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Red-stained Opera wants someone to hug it and whisper: 'No more pain, no more tears'

John Kirkham

Re: Listen up you chumps


Dick Smith faces tricky times

John Kirkham

Jaycar not...

Vouching for Jaycar when instead, it's going the exact same route as DS, isn't bright, considering Jaycar's owner has said he intends on selling more toy like crap and less hobby/enthusiast stuff.

DS problem was that Dick himself sold it to Woolworths. Then when, Woolworths owned Tandy aswell, you knew it was going to end badly.

All the internet seems to be doing to retailing is, taking out the niche products on shelves. I'd say that modern Australian retail is heading in the direction of selling to, the lowest common denominator.

Australia Institute: we’re all mindless sheep

John Kirkham


Don't think I've ever missed a chance when setting up a browser for someone, to make sure that their preferred search provider, isn't showing the standard 10 search results per page. Always have gone for the highest eg, 100- google 50- for bing blah...

And turning off 'filter my results' because Paris, must be seen, in all her glory !

Malware scanners fail

John Kirkham

XP thrives on herpes...

The articles killer point is that now, there is no OS that gets ignored when it comes to anti MW. All are equal. The days of saying buy a Mac or use Linux have actually been redundant for a while.

The final point about XP says it all really. Why anyone bothers even sticking up for the this POS is beyond me. Vista never gave me half the headaches that XP ever did. I Often wonder as to how much XP fanbois have really been thrashed by it to still like it so much...

HP plunks 16GB SSD drive into slim business PCs

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New Bond movie is Quantum of Solace

John Kirkham

On not again.

CR was the worst Bond film I'd ever seen, so many times I wanted to turn it off but I just kept fast forwarding it, hoping for the 'good scene'. And when did the 'good scene' appear, right at the end, the castle on the lake. To me that was pure unadulterated film making.

Now they have the nerve to milk it one more time ! It had to happen, the slow degradation due to misguided thoughts of hoping to cash in on the continuing melodrama of Bond, hype it up for the diehard fans and they'll walk in and pay to see more tardy rubbish.

All you get now is product placement in Bond films, about the only exciting thing that develop's their echo/hollowy sounding script.

Oz crematorium menaced by exploding dog

John Kirkham

Darwin eh ?...

Fancy that ! Darwin. I've got to move there in 2 months time. Blah !

Samsung samples SATA II 2.5in SSD

John Kirkham



Is eSATA really better than USB 2.0 and Firewire?

John Kirkham

Forget about eSata

It's worthless. I've tried so many eSate connections on external hard drive enclosure's and they don't damn well work. Stick with USB.

Samsung, Toshiba join SanDisk in US antitrust probe

John Kirkham

Had to happen...

For the last 20 years NAND has been dropping in incredible increments. Now, it's stabilised with the conusmer market for SSD opening up last year big time. I became very sus' about the pricing a few months back for the SATA SSD @ 16/32 GB size range.

Firefox hits 400m download milestone

John Kirkham

Opera for me !

Opera has so many milestones to it's name, has proven far more secure that FF,IE and so much more reliable than the other two.

@ Andrew Norton, agree with you one 100% !!!

Microsoft promises less-annoying Vista OS early next year

John Kirkham

Yeah it's sys admin's who hate it but...

What the hell are so called tech trained/savvy types here on about when it come's to home use for Vista. The first thing you do with any OS from M$ is find out what it is that needs to be taken down/de-cluttered !

Before I started with Vista Ultimate for home use, I already had a list of over 150 things that can done to speed up Vista & sort out the ordinary behaviour of some very lame features.

Vista Ultimate now is so cut down it resembles XP more than Vista. Vlite anyone ?

Seagate to start shifting SSDs

John Kirkham

A quote from dvnation on SSD's read write cycles.

"Q: I hear people in forums cry about the number of read/write cycles. How long will a modern SSD last?

