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ICANN puts Whois on end-of-life list

Jim Benn


Somehow, This does not seem right. Maybe if we chuck all the bits that cannot make a profit (because we deliberately did not spend the money & effort to maintain them), everything will just be "better". But what do I know. This just could be an exception to my cynicism.

Anti-piracy laws will smash internet, US constitution - legal eagles

Jim Benn

Won't smash the Internet, . . .

Haha! And you will deal with the GLOBAL loss or Pr0n How ?? LOL ! the unsated demand alone might just bring the "remaining" Internet to it's knees.

Apple slips, moneymen pounce

Jim Benn

Douglas Adams had it Wrong.

It is ALL the folks on Wall Street that should be the first "up against the wall" when the revolution comes.

Google SHOCK! Snaps up Motorola phone biz for $12.5bn

Jim Benn

What IP DID Google get ?

When Motorola split into "Mobility" and "Solutions", did they SPLIT the patents, or SHARE them equally? After all, both sides of the "call" depend on these patents. If they SHARED them, then Google has a wealth of IP that they now can use "for free". They also have a whole new can of worms, for I'm sure there were huge, detailed agreements on what each "half" of Motorola could and could NOT do with that IP.

Maybe my experience is limited, or I could just be plain WRONG. BUT, I have never had a problem with the PHONE part of any Motorola device. Clarity, call completion, sensitivity, etc., have always been outstanding on any Motorola "cell phone" I have owned. I have NOT, however, owned a true "smart phone" from Motorola. So I could easily be wrong. My opinion, though, is that if left on its own, Motorola (Mobility) can (CAN, not DOES) build an exceptional cell phone.


Kit steals Mac login passwords through FireWire port

Jim Benn

HAHAHA ! this is a troll story.

James O' Shea & Giles Jones saw the obvious. Give ME physical access to any commercial "luser" machine and you can bet your ass I can 'hack' into it. DUH!! Mac, PC, any phone, . . . Anyone who has a clue about security knows physical security is KEY. THEN comes things like forced Username/Password logins.

Let me see, did THAT solve the problem ??? (duh)

Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Part Two

Jim Benn

Sounds more like a lock-in than OS Upgrade.

Sorry to say it, but it sounds like the only real benefit to this version is a benefit to Apple. And all this "gesture" stuff prompts me to deliver a single finger (in UK, double) salute. Since I have used 3 button mice since before the Lisa, and Track-balls, since 1989. I don't use PC (or Mac) mice (or other substitutes) since they far less functional than what I'm used to.

But I am so very glad you did all the work for this article. Thank You.

I just wonder if the future MacOS releases will be incremental (seeing the price of Lion), and will require installation of all the others, in order, before you can "upgrade" to Lion "release 2". I would not be surprised.

Profit piranhas want a bite of HP

Jim Benn

This is a long time coming.

In 1995, I went to an (NDA) talk given by HP. In it they lauded their future as a commodity computer company. Their "new' CPU ("Itanic" which they were developing with Intel) would allow them to sell computers to 'fill every need'. HP-UX or Windows, server room or desktop, HP had the computer for you. It seems as if they executed their plan (with updates, of course) well.

On the other side, for fiscal year 1999, HP revenues were up 17%, and profits increased by 16%. BUT, after the earnings announcement (which sounded pretty damned good to ME) HP stock fell $5.00 per share. In other words, Wall Street wants something (as expressed by analysts' predictions of MORE than a 16% growth) and punishes you greatly if you don't conform to THEIR requirements.

In other words, HP is most likely a company you can invest in, and reap rewards 5 or more years down the road. No problem. While Wall Street is still (apparently) stuck in the pre-2000 mode of requiring VERY high profit increases. And Wall Street has the temerity to punish you if you don't confirm to THEIR needs.

Time to FLATTEN and re-construct what we know as "Wall Street". It is an unbearable DRAG on the US economy, ESPECIALLY the future economy. [See General Electric under Jack Welsh, and his RADICAL curbing of GE's basic R&D. Plus the more than 50% stock price drop between Oct., 2000 and Feb, 2003 as a result of him leaving and his policies showing their REAL "return".]

MobileMe web app features shapeshift into Apple's iCloud

Jim Benn
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Let me get this straight, . . .

