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Comcast acquires BitTorrent for $53bn

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More Late Breaking News

"Microsoft in a surprise move bought Linux and all rights to it. They promptly started replacing "Windows" with "Ubuntu" and PClinuxOS versions. They issued a statement saying, at last we have a secure operating system that serves the masses

without fear of BSOD's....more to come as changes are made.......

Creative threatens developer over home-brewed Vista drivers

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Best way to solve this

Not buying the creative products will very quickly fix this problem!

Sequoia attack dogs kill review into e-voting discrepancies

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e-voting discrepanicies

The answer to this is so simple, I guess the counter boards can't see it..

Just require the machine mfg. to provide a output port on each machine with the proper data (total voted), and total to each party .(Numbers only) output to a lcd counter. Data can then be verified on site by the certification committee....simple, quick and accurate.