A: First-generation SSDs had an expectation of 1,000,000 write cycles. With technologies such as wear leveling, and the newest NANDs, that has increased to 5,000,000 write cycles. Manufacturer suggest a 10 year life expectancy. 3.5" hard drives come with a 3 to 5 year warranty. SSDs are so reliable that they have been sent to Mars on Mars Rovers. You can't do that with something that won't last. We have been selling PQI SSDs since the middle of 2006 with no returns for any reason. On the other hand we have purhased numerous 2.5" laptop mechanical hard disks that failed within 2 to 3 weeks! This WON'T happen with solid state disks! SSDs should outlast the useful life of your system."

Brainless civil servant amazes doctors

John Kirkham

Seen before...

There was a bloke in New York who died at 35, worked for the local council and in the autopsy found the skull cavity completely full of spinal fluid, he also had a thin membrain of brain tissue on the top of the the base bone where the head joins to the neck.

He also had an IQ of 75 and was described as slightly slow but easy to get along with.

Woman arrested for WoW love affair

John Kirkham

It was a setup.

I read in the Adelaide Advertiser this morning claiming that, her housemate said her airfare was in fact paid for by the kids parents and she was on the phone to them every day - she claims she heard them arranging it for quite a while.

So, work that one out.

Don't let Windows Indexing Service know too much

John Kirkham

Indexing is a hog !

Every time I've worked on a PC I've disabled the indexing service. It is a complete waste of time. Why it's enabled by default I'll never know. I've changed people's mind on upgrading a laptop/PC just by turning indexing off. As for Google search or any other toolbar, they're worse, in both privacy and processor hogging.

Just organise your stuff better, re-name your files more coherently and within proper context. The other thing is, with business data base apps, they have their own inbuilt search logic that Windows doesn't use anyway.

Groping your way around the mobile device maze

John Kirkham

This time I finally went for a PDA/phone.

Just recently bought an Imate JAMin with Windoze Mobile 5. I looked at the Blackberry's but it was the kiddy like nature/layout that put me off. I can touch type, so I don't need a keyboard built into the face of the device; once I got the hang of the stylus thingy; I was pumping out books each time I messaged a bod'. The JAMin could be set up better than a BB IMO and do so much similar function wise compared to the laptop I use all the time.

You see people with company funded phones and wonder how they got away with convincing Bob in accounts they actually needed the latest and greatest BB or similar but I'm more tending towards believing that people should be able to specify what phone they want for work use, just so long as they pay for it. The employer can supply the SIM card, and if their was a 'very easy' way to swap SIM's on the fly, what's stopping workers moving between their own SIM card and the employer ?...

The suits higher up may have to think about having secure area's for data storage that no phone within 50 metres will receive a signal via bluetooth/IR to nullify the bad habits of sloppy workers later on, sort of like a 'shutdown zone'. Like the poster above, I loaded on Opera mobile and I've been blown away by the mobility geekiness it instills; makes one feel very empowered by it all.

User convenience versus system security

John Kirkham

John Kirkham

Top poster has my vote. The article was written as if so many companies have to provide easy access almost like a social feelgood buzz is needed for people to keep interested in their workplace, make it too complex, and it's a turnoff. What about just putting up with a little bit of exertion ?

Acer Ferrari 5000 dual-core AMD laptop

John Kirkham

Noting like the nostalgia of a 3000LMi.

I'm posting this using a Ferrari 3000LMi, the first one ever bought out by Acer. It has a crap screen, had the slowest HDD(until I updated to a 7200rpm model) and it creaks when you touch type on it, but, it's sexy as all hell being splattered in 'Ferrari red' unlike the overpriced new stuff which is non descript carbon fibre - people whom sometimes think the CF looks unfinished in appearance.

There's also something about the HDD's that Acer insist on using, if you change the drive over to a more up to date model the laptop runs cooler with the venting fan coming on less than original/stock setups.

What can I say about the new Acer Ferrari... next laptop I get will be a whitebox jobby, no more marketing/label/branding billboard for me. Oh how I've evolved.


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