving payment details etc. or FREE.. don't underestimate the power of FREE.

Vintage IBM tape drive in Apollo moon dust rescue


Daniel B - C64 + Drive - I have one

I have a C64 WITH disk drive.

Although what i'd do with the data once read is a bigger problem. C64 to PC link?

EA in Spore DRM climbdown


the customer fallout took the company by surprise

Really, what planet are they living on?

The DRM issue was not that much of an issue for me, the gameplay was more of a problem. no matter what you do there is no point adding extra items to your creature as only one part is taken as contributing to the stats. 2 mouths - only counts as one, 6 spikes - only counts as one even if they are different, only the best one counts. Not that it matters as from the tribal stage onwards what the crature looks like is not important. The space stage... I though Wooooo Elite II look alike, trading and such with empires - great. nope. my first and only extra planet got attacked and burned, spaceship combat is a joke so I left it there. not impressed. did not like the sims either, might have been a clue there. its like Black and White, there seems to be a point but nothing you do really affects the goal except some how its a game.

Chinese to censor Olympic press net access


Reporting only

I think they need to look at what is being said. The Chinese have said free REPORTING while the games are on about games related news and not free access to whatever websites the reporters feel they need to look at. Going to any website for any reason other than for reporting of whats happening at the games was I think not part of the original plan.

Basically - report what you like about the games, just don't expect to have access to the web at large - should be the message.

Vista SP1 downloaders bite back


All fine here too

my system is running fine, geforce 8800gts overclocked and the e6750 also overclocked.. all running ok. i did download the new nforce drivers after the SP1 install simply because i had not done it for a while. also my x-fi (installed this morning) card runs ok as well despite what i read online about them not working in vista well. basically the whole system is running as advertised.