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Apple condemns FileVaulters to seventh circle of Safari hell

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"second rate browser"?

Would this "second rate browser" named Safari, be the same browser, based on Webkit, that has just become (once again) the first browser engine to fully pass the Acid3 test?


Apple fans besieged by iPhone Trojan and iTunes attack

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Dodgy reporting


Misleading title. It's not an iPhone Trojan - it's one targetting Windoze users (as usual). Your headline implies that the trojan affects iPhones, when in fact only the email subject matter is iPhone/Apple related.

"Apple fans are under attack on multiple fronts."

'multiple' = 'several' = 'more than two' - you only describe 1 issue which affects Apple software users - not necessarily fans.

Also, the Trojan exploit isn't just besieging only "Apple fans", unless spammers are getting very clever with targetting their emails nowadays.

I get trojan-loaded spam about everything from Paris Hilton to Viagra - however, that doesn't make me a fan of either.

"In other Apple-related security news,"

No... "In other Windows gets another trojan news".

Apple slapped for dodgy ads

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@James Bassett

Erm... you need to learn the huge difference between JAVA and JAVASCRIPT.

It's JAVA the iPhone doesn't support - read the article. It has great JAVASCRIPT support, which means every banking site I've ever tried works perfectly...

Clueless aren't you?

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In the full adjudication, it says:

"Clearcast said, in order to assess the claims, they saw a demonstration of the iPhone and in particular the internet functionality. They said a number of websites were chosen at random and they appeared to work as described in the ad. They said, on the basis of the demonstration and the advertiser's assurances, they were content to approve the claims relating to access to the internet."

So, even after a demonstration of the iPhone's internet functionality, where they concluded it accessed the internet as described in the ad - the ASA still upheld the complaint...?! What are they on?

Since when did proprietary technologies used on a minority of sites, become synonymous with the open standards based 'internet' as a whole?

I don't hear people complaining they can't access "all parts of the internet" on PCs without Flash or Java...

Apple tops customer satisfaction poll as rivals' ratings slide

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That's why...

This is exactly the reason why there appears to be so much Apple-bashing from a vocal minority recently. Me included...

Some people just can't cope with the fact that the vast majority of Apple users are hugely satisfied with their purchases.

These non-Apple users have invested considerable sums of money in inferior products, and suffer the consequences, even though better alternatives are available. It makes them feel quite small and foolish.

So, to make themselves feel better and less stupid, they resort to knocking all those people who've bought an Apple product and are happy with it.

It's typical playground behaviour - you try to bring down those happier or more successful than yourself, in a failed attempt to make yourself look and feel better.

Unfortunately, you just end up looking even more unintelligent making uninformed comments all over the internet.

And while this is going on, the very people you're aiming your comments at are elsewhere enjoying life using their superior products.

'I've cracked Nokia S40 security', claims researcher

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So... remind me again why everyone thought Apple were crazy for NOT including Java support in the iPhone?

Apple's secret iPhone app blacklist

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So what?

If, after the release of some App, the developer or Apple, finds that a it has a major bug that could cause data loss, instability or some other negative effect, then it makes sense to have a way of disabling it, until the fixed version is available.

Not every iPhone or iPod touch user is going to actively keep up-to-date on the status of every app they have installed.

Or, more worryingly, if a rogue application developer has implemented some 'hidden' nasty features in one of their apps, a trojan, if you like - it's even more important to have some way of disabling it.

I don't see the problem. The facility is there, IF it's ever needed. I don't see why Apple would "retroactively remove applications it decides no longer fit the bill." - unless that app has some major negative effect on the smooth running of the device.

Easy iPhone 3G unlocking for $30?

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Paris Hilton

@Yves Kurisaki

The vast majority of phones sold are locked to the network they're purchased on - network locking is not limited to iPhones, you idiot.

Not buying ANY phone would be the best way not to get tied to networks (or paying the more expensive SIM-free price).

However, it wouldn't change the fact that YOU would still be a sad dick though.

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> What's The Point?

Erm...are you aware that many people in this world are actually able to travel to other countries which use different mobile networks, for business and for pleasure reasons?

Those same people often like to use a different SIM card for that particular country, thereby benefitting from local call rates, rather than exorbitant roaming costs...

Try thinking just a little before asking such stupid questions.... even Paris would know that...

iPhone 3G not compatible with existing accessories

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Not Apple's Fault

This isn't Apple's fault. It's the manufacturers of said accessories fault for building them to use an obsolete power source.

Apple announced their intention to stop using the 12V Firewire Pin a very long time ago.

The information has been there, and as registered "Made for iPod" accessory makers, they really should've read the specifications and made changes long before the current models of iPods and iPhones were released.

Apple grabs number-three US PC market slot

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Keyboard fixed

Ah! That's better - my crappy Micro$oft keyboard was only typing in UPPERCASE and putting '...' after every word in my previous "post". And Shift+1 was failing intermittently. (Too much whacking off to Bill Gates photos in front of the PC, I fear.)

All I need to do now is learn how to spell and construct meaningful sentences from my limited vocabulary and they may let me start school with the 4-year olds.

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@alistair millington

"price and lack of peripherals"?

Which peripherals is the Mac lacking then? I've never seen any shortage of hard-drives, printers, scanners, keyboards, mice, routers, networking, CD/DVD burners, wireless stuff. In fact most peripherals, that most people buy also work on the Mac.

And regarding price, you've clearly never read any of the regular "like-for-like" price comparisons, where Macs come out either the same price or cheaper than the equivalent Windoze PC. Recent example from a PC mag:


Apple swipes £121 for 'free' MobileMe trial

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@ Mark "I don't do research" Daniels

> So, this 120 quid, is this on top of the network charges for airtime/ download megs ?

