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Firefox users caught in crossfire of warring add-ons

Bob Starkey


I use FF primarily because of these two extensions so I'm dissapointed. But I'll still use them cuz the options are horrendous -- at least to me.

And I don't know what ANY of your examples relate to. I'll read ads that pull me in. I stop visiting websites that push crap out.

I've cut off Flash-driven sites because they don't let me use the web the way I want, only the way they want. What good is a tab-based browser if you can't right-click to open an item to a tab?

San Diego F-18 crash deaths 'avoidable'

Bob Starkey

@AC 23:49

Having grown up in Cocoa Beach, Florida I can confirm that rocket parts came down in the area. We kids had a rocket engine to play with all to ourselves in the woods for two days before the grownups found it!

It wasn't until decades later that I found out that hydrazine isn't really great stuff to play with. No wonder the grups were p.o.'d.

But, that was 12 miles away from the launch site. They usually aimed over the ocean – or tried to – and civilians have to live somewhere. Underground isn't an option there since you run into salt water 3 or 4 feet down into the sand.

Arthur C. Clarke dead at 90

Bob Starkey

A Sad Day for Me

I just re-read a copy of "City and the Stars" printed in 1956. My father's telling of Arthur Clarke's incredible works had me checking his books out of the local library before the librarians had a way to give give such a young tot a card. Now they are both gone and the Earth is a poorer place.

Arthur, you will be missed.