The three things that tie my phone to my computer AND me to Apple are going to be discontinued. Right ? So when it comes to getting a new Android phone, the main worries I had are no longer there. My great like for the Jesus phone was that ALL the Apple "data" was tied and accessible across all of Apple's platforms. Something I didn't really want to lose. Plus the "Mac" web site, and having a Photo Gallery up there was kinda cool. [I built a LOT of web sites, the iWeb one was the FIRST time in under an hour!]

If all the COOL is leaving Apple's site, (Mac, Me, or iCloud), and I can't trust them to be STABLE, I should just jump to Google. Google's BETA lasts longer than Apple's PRODUCTION.

HELL, THANKS STEVE !!!! You just made life easier !!! He DOES keep his promises !! :-)

Motorola Atrix dual-core Android smartphone

Jim Benn


This ATRIX sounds excellent. One question 2 you ALL: Do you use your cell phone for work? How does that work? Does your company give U a stipend? Do you let the call your cell number? Why does this "COMPLETE" phone not have dual line capability? Like the OLD Moto RAZR. That would make it "complete". Otherwise the highest score it should get is 60%.


Smart Fortwo Electric Drive e-car

Jim Benn

Fine Car.

But they have to put the steering wheel on the correct side. :-) It will probably cost about 20.000,00 USD. Or about 14.000,00 Pounds. The Gas engine ones are about $16,000.00 in the US.

Google open sources $68.2m realtime comm platform

Jim Benn

Wishful thinking (sort of).

Who thinks we should send the street address of the MPEG-LA group to Ted Kaczynski ??

Jim Benn

Wishful thinking (sort of).

And NO, for Christ's Sake, I am NOT advocating ANYTHING. It would be better for the MPEG-LA group to run up against a company like Google, who would BURY them in Lawyer fees.

Patent attack launched on Google's open video codec

Jim Benn

Fan Mail

Can't someone get Ted Kaczynski to send these MPEG-LA folks some fan mail ?

Google: Oracle doctored that 'copied Java code'

Jim Benn


Fuck Software Patents.

Apple threatens Java with death on the Mac

Jim Benn
Paris Hilton


If you go to the Apple store, you'll see (in the URL) that WebObjects (the 16 year old technology) is no longer used. You can also take into account the "introduction" of iOS Apps onto MacOS X. So

a "Java-like" development platform does/will exist on Mac OS X (and the iPad and the iPhone and AppleTV). It won't take much to put a JVM on Mac OS X (for the web/JavaScript), so Apple can free up a group of developers to work on other things (whatever).

And, I think all the folks who say that Apple will give you all the software they tell you that you will want, seems to be correct. I can think of no other reason (apart from saving money).

Kiss frontman gives file-sharers tongue-lashing

Jim Benn

Poor, OLD, Gene.

Well, at least he's got "Boss Tweed" to live with. THAT has to count for something. Otherwise, the poor guy hasn't done anything since "Wanted: Dead or Alive". Besides, he is already making as much money as he possibly can. With his TV show, and the (rerun) KISS tours, he is "Being all he can be". I pity him.

Motorola sues Apple over - what else? - patents

Jim Benn

Motorola sues Apple over patents.

Sorry, Mr Myslewski, but "El Reg respectfully submits" ?? Douglas Adams was correct about them being the first against the wall when the revolution comes. If I start this, I will probably rant on for eternity. :-) [We really should not wait for "the revolution".]

Blockbuster winds itself into Chapter 11

Jim Benn

Blockbuster: Aren't they the folks that . . .

Censor their movies ?? I thought that this was a 'feature' of all the films you could rent there. I DO know that when they were starting out, they made hay about the "no back room" policy they had. No 'blue' or 'adult' films were supposed to be in their stores.

Which is why I have never even set foot inside one of their shops. Patronizing a store that announces it is 'telling me what is good for me" is something I would NEVER do, even on pain of death.

Zuck buffs image ahead of Facebook movie

Jim Benn

And we need to care about this because, . . .

You must be joking, old man. 95% of the hyper successful are anti social. You have to be a tyrant, single minded, relentless, and convinced that you are right, in order to succeed BIG. If success happens when you are young, then double the amount of all the aforementioned qualities. Do we really need to see all these wonderful human qualities, in a person we care nothing about, on the big screen, and PAY for it TO BOOT ??? I think not.

Boffins build lie detector for crooked CEOs

Jim Benn

Not quite CEO material.

NICE try, but it is quantized (quantised to brits) and the 'Basically' should be removed from the start of that one sentence. Otherwise, full marks !! Assistant to CFO at least !.

Jim Benn

Boffins win !