It has absolutely nothing to do with network charges - it's for separate service. Do some research!

> I laugh at the gulability of Apple customers : pay excessive amounts for air time

Apple don't set the "airtime" costs - the mobile phone networks do. Do some research!

> not allowed to use the device for you want to becuase Apple block adding apps

You haven't heard of the AppStore then? Do some research!

> 120 quid for an email service that, frankly, is free on almost every other phone

"MobileMe" is not free on ANY phone, although other free email services work just as freely on the iPhone. Do some research!

> My e65 looks like the bargain of the century in comparisson.......

With all the money you're saving you should invest in a dictionary. Your spelling is atrocious!

Firefox sweeps away carpet bombing bug

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Foot dragging

"Dubbed the "carpet bombing" bug, this was disclosed by independent researcher Billy Rios in May and patched by Apple - after some foot-dragging - in June."

... and only then patched by Mozilla - after an ADDITIONAL month of foot-dragging - in mid-July.

Pope apologises for Apple's MobileMe sins

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It's deliberate

The article author posted:

"Ok, a little explanation is called for.

I chose the Pope to illustrate this story about Apple apologizing, because it is a picture of the Pope apologizing.

But then I also liked the way his arms are raised as if asking for forgiveness. Or, as one commenter suggested, he could be asking about the whereabouts of his contacts.

-- Michelle Quinn"

I love Apple, and worship the ground his holiness Steve Jobs walks on.

Apple has that syncing feeling over MobileMe

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Webster here!

I just had to get cleaned up after a long session (24 seconds) of whacking off to that picture of Bill Gates sprawled across his computer desk from the 80's...


Ooohhh.. makes me go all funny down there....

Anyway, back on topic...

This is great news! Apple have done the right thing at last! I'm happy 'cos MobileMe is working perfectly for me and I've got an extra 30 days...

World+Dog lines up for iPhones

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Re: Webster Phreaky

> Man, you really need to get a girlfriend.

Eurgh... not me... I'm gay and in love with Bill Gates.

No PAYG 3G iPhone in UK until Christmas

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Re: Why the iPhone Mania?

"[Xperia X1] In a smaller package than the iPhone, too."

Er.. No... The width and height of the X1 are a few mm less, but the larger depth makes the overall volume considerably greater than the iPhone 3G. And the X1 is heavier...

"Comes out before the iPhone 3G"

Er...No (again). Perhaps you missed it, but the iPhone 3G is out on Friday. That's 4 days away. When's the X1 out again?

"want to send a text message? click the "messages" icon on the front screen, or go to start -> messaging. Phone call? Hit the green "phone" button on the front."

Hmm... sounds remarkably like the iPhone, or any other icon-driven UI on any number of phones. That's hardly something to be touting as a feature!

"iPhone's novelty interface."

The same 'novelty' interface that you also say the X1 "doesn't" outclass the iPhone with? And the same interface every other phone manufacturer is trying (in vain) to emulate.

The X1 hardware specs look good, but it's flawed due to it being wrapped around (the bug-ridden) Windows Mobile with some iPhone-inspired graphics slapped over the top.

Built-in browser expiry proposed to fight botnet menace

Webster Phreaky

deleted work?

"There are few things more annoying to find your computer restarted in the morning deleting work you'd rather not of had deleted."

Crikey! So Windows now deletes your work files when it restarts? It's even worse than I thought...

If you're too lazy to click "Save" before leaving your PC then you get what you deserve!

Vista on your iPhone - almost 'perfection'

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Web cam images undo MacBook thieves

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> Essentially , as this story unfolds it shows that Mac's have some very serious ill

> conceived security flaws with this software as installed

Tw@t! Perhaps you should research what "Back to my Mac" is before posting such drivel. http://www.apple.com/dotmac/backtomymac.html

The WHOLE POINT of this software is to allow secure remote logins so you can access your Mac whilst not being sat in front of it.

It's not enabled by default and requires a .Mac account, so doesn't allow all Macs to be owned by "botnet boys".

Not that the facts mean anything to thick shits like you. "heystoopid" is a very apt user name for you.

Apple 'most successful world brand'

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@alistair millington

Really, people need to learn how to read, and more importantly, understand what this survey is about.

The survey isn't about individual products, or sales figures, or the size of the company, or how successful a product is... it's about the BRAND! Burgers, soft drinks and cars are PRODUCTS, not brands.

And anyway, your 'argument' is flawed as Apple sell as many iPods etc. outside of America as they do in. So its nothing to do with sales in America.

Apple didn't need saving 'yet again' when the iPhone was released - it was already doing better than at any time in its history.

Your post is so full of flaws it's laughable. I'm surprised you could find the 'Post Comment' button.

Only Ubuntu left standing, as Flash vuln fells Vista in Pwn2Own hacking contest

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So, both the Mac and Windows machines were exploited by components not made by the OS manufacturer...

Webkit (the open-source browser engine) was the culprit in the Mac's case, and Adobe's Flash in Windows case.

As both Webkit and Flash are available for all three platforms no doubt with a little jiggery-pokery both exploits would work on all three platforms.

Clearly the Mac was targetted first because the prize was the most desirable and valuable - not just the MacBook Air, but the headlines it generated.

Who would really want to win a Windows or Linux machine?

So what's the easiest box to hack - Vista, Ubuntu or OS X?

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Apple unleashes monster patch batch on Mac faithful

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