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Firm threatens action against CCTV whistleblower

Ben Griffiths

Daily Mail

If I were him I would have wrote a quick letter to the Daily Mail explaining cctv cameras in schools were wide open to public viewing. Bingo, front page news and no nasty comeback.

DWP still sending out passwords and discs together

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You've got laugh, or cry. I don't remember which anymore.

How scanners and PCs will choose London's mayor

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More People

I can't understand this. The vote is cast on paper, the machine counts it, except when the machine can't figure it out, then a human counts it. A human then checks the machine by doing a manual count of some ballots.

Why not just keep the humans. I think the advantage of having counting done in the open outweighs the errors the humans will make.

UK postal vote system 'not fit for purpose'

Ben Griffiths


"So what we're left with is a dictatorship, albeit one that we sort of vote for - well if you're the member of a political party that wins the general election you got to vote for your party leader. Which sort of means someone, somewhere, voted for the Prime Minister. Just not in a public election."

You vote in a general election for an MP who shares your ideas. The MP can be a member of a political party - a group of people who share the same ideas. If their party wins then their ideas get debated before parliament.

If you are not happy with a political party you have to get involved. This does happen, have a look at Dr. Richard Taylor.

Stop thinking government is just a ship and you can't change its course. You can, but you have to be prepared to do something about it not sitting at home moaning.

Ben Griffiths


> The ideal democracy is one where participation is effortless.

How can you participate without extending any effort? Democracy is about participation, it's fundamental. It can range from the simple like,

- Talking about politics with friends/neighbours

- Joining together with your neighbours to improve the local area

- Lobbying your MP or Councillor

Right up to being the prime minister. But it is all about participation and making an effort, something that a lot of people fail to see.


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