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Apple breaks location-storing silence



So many sheep here willing to roll over on this. Its OK, I am stupid enough to buy this explanation, and its OK that Apple is storing my movements so it can target me with ads, and selling this information to third parties.

Are you people all insane? Or so brainwashed you will just roll over for any dog with a tail? Apple needs never to know where I am. The Handset does, and only it. But Apple should never store that data on its servers for eventual use for targeted marketing, or anything else for that matter.

Jeeze how can all you people be willing to give up your right to privacy so fast?

Apple grabs number-three US PC market slot




Apple does not sell PCs. They sell Macs.

A PC is an IBM clone running some version of Windows.

The correct term is "desktop computer".

SCO ordered to pay Novell $2.5m Unix royalties



"maybe this will cause SCo to file for bankruptcy"

SCO already filed for Ch11 last year.

Exploding mobile battery suspected in S Korea fatality



as an ex-military weapons specialist, let me put the speculation to rest.

The Human Body is mostly water.

Water amplifies pressure waves.

A small explosion that causes no visible signs of damage to the outside of the body has the capability to turn your organs to jelly.

If a phone was next to a heart (like in a in a breast pocket) when it exploded, it can very much kill you with no other obvious signs of injury. There need be no penetration into the body to kill you. No blood, no missing limbs... just massive internal cellular damage that leads to your untimely death.

And if the thing had exploded in his trouser pocket... well better to be dead than have your you know what turned to jelly, eh?

Skype crypto stumps German cops


@Tony & Marco

You are not one of those who actually believes Al Qaeda exists as anything other than one or two crazy old men with no real power and no real threat? You are aware that Al Qaeda is a CIA creation? Surly you are aware that the GWOT is a Neo-Con invention designed to make a few rich men in the Military Industrial Complex richer?

White Hats indeed. If any policing organization resorts to criminal activity (and cracking is criminal in most civilized countries) then they are part of the problem, not the solution.

Come on... when will we collectively wake up and realize we have been handed a big black lie? When will we figure out that the vast majority of Terrorists are us... the greedy west, not Muslims.

When, when when, will humanity grow up and end this nonsense once and for all?

Dear God, let these ignorant men get an education and start thinking for themselves, instead of just accepting what they are told...

Stop the world, I want to get off....

IBM to shove ads onto DVDs



LOL... well said brother... well said.

China celebrates first lunar pictures



China may not be currently bombing the crap out of other nations, they have a billion of their own people to abuse, which they do quite well.

China may not be bombing other nations, but they do steal all the technology they posses and do not honor patents and copyrights.

China may not be bombing other nations, but they are flooding our economies with incredibly low quality products and taking jobs from us.

China may not be bombing other nations but they sure don't mind occupying them and forcing the native people to suffer intolerable poverty.

China may not be bombing other nations, but their abysmal environmental policies have devastated or completely wiped out entire ecosystems, have pretty much ruined vast parts of the eastern world and are doing a fine job of changing the world's weather patterns.

China may not be bombing other countries, but given that they have no respect for us, or for anybody not "them" its only a matter of time before they do.

China is ten times the threat to our way of life than Russia ever was. And we, in our greed for cheap disposable goods, are letting them do it.

Any other questions?

Phoenix hijacks Windows boot with instant-on



I am guessing none of you have booted a Linux desktop in a while... its about twice as slow as MS Winblows. Painful in fact. It matters not if its Kubuntu or Mandriva, they are all sloooooooow.

What we need is the full OS on a fast ROM. Leave the HDD out of the equation.

'PlayStation-deprived' teen admits part in plot to pop parents


Entrapment? No.

The youth solicited the action, the police simply provided a means for him to hang himself. Entrapment means the police themselves suggested the idea, and the youth only responded to that suggestion, but would not have, or did not, solicit the action, even if he agreed with it.

Yes I agree with the others that the boy needs help, but then again, he needs to be kept off the street, as he is a danger to more than his parents. He is a danger to all society if being grounded causes him to enter into a murderous rage where he is willing to kill his own parents.

It is a sad reflection on the deep social problems in the USA caused by that countries obsession with "individual liberty" and "unassailable rights". Sadly the USA has made a "Right" out of many things they should see as a "privilege".

AT&T embraces let's-sue-Vonage fad


patent reform

patent reform

patent reform

patent reform

It is time for some serious patent reform

Good ol' Ma Bell sure did not take long to return to its old shenanigans eh?

