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Weird PHP-poking Linux worm slithers into home routers, Internet of Things

Tom Rowan

OK. Back to the relevant point and ignoring the OS bashing.

There is *probably* a vulnerability in some kit that quite a lot of people use.


UK.gov's web filtering mission creep: Now it plans to block 'extremist' websites

Tom Rowan

Re: Well

...and they all laughed at me for still doing CB.

(Actually, that probably is a fair point, but still..)

Hampshire council throws BYOD party, hires extra security

Tom Rowan

Re: Short list

1) An iPhone or iPad is AES-256 encrypted by default.

2) And supports VPN (Cisco and others) by default.

3) And if you connect an iDevice to an Exchange server it can be remote wiped (did you know that dudes?)

Looking good so far.

Although mandating strong lock/password/wipe policies is going to be necessary. Oh, that's there too. For free.

I'm not sure about Android in all fairness.

How can family sysadmins make a safe internet playground for kids?

Tom Rowan

Alternative Internet Access...

So, you secure all the network access via your own router... and they simply crack the WEP for the neighbour's wireless...

Facebook filth flood – Fawkes Virus to blame?

Tom Rowan

Or are they the same picture just described in two ways...?

Tom Rowan

Erm. Where's *my* filth then?

Typical. No filth for me.

Google borgs Steve Jobs refugees for 'tablet' smarts

Tom Rowan


Google is one of the biggest server manufacturers in the world. I forget the ranking, but it's top four I think... not that you can buy their servers! So we might not see anything in our hands so to speak. Then again, as you say, where would the iPad angle be if that were the case?!

Bungling cybercops' r00t-y0u.org sting backfires

Tom Rowan

Root You...

...sounds more like a pr0n site.

Surveillance camera hack swaps live feed with spoof video

Tom Rowan
Thumb Up


Must have this to hand the next time I take a Pearson Vue or Prometric exam... ahem.

It reminds me of Kevin Bacon in Hollow Man.

Ivan O'Toole? That's nothing, snorts Hugh Jass

Tom Rowan

Big Company Directories...

..are a great place to find some awesome names. I've worked for a couple of the really huge Global organisations and searching in the Outlook directory can be very enlightening.

There are all sorts of w*nkers and similar in there.

Worth an hour if you're in a global company...

Net wag endorses Playmobil Security Check Point

Tom Rowan

Teaching Kids that Crime Pays?



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