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Bond - Fleming expo opens at Imperial War Museum

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Wrong icon?

Surely you'll be wanting this:


..or even this:


Come on guys, buck up, "Standard issue for the British secret service" and all that!

Adobe cuddles up to Linux Foundation

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RE: Why there won't be a Linux-native Photoshop in the near future

"integrating GEGL in the Gimp still isn't going to fix the lack of colour management support in either the Gimp or Linux"

What lack of colour management? Perhaps the FUD is a little out of date?

@AC: Both The Gimp and GEGL already support colour management and there is a wealth of free and open colour management code available for Linux. Some light reading for your edification:









Enormous Cowturd

"Cuddles up" - in a cynical attempt to suffocate.

All the spheniscidine faithful want from Adobe is Photoshop for Linux. Can they have it? No chance! ...even though porting from OSX to Linux is probably trivial compared to the move from OS9 to X, or Windose for that matter.

This is just a ruse to push some hot Air at the expense of Micro$haft's offering.

Still, with the Gimp devs working to integrate GEGL, Photoshop will soon be obsolete anyway. ;-)

ISO puts OOXML announcement on ice

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@Kieron Wilkinson

Is Norway a "P member"?

Seems to me they have at least two very compelling reasons to appeal:

1, The "specification" is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone outside Micro$haft to implement, and therefore utterly worthless.

2. They believe they were misrepresented in the ballot and consequently the proposal should not have been passed.

Creative threatens developer over home-brewed Vista drivers

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@ AC (Creative PR droid?) RE:Err guys... here's why he may have been busted -- licensing


Contrary to your (clearly deluded) view of the world EULAs do NOT over-ride laws! They do not even constitute a contract (that would have to be agreed upon AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE) you simply compel the purchaser to click a button labelled "accept" before they can use the goods which you have already sold them. Whatever. Your EULA might just as well state "By using this software you commit to being a tomato and donate your soul to Donald Trump". It would be no more and no less binding.

There are also some cracking alternatives to Creative's crippleware. My links earlier were a bit ...rushed. ;-) So here are a few more...

bgear make a nice home cinema / gaming card. They even manage to supply drivers for XP and Fister in 32 and 64 bit flavours, as well as drivers for the penguin - again offered in 32 and 64 bit!


ESI offer some very funky gear, as well as Audiotrak branded cards based on Via's Envy chipset:



And a more appropriate link for Yamaha's (PC) kit...


Enormous Cowturd

The only criminals here are Creative

Why all the references to this guy as and his work "criminal"? He has been accused (wrongly - getting hardware which he has purchased to function MUST be "fair use") of committing an act of copyright infringement. A civil matter. Should Creative be feeling especially vindictive/suicidal they could attempt to sue him for damages. Quite what he has damaged, in the process of doing their job for them, i can not imagine.

Then there's this strange idea that there is no alternative to Creative's burnt offerings. There are plenty. Terratec http://www.terratec.net/en/ and Turtle Beach http://www.turtlebeach.com/products/soundcards.aspx for example. ...I even spotted some Linux drivers for the Spheniscidine among us!

The big killer of Creative's strangle hold on the audio PC card market however has been the disappearance of the market its self. Just about every mainstream motherboard I've seen in the last decade has come with a perfectly decent multichannel / digital capability built in. Why pay Creative for what you've already got?

And what are these references to Creative's cards as "professional"? Is that some sort of joke? If you want professional kit you'd probably be better off buying PROFESSIONAL kit, not that crap! I believe Yamaha, for example, offer some decent gear http://www.yamaha.com/yamahavgn/CDA/List/ModelSeriesList/0,,CTID%25253D229500%252526CNTYP%25253DPRODUCT,00.html

It looks to me like some of these comments have come straight from Creative's PR department. Trying to clean up the mess they've created perhaps? Give it up guys - the horse has bolted.

So here's the rub, since Creative's business has degenerated into SELLING you the drivers you need to keep the hardware you were foolish enough to purchase from them working ( http://techlogg.com/content/view/281/ ), they are now actively obstructing their hapless customers from using the goods they bought! While I have sympathy for vendors who have the rug pulled out from under them every time Redmond decides to milk its cash cow, this sort of willful obstruction must surely be illegal. We are lucky in the UK to have strong consumer protection legislation. Any goods sold must be fit for purpose and must remain so for a "reasonable" amount of time. Reasonable has been established as at least 6-7 years. So if Creative are deliberately nobbling your attempt to use the goods they sold you, then it is Creative who are breaking the law. Sue them! ..or at least demand a refund ;-)

UK to fly the flag for OOXML

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Perhaps the wankers at the BSI will publish a specification for this abortion of a "standard", describing how it works - something which the "standard" its self notably fails to do. I doubt they will though - I don't suppose they have access to that sort of M$ "trade secret" themselves!

As I say, wankers.

Vista SP1 downloaders bite back

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@Richard Mumolo

It's on it's way (in spite of Microsoft!) http://www.reactos.org/


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