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Brazil bitchslaps ratification of OOXML


legacy binary mapping

Have you ever tried to look inside an XLS file? Have you tried to download and understand MS's 349-page PDF on Excel97-2007 Binary File Format (BIFF) specification?

The sheer obscurity and unnecessary complexity blows my mind!

How the BBC plans to save your ISP


wtf happened to Freesat then?

wtf happened to Freesat then? (www.freesat.co.uk) The Beeb announced it with a hoopla last year, saying it would be up by spring 2008 (meanwhile "temporarily" licensing Sky to use the word Freesat). Later they announced a contract for a ground station in Crawley, Hants, at the site of the old IBA.

So we should be seeing the set-top boxes in Currys, Comet, and John Lewis by now. Anyone seen them? We were invited to sign-up for emails (www.freesat.co.uk) on further news. Anyone received any emails lately from Freesat lately?


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