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Steve Jobs issues open letter on Flash

Jobs Horns

Pot, meet kettle....

"they are controlled entirely by Adobe and available only from Adobe."

Um, aren't Apple products controlled entirely by Apple?

Avatards rush to name sprogs Pandora


Pandora also released one of our greatest treasures

Don't forget that hope was at the bottom of the box....

I can't imagine naming a child after a character from a movie/video game. My children have sensible names (Shuffling the West Side Story DVD and copy of Splinter Cell under the carpet...)

Peppa Pig told to belt up


My solution for getting the kids to buckle up

I would drive a few feet and brake hard - fast enough for them to fall out of their seat and scare the shit out of them, slow enough that there was no way they would be injured. Then they got the "Imagine if I had been driving fast" lecture. No problem. One demonstration each was enough that now if I start moving before they have their seatbelts on, they get upset.

Really, I wish people would stop asking the television to do their parenting for them, and to AndrewH, studies can show as much as they like that telly has an influence over children, but we're talking about pre-school children here. The biggest influence on a pre-school child should be its parents and siblings. They don't do peer-pressure at that age, they barely notice each other. Television only has more influence if you as a parent allow the television to do the raising of your child. Notice that the parent still has the control here...

Spanish court in favour of topless celebs

Big Brother

I'll have a 3 please...

Seriously, If I was on a beach topless (not something likely to happen FYI) and someone put a picture up where everyone could see it, I would not try and sue them, I'd be more likely to go "Whoops, maybe I should have covered up" and try and draw as little attention as possible to the picture. Not get it splashed around the net to people who've never even heard of me! Maybe she just wanted a little more exposure...

PS, like the new icons :)

Don't call me Ishmael


with reference to rule 10

Our company used to name all the machines after cartoon characters. When I first had a company laptop it was named "Gonzales" (you know, after the mouse...)

At first it was an appropriate name. It was the fasted computer we had, even outperforming our antiquated desktop still running windows 3.0

After a while it became not so appropriate.

By the time we scrapped it, the name was downright ironic!

All our computers are now named with soulless letters and numbers, since we were taken over by Americans who thought our naming system was too hard to deal with.

Our home network is based around Norman, Doug and Dinsdale. Brownie points for anyone who can guess what the next computer added will be called...

Red Dwarf touches down in Coronation Street


Better Dead than Smeg...

"Better Smeg Than Dead

By Thomas Kenyon Posted Wednesday 11th February 2009 22:37 GMT

I thought that when Rimmer kneed death in the balls he said. 'Only the good die young'.

I thought better smeg than dead was when they were fighting their future selves at the end of a previous series. (or the cats better anything than that wig). "

You're right, Rimmer actually said "Better Dead than Smeg" and it was at the end of "Out of Time" the last episode of series VI. I can't remember what he said at the end of series VIII because I kind of stopped paying attention after the end of Grant Naylor.

Alien, because you know that Rimmer's right and they're responsible for everything ;)

Sumerians cracked world's oldest joke


What's red and sits in the corner?

A naughty bus.

I can also do elephant jokes until Tarzn appears to beat me to death with Cheetah, but I think I'll spare you that pain....

'Great tits cope well with warming'


You dropped these...

Hands Jezza a bag containing an 'e', a 'k' and a 't'

My hubby was slightly disappointed when he clicked on that headline. At least he got a chuckle out of it :)

eBay kills live auctions


If you can't leave -ve feedback

How are you supposed to tell if someone is trustworthy or not?

"Look! I have 100% positive feedback!" (Never mind that it's the only auction I actually sent payment for/cheque didn't bounce/didn't give the seller a run-around)

Bad bad idea. Glad I never gave in to the ebay addiction... (mostly cause I can't stand PayPal)

Arthur C. Clarke dead at 90


So long, Arthur

I know you didn't want us to mourn your passing, but celebrate your life, but I think you will forgive me if I think the world is a little less bright for you not being in it.

Thank-you for everything you left us, at least your words can still inspire us even if they will no longer be added to.