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Spielberg: Games consoles doomed

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RE: I'm still waiting for the hoverboard.

6 more years. Idiot...

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RE: I'm still waiting for the hoverboard.

Don't worry, only 5 more years

Govt advisor calls violent-videogame tax


... (that is my title)


That was me exploding at the stupidity of this.

There's a simple way if you want to keep violent games away from kids who are too young for them, make sure the parents who buy them READ THE FUCKING BOX THAT SAYS 18 ON IT! How the hell do they not get this?

Xbox 360 killer gets life


Not for Playstation, no...

For the 360 its fine. PS3, we have to beat them to death with it instead. Though a RRoD 360 does need a purpose, assault is a decent enough choice.

Apple scores 'power connector' patent



"'These idiots are trying to trademark "multi-touch" as well where as multi-touch has existed for years we all just called it foreplay.' - really? I must try pinching my wife to see if I can zoom in and out...."

Do it enough and you'll find yourself zooming in quickly on her fist until it crashes... into your face.

Sony talks up PS3 update


It's already up.

It was up before this was posted...

EA misled gamers with Wii Woods ad, says watchdog



The published also claimed that the game’s Wii edition footage couldn't be used because it “would not be of broadcast quality”.

So it looks like shit even for just TV adverts? Well done there, couldn't even manage TV quality.

GTA IV extra game download details emerge


RE: Only on XBox? - xbox only?

The small matter of $50m from Microsoft to Rockstar, that's why.

Paris ups sticks to London



So she's withdrawn her campaign then? Damn...

Sling shoots AppleTV rival into UK stores


Damn it

I wanted a couple of these as I have no aerial sockets in the kitchen or second bedroom, and wanted to put TVs in there, since I can't do any rewiring as the house is rented. But for that price? Hell no. Anyone know of any alternatives for sending TV signals along ethernet along powerline adaptors?

Internet Explorer - now with 35% less FAIL


The search engine bit

Was in IE7, I'm sure of it.

Beeb to resurrect Reggie Perrin

Dead Vulture

For all those complaining about originality...

I have one word for you


Yeah, sod originality, no matter how bad the remake it can't be worse than that trash was.

NASA's Ares V may crush Kennedy crawlerway


@AC - Pedant

'You think 58 million iPhone 3Gs would way 7.7 million KG? You're saying each iPhone 3G weighs about 7.5KG? I don't think even the mactards would want to carry that in their pockets (I could be wrong though!)'

What the hell kind of maths is that?

If each iPhone weighed 7.5kg, and there were 58 million, then that'd 435 million kilos in total, not 7.7 million. 7.7m total weight / 58m iPhones = 132.75g, which is about right.

Sony confirms 160GB PS3 imminent


Now to wait...

... for the complaints of too many variants, how there's not enough games anyway, how they haven't given it backwards compatibility again etc etc.

The solar-powered gadget purse


Wallet version?

What, and just leave it out and lying around all the time?

Misheard song lyrics blamed on technology


Weird Al

Some of those from Mondegreen seem like a Weird Al Yankovic parody version of the original songs. You know he's kicking himself for not doing the song "It's a long way to the shop (if you want a sausage roll)".

EA preps video game PCs


RE: Based on EA's other released,...

And be rereleased every year, with fuck all changed except the icons look a little more realistic and the start button is a bit shinier.

Sony names date for Euro 80GB PS3


@No sale

"Sony's flagship games console on sale in the UK today can't play Super Audio CD's. A format co-developed by.......Sony."

Erm, yes it can.


"I'm not buying a PS3 until they re-introduce full UK launch functionality."

Yeah, or you could buy the slimline PS2 which plays more PSone games than the PS3 does (it still plays them yes, how else can they sell them on the store?), and plays PS2 games better than the PS3, for quite a small fee if you wanted one. Although if you actually care about it, I assume you've already got a PS2, and as such the hell do you care? I'm not fussed by the backwards compatibility as I've completed all my PS2 games over the years it's been out. How many people do you think have been playing any Xbox games on their 360 other than Halo 1/2?

Knife crime Definitely Maybe linked to games, claims Oasis man


RE: RE: Huh?


I wasn't saying that it was just being on skunk that was causing it, but you yourself said:

"you tend to empathise more and get engrossed in things; the more feeble minded amongst us might not be able to "switch off""

so in that case it doesn't matter if it's video games or not?

OK I'm not blaming cannabis (strong skunk perhaps, but that's completely different), but arguably drugs (thinking more on the lines of heroine and crack cocaine) are far more likely to cause violence than video games. Surely?



