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Google sued for 'stealing' Android name


I'm going to trademark

..the word phone. So when anyone with a land based, cell or otherwise kind of phone I can sue the living sh*t out of them. Android is a common word FFS. I'm coming out with the new phone "robot"...I'll sue anyone using robot! What a TWAT@! AAHH! this type of stuff sends me thru the frickin' roof! Good Monday morning !

MySpace rant was not private, rules US Court of Appeal


yeah, what they said..copyright

My first thought was copyright. I really hope she goes after this. It's total BS that a reprinting of that rant ruined so many lives. The town would have probably never known about this even if she left it up forever if it were not for the newspaper.

Texting peer gets prison


What's a peer?

US guy here. Most of the time I follow, but this one escapes me. I'm with you though, 12 weeks, c'mon.

US mulls clicks for cameraphones


Substitute silence

I have a windows mobile smartphone and it comes with the option of camera click noises but no off option. However, you can add your own sounds. All you have to do is just add an .mp3 of SILENCE. LOL, morons and their stupid laws seem to be plentiful.

FCC fingers Comcast VoIP favoritism

Thumb Up

This time, they might be telling the truth

If Comcast is mostly cable (ie not fiber) then this would make sense as to how many other companies do it. The internet connection on cable is merely another channel or frequency on the cable like USAHD or CBSHD for example. What cable companies frequently do is put the internet on one channel and a private intranet for VoIP on another channel - so they are basically dedicated to each purpose and separate. SInce these frequencies have a finite bandwidth, they will never interfere with each other and never mix. They are probably even kept separate as VLANs within their network when they get to the head end. The only space where there might be contention is if they have to send the voip between different cities or facilities but I don't think that's a boatload of bandwidth.

I hate to say it since I think they are the devil incarnate, but I think they might be ok this one time.

Buffalo makes big noise over tiny terabyte NAS box



..by Dlink. Has 2 empty SATA slots, runs linux inside, can be tweak, has several RAID options, and has a Gigabit interface...and yes, it runs fast at that interface level. Check Toms Hardware (I think) for a full review

Woman accuses RIAA of killing dolphins


The "Ass." - lol

I love this rag, that's why I read it everyday!

What goes around comes around, you bunch of record and movie industry "Ass."es!


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