These blokes snookered a grant from someone to do this study, thereby increasing Stanford's take for the year. They then wrote a lengthy report, saying nothing, but saying it in such a way that it is difficult to figure out they are saying nothing. I would bet the "heads" of this research team are destined for CEO positions in the future ! Or they will windup working for the PR department of some government agency.

Ellison slams former Sun CEO for blogginess

Jim Benn

Schwartz just nailed the coffin.

Many of the management decisions at Sun were idiotic well before Jonny came along (Outsourcing their internal network AND internal Server admin), and the decision to hire Schwartz was one of them. His not understanding (or ignoring) the realities at Sun finished the job. I think Schwartz reminded the Big Chipmunk of his past, and that made Schwartz appealing. There were some really good brains at Sun, but too few of them were well used. One of the biggest problems was that server 'S' (SPARC) cost 20K, while server 'I' (Intel) cost half as much and was twice the performance. Customers will notice this. Hardware has become a commodity. It's the software, communications, and STANDARDS that will tell a buyer that 'this' is the server he wants. PLUS the support (IBM Global Services anyone ?). Sun had the wrong emphasis on just about everything. Their (internal) brains, the hardware, the software, services & support, and ALSO how they spent (threw away?) money. Sun could be an asset to Oracle. It depends on how Larry handles it, and how MODERN his approach will be. There is MUCH that Larry doesn't know about HARDWARE, and running a hardware company.

Nokia tops iPhone and BlackBerry (again)

Jim Benn

Market share ?

I just got back from the link to the IDC site. It seems like this report is talking about SALES. I.E., how many, and of what, was sold to consumers in this past quarter. If Nokia fell to 5% of the smartphone market in the next three quarters, how many people in the world would still OWN (or lease, if you will) a Nokia smartphone ? Metinks these numbers can be a bit deceiving.

While they are an indicator of profits and (probably) trends, they do not describe the existing market. This can give folks a false sense of dominance by a particular manufacturer. Yes, of course, if I was the CEO of Nokia, and I saw my sales drop to 5% for ONE quarter, I would be doing a lot of prodding and cajoling (the designers) and ass kicking (the marketing/sales force) immediately !!

The internet, as imagined in 1965

Jim Benn

Don't forget:

Those last two items, mind control and loss of individuality are taken out of context. Don't forget they're trying cranial implants for some of the more debilitating nerve diseases, and if we could come a bit farther in transplant science, we just MIGHT be able to (at least) confuse our identity.

[My twin's liver, an Aunt's kidney, a second cousin's heart, . . . WHO am i ?]

Jim Benn

I'm in AWE !

Most of the time we read predictions for something to laugh at ! B.T.W.: Has anyone done a detailed study on children who grew up with minimum or no Television vs. those kids that were weaned on the likes of "Sesame Street" ? I wonder if those last two items are even necessary in today's "real society" ?

NGO attacks Apple's lack of action on climate change

Jim Benn

This is all Bull-S**T.

I remember reading an interview with Steve Jobs back when he was running NeXT. Late 1980s, I believe. He was discussing product design, the NeXT approach, and used a personal example to describe 'good design'. For some reason (I can no longer remember), he was buying appliances for his home. He had found Miele, and bought their washer/dryer machines. He went on to describe that the Miele washer uses LESS water, and LESS detergent to achieve the same result (clean clothes). He said that THAT was GOOD design.

[Being Steve Jobs, he also berated the US manufacturers for NOT having 'Good Design'.]

The point is, that in the late 1980s a VERY RICH guy was buying products for personal use that were more efficient and less polluting.

So somehow he has changed his whole outlook NOW ???????

[B. S. !!]

Scientist who named the black hole dies aged 96

Jim Benn

Other Discoveries.

Not to mention 'Wheeler Foam' and his other contributions to Physics. Yup.

The last of a generation. R.I.P..

IBM unveils nano-projector based VirtuaHuman with 1TB of memory

Jim Benn
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Nice ! A good laugh !

I would have thought that Robert Scoble should be an anagram.

Motorola to offload half its Birmingham staff

Jim Benn

Low expectations

I've never desired all the features of a modern phone, so for me Motorola has always been about the 'connection'. I would hate to see them leave the market, because (here in the US) their phones have always worked better (as a phone) than any other cell phones I've seen. I've mistakenly dropped them, and they still worked, and they usually pick up signal better than the folks around me (on other makes of phone). I guess I expect much less from a cell phone.

(I left my coat in the car.)


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