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Google ships database porn tool


Google Porn Portal API

Create gadgets and mini widgets are domain names affiliated with my websites

and blogs.. YOU are all so wrong about "PORN" and " GOOGLE" IT IS VIRTUAL REALIY -The mini widget supplied by Veoh and imbeded in my Blog, supplied a whole bunch of cartoons and a full triple XXX porn movie http://miniwidget.blogspot.com

shows the tool and http://veohreviews.com presents the arguments. The problem is not the issue of gadgets and widgets. It is really the ability of gadgets and widgets to infiltrate the Internet and expose children to hard core porn in unison with cartoons. The Cyber Tip Line , The FBI and Google have not responded to my correspondence. I did receive an appology from VEOH.

The matter is and open portal , Google's gadgets as well as others ,left unchecked can needlessly expose children to porn at any time.

Sorry is not a cure .The flaw is in the technology...