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Bug-Byte Manic Miner

nick dring
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loved this

Many hours spent playing this - its even great today on the ipad/iphone.

Italian bus driver goes completely hands-free

nick dring

in genova

I see bus drivers talking on their phones all the time, as I do people driving cars.

You can always tell because they go slower, or should I say, stop breaking the speed limit. Everyone behind them, me included (7 years have taken their toll) thinks its an old person until they pull alongside and see the phone attached to their ear. They will also drive without hands as Italians are unable to talk without gesticulating.

Dell Inspiron Zino HD 410

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i have a zino

Its not the Hd410, its another model but if its the same build quality I would take issue with your comments, but what I really wanted to say that as a media it would be overkill indeed.

I just order an ac ryan playon mini hd 2, plays everything with facebook, twitter, youtube integration all for €100. I got it to replace my red light of death ps3 which i used 90% for watching films on. But not withstanding many attempts by very talented technicians at work to get it working again it switches off after 10mins.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7

nick dring

had one for 2 weeks now

Just been on safari with it. Brilliant camera best compact I have ever had.

HD TV in the UK

nick dring

I have a humax hd freesat

I got it becuase my ageing Grundig digibox was on its last legs. I have a 37 hd panny and i have a ps3.

I'm not interested in sky, i go to the cinema or rent or buy bluray.

I don't have enough time to take advantage of sky's hd sport offering. Match of the day does me.

Programmes in sd look worse using my humax.

HD is great, I'm watching wimbledon as I write. BBC do hd alot better than itv. Half one of holland's games on the itv wasn't in hd, someone forgot to switch it on. All in all I'm happy.

BBC races away with five-year F1 rights deal

nick dring
Gates Horns

High Def

I hope this will bring on F1 in HD.