"If kids are sitting up all night smoking super skunk and they become so desensitised to crime because they're playing these videogames, it's really, really scary."

So not video games then, but the 'super skunk'?

If he'd said strong drugs cause violence, yeah, fine, I can believe that.

Pioneer proudly pitches 400GB Blu-ray optical disc



Imagine. All 10 seasons of Stargate, high quality, one disc. Excellent.

HD TV in the UK


OK, BT Vision

Current HD? Like you said, no, but it has a HDMI port so we know they're gonna put some on there soon enough.

Monthly cost? Not £6 a month, it's free (as long as you have BT Broadband). Everything is then on demand for a fee (99p or £2/3.99 for movies), or you can pay monthly fees for various packages (delayed sports, £4 a month for about 240 football matches. TV on demand, £6 a month). But there's no forced monthly cost.

Initial costs? None, not £30. If you're with BT Broadband and you phone up to sign up to BT Vision, you won't end up paying a thing, and often they'll give you things such as the £6 a month TV package free for 6 months, then for only £4.50 a month after that. And yes you can cancel it at any time.

Other bonuses? 2 powerline adaptors for free, they got for about £40 on ebay if you wanted, or if not you've got 2 powerline adaptors for free out of it.

Problems? Well if you keep cutting the power to the box (ie flick it off at the wall, power cuts) then the box will eventually have to spend about 20 booting up which is annoying. And when you turn it off at the wall just to save power you then lose the resolution setting when you turn it back on so it goes back to 4:3 SD picture despite being connected to a HDMI port (my biggest grievance).

One thing I wish they'd do is have a proper off mode without switching it off at the wall, where when you turned it off and you hadn't set up recordings for the next 24 hours, you could turn it off properly so it would still turn on when you pushed the button, but it wouldn't remain slightly on incase it needs to record something. You don't need to record something, turn off, stop the slight noise (I'm one of those who needs silence to sleep) and turn out your little lights.

Ripfactory Ripserver CD-ripping NAS box


As it says in the video.

CDs! Not DVDs.

Boffins build self-replicating replicating machine


RE: Replicators?

Nope, my immediate thought as well. I can see the little buggers escaping whilst MacGyver appears out of nowhere to create an AntiReplicator Gun out of a twig, some dental floss and lemon cheesecake, most likely using one of these machines to combine them into the gun.

Most 'malfunctioning' gadgets work just fine, report claims


Try before you buy elsewhere

There's always the large amount of times you buy something from a shop, say a monitor from PC World, to see what it's like, then returning it to go and buy it from somewhere that doesn't make you pay such a ludicrous price for it.

PS3 update fails to fix Grand Theft Auto IV woes


No problems here

60gb PS3, no issues at all throughout the entire game. Played for god knows how long without stopping.

@Mike Groombridge

"every one i know with a ps3 has had this problem but it seems it's only when there have there ps3 downloading something there have said. so one of my friends created new profiles for it with out the wifi set and it's all good"

Well they could just turn the Wifi off in their own profiles, or just not be downloading stuff all the time. There isn't that much to be downloading. Besides, whenever I run GTA4 the downloads stop.

BT bundles MS Office with Linux laptop

Paris Hilton

RE: iWork - Phil


Paris, because even she stood more of a chance of getting the joke.

Lenovo ThinkCentre A61e green PC


RE: Windows Sound at Start Up ??

Or you could just use the Sound option under Control Panel. That'll just change it or even disable it without mucking around.

MP3 player looks like a cassette, is a cassette

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Older hi-fi

My hi-fi is only a couple of years old, but doesn't have a USB port or anything. This would be quite useful as I could just shove some music on it and put it in the hi-fi's tape slot. Looks better than using a tape connector and my iPod anyway.

Oh and to the first person to comment, I doubt you'd have to press the buttons when it's in the tape deck as it'll just play through them as if it were an actual tape.

Google tips hat to St George - finally


The yellow 3/4 O

A mate of mine pointed this out. Does the yellow O that's been partially destroyed look like it's sticking two fingers up at the dragon?

Mozilla CEO blasts Apple for putting security of the internet at risk

Jobs Horns

Disable individual updates

For those getting annoyed by it, if you right click the program that it's trying to update you can tell it to not show that update again, meaning you can prevent Safari from ever appearing again.

If only I could be arsed to deal with podcasts outside of iTunes I'd ditch it. Although I don't get them very often anyway. Bye bye you resource hogging piece of junk. Winamp you now get to do it all.

The USB wedding ring


Wonder Twin powers, activate!

Form of Linux distro.

Either that or they'll put a virus on it for the divorce.

The blinged up one me nizzle.