It is time to rip this crap system apart and start fresh. Redistribute the stolen wealth tied into companies like AT&T and imprison any director or manager who feels that it is right to make money by robbing another, weaker company of its assets instead of developing its own.

Something to consider: Maybe patent holders who claim infringement should be force to demonstrate intent to infringe and then also prove they had a working prototype of their patented technology at the time of the filing of the patent application.

Bunch of blood sucking leaches.

Analysts ecstatic over AMD's $226m loss in Q3


hear hear!

I completely agree with you Jayelliii

Mobile phones soon to be allowed on aircraft


RE: Get over it

Let me guess Ed... you're one of those people who like to talk on the phone while driving or in public places where your conversation is actually disruptive to the people around you.

What ever happened to etiquette? Manners? The cell phone and the automobile have destroyed both in the quest for personal independence.

Supersized stellar blackhole prompts model rewrite


Re: 's a funny day today

@ Chirs

Eh? WTF you talking 'bout Willis? What the heck has a black hole got to do with Racism? What the heck has a big black hole got to do with being obese?

Feeling a tad sensitive today?

Ubuntu goes 3-D


Re Compiz

@ Adam

This is why I included "(or pay attention)" in the comment I made. In fact, Colin would do well to look at Mandriva's own website regarding this matter (And I use both Mandriva and Ubuntu (actually I use Kubuntu as I cannot stand Gnome *shudder* ... talk about a throw back to the 80's (remember the Amiga OS?)).

My main complaint was about the typical Linux community response that is little more than premature ejaculation based on a strong bias, which prevents many people it seems, from having the ability to read and comprehend what had been written, and instead focus on semantics and other nonsensical trivialities while missing the main point altogether.

In this sense, the Linux community needs to get its act together. However, that being said, with 74 comments on this topic, I would have to say to the ney sayers that Linux is alive and well.

WRT Gnu/Linux nomenclature. (GNU is a tool set, Linux is a kernel, they are not the same thing and distributions or users should not be forced to use GNU in the name... or perhaps should we call it Linux/GNU/Xorg/qt/gnome/Apache/Mysql.... ). Heck I use GNU in Windows, do I now call it GNU/Windows? GNU BSD?


Fast checking and Compiz

Guys (Pooper and Colin), if you are gonna dis the reg, get yer facts right.

Desktops searches have indeed been part of many linux distros for many years. But... Tracker is new, and Shuttleworth only mentions he believes they are the first to deliver Tracker out of the box... Tracker...

Yes, reporters are supposed to report verbatum. That is their Job. Anything else become news "invention" and not reporting. Do we really want the reg to degrade to the level of the mainstream press?

I don't. In fact the mainstream press would do well to return to the model of news reporting and not news making themselves.

Now about Compiz. Compiz had had many changes because it was forked, then reintegrated over the last year or so. This is the first COMPIZ (in post merge form) release for all distros (including Mandriva). It is not the first release of a 3D desktop for Linux. Not even close, but its the first one that works well and looks great.

Look these things up boys (or pay attention), and then you wont look foolish.

This emergency alert has been cancelled by Hotmail

Jobs Halo

@ lr

I should have been more clear. I use Hotmail, and have done so for many years. This is not about Hotmail being good or bad (I think its great), but what people should expect given it is open to all and is free.

PS all universities, colleges, high-schools and jr. high schools in just about every developed country in the world has a student email available to you (also for free or part of your tuition).

Gates Horns

my heart bleeds

I find myself in the unusual position of actually agreeing with MS on this issue. Thanks to these measures my spam box is much smaller these days.

Opt in or not, if you are using Hotmail for critical communications and emergencies, you are an idiot. Actually no, even an idiot would not be that stupid.

Get a real email account with your ISP if you want to have any credibility at all.

Miserable Brits declare War on Comfort


to Rich and Big Bommer

Your ignorance is showing.

1. White middle class birthrates are in decline. Our children are not the problem.

2. I do not have children either as I happen to agree with you, this world is massively overpopulated. But to fix that you need to talk to the Chinese and Indians who can not seem to keep it in their pants.

