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Pentagon in QuEST for quantum-teleport spooky IT

george abney

Time is a Spatial Spooky Thing.

Quantum entanglement is expressed in more dimensions than spatial... An effect may become entangled with another effect in the near(?) future and it is theoretically possible to construct a kind of time machine communication device that enables message transport from the present to some UPTIME and the reverse. Imagine how convenient it would be for a soldier to ask his special SpookyBud where the enemy will be in twenty minutes? The same soldier in the UPTIME mode will receive the message and wing back a reply that the enemy is five steps behind him and is about to pull the trigger on a Party Popper. The possibilities are quite entangling... to say the least. Now I hear that at the moment just before the big bang when everything came into Being, the big vacuum BORROWED energy from the future because SOMETHING must occupy NOTHING as a basic element of reason and surely creation and all of the ever after is REASONABLE? Tut tut, and all THAT rot.

Don't you just LOVE science... whatever THAT is. ALL science is merely a highly codified GUESS.

Humph! Go figure.

george abney

Faith...of it all....

I have such FAITH in science that I