3. This thread was about pattio heaters - IE trying to heat the outdoors.

But as you now mention that not only are you greedy, lazy and selfish, you are a smoker too. Whether or not second had smoke causes harm, it causes disgust in the people around you who are inflected with its stench, which ruins their clothes, hurts their eyes and really quite reduces their fun.

Just so you can indulge in a cancer causing substance that you know full well is harmful to you and those around you.

Now, I suppose you would have me believe that if we were in a pub together and I kept farting in your face, you would not be upset. It would not bother you at all would it, because farts have never been shown to cause cancer. They just stink up a place and pollute the shared environment. Right?

BS, you would get pissed off (especially as drunken smokers are not usually the most stable of people to start with). Smoking is actually quite a bit more disgusting to non-smokers (by the way jack off - I SMOKE!, and even I can not stand the smell of other peoples smoke).

So, as a white, middle class smoker who likes to have as much fun as the next guy, I do have enough intelligence, maturity and compassion for my fellow man to try not to have any of my excesses impact any other person but me.

But then again I am talking to Neanderthals of the era past. I have to try to remember as less evolved humans, you Neanderthals are not actually physically capable of understanding advanced concepts like critical thinking (as demonstrated by your child like denial of clearly observable, measurable and falsifiable evidence (what we Sapien Sapian's call "science"... we have a term for your way of thinking too - "wishful").

I would like to have kids one day, but the cost that would be borne by them due to the selfishness and complete denial of any self-responsibility your actions make that a very tough thing to want to do. We would be asking more of them than any of us have a right to ask.

If you are a childless boomer, do not take your failings out on the rest of society because you are incomplete as a man.

If you are the child of a boomer, then I have little to say because you are the single most spoiled and selfish generation this world has ever seen and until you eventually all die off, we will continue to suffer.

If you are a GenXer, then what the hell is wrong with you? You know better. Or are you doing what we GenXers love to do and thats simply playing devils advocate?

If you are the Child of a GenXer (an incredible bunch of kids and the hope of the next generation), then WTF!?!?! You definitely know better.


Enjoy your smoke and your brew.


er no...

I wont shut up. Why? Because the taxes you pay do not come close to paying for the damage you and your friends cause with your selfish excesses.

Because the cost of those excesses will be borne by MY children, and YOU do not have the right to place that burden on them.

Thats why numb nuts.

God, I hope you didn't breed, the world needs to evolve and you and your kind are holding us back.

Intel revolted by its own 'insensitive and insulting' ad


RE: Corporations are people too :)

---"Intel pulled the ad. Superb. Like anything, once it is out of the carton getting every little drop cleaned is difficult to do. Give people (corporations are made up of good people ) a break."---

That made me laugh. Obviously you missed the point of the ad.

"Get better computers and you will only need a few clones, soon you won't even need them, just a new Core 8 DualGuadrupalGougleplex."

Intel is not stupid, they know every time they up their performance capability another worker looses a job... so, not only can we make you more productive with out machines, we can keep your employees motivated through fear...

No, corporations USED to be made up of people, now they are predominately computers, a tiny support staff, and a few very rich men who only want to get richer.

Apple takes flak as AT&T drops iPhone bomb


RE: The Source

I am with you bud. This article is not reporting, its marketing.

Come on REG!. This is getting out of hand lately. To much "soft selling" and not enough real news.

So far we know you're in bed with Intel and World Of Warcraft. Now you are in bed with Apple? Are you truing into a bunch of whores? Will you sell anything as long as the price is right?

Besides, "I" anything is only pretty engineering. Technologically speaking the Ipod/Iphone/etc. are all ordinary, non-innovative, and often inferior products.

Objective, unbiased, neutral reporting of the news please. No more "product placement" and masked marketing techniques please... its sick and its a turn off.

EU files anti-trust charges against Intel


RE: Knock Knock and a Crock

This is not the first time Intel has played dirty. Tomshardware guide was instrumental in mobilizing the internet community in the late 90's when Intel was threatening motherboard manufactures who made AMD based MBs with "support chipset delays" for the Intel line... it does not take a genius to figure out that nobody is going to risk 80% of their business for 20% of it.

This is just another example of of a long history. Intel is not a company with a lot of ethical scruples it seems.

And no, intel does not make better CPU's. Anybody who knows core architecture knows that Intel has being playing catchup with AMD for damn near ten years now (since the k5). They license and, if AMD and others are right, steal technology to maintain their lead in the marketplace.

The problem is 80% of computer users would prefer to ostrich themselves (burry their heads in the sand) and continue to pretend that they are not slaves to Intel spin (Kinda like Mercedes owners who tell you how perfect the car that spends 6 months of every year in the repair shop is).

PSP owners to get Lost early 2008


Re: Proof Reading

Well, you must remember that headlines are written to attract readership, not be grammatically correct.

In this sense, the headline is actually a pretty decent play on words.

Brit spooks: Yanks are frightful cowboys



The US has misused this information from more than the UK. Canada was bitten a couple of times.

But the sad truth is, I do not for a second believe that "Extraordinary Rendition" or other "Black Ops" are new, or the exclusive domain of the USA. I think when it comes to certain matters, all Intelligence Agencies know the score.

Oz convict ancestor database goes online


RE: Aus v NZ


Aus v NZ

By Dax Farrer

Posted Thursday 26th July 2007 13:33 GMT

Which reminds me of the time when NZ was experiencing some net emigration to Australia, the then PM said that it was OK as it was raising the average IQ in both countries.



Too Funny! Do you mind if I add this to my Quote Collection?


Intel aims parallelism aid at open source fans


er... a bit behind

the times are we? This is not new news....

More "Product Placement" soft marketing? Is it just me, or did this place suddenly become Intelcentric?

Western Digital channel in a spin over new green HDD


Its about time

Been a boffin for 20 years. Never seen any electronic device perform to spec. Never seen marketing specs that have ever had real world performance information.

Marketing specs (like RPM) are, and always have been, utterly meaningless.

And no, Maxtor is not infrior to Seagate. In twenty years of buying and selling harddrives, only Seagate have failed early and regularly. So much so I refused to buy them again until only recently, and that is only because the HDD industry has become much like the OS industry. Bought out and dominated by one (inferior) player.

Now if we can convince Intel to drop the Spin, the world might be a better place. But, then again, there would be far fewer Intel machines out there (as it is inferior tech).

AMD admits no 'substantial' Phenom output in '07


What I would do

if I had tones of Venture capital to invest, would be invest in AMD's fab processes and up their manufacturing capability tenfold.

AMD has been hurt to many times buy their inability to get fab up and running quickly. In this regard, Intel has them handily beat. With volume can come lower prices.

Then its time AMD do some real marketing for a change.

RIM can work with Outlook '07


makes me proud

This is what makes us Canadians cool. Dedication to service that goes above and beyond, even across the pond.

Arrest Richard Gere, orders Indian court


Other thoughts

Richard Gere is a self-proclaimed Buddist. As such he has a responsibility to look beyond the confines of his personal constructs. (It means he should have known better).

His responsibility now, is to return to India, accept his fate and ensure a continuation of positive karma.

It would also go a long way to demonstrate that we in the west actually have more moral fiber than those who claim vehement righteousness. It does not matter if they are wrong and we are right.

Stand up. Be a man.

Besides India would not let him rot in some backward low caste prison - he is far to famous for that. In the end, he would walk away a hero and likely ten times more popular than he is now.

Chemical weapons are not WMDs



It would seem the key here is once again semantics rules over logic and education.

One fellow mentioned references... in academia there are a two valid of reference (source) types: Primary and Secondary.

A primary source is from an authority or expert in the area of expertise. The one with the relevant knowledge. This source does not require references, as it is the reference.

A secondary source would be a non-authority researcher/analyst. They reference primary source material.

In this case, the author of this article is a Primary Source.

Now, it would seem most of you have failed to comprehend the main point of the article. The fear factor from chemical weapons is not based on reality, but by fear mongering. Mass Hysteria over a ghost.

As I am also a "Primary Source" (I was a weapons specialist in the CAF). I also know a few things about EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) and NBCW.

I myself have sat for days in NBCW gear, I myself have lived under the threat of attack with these weapons.

To be frank, I do not recall ever fearing them. I feared bombs, I feared shells and mortars, I feared madmen with guns... but never a chemical attack. Why? For exactly they reasons ascribed by the author. There is no need to. They are a propaganda weapon (trench warfare in WW1 is a very different scenario than the reality of your lives today).

As a wise man once said: All you have to fear is fear itself.

Thats is the real power of this type of weapon, and many of the people here are actually the ones pulling the trigger.

Get educated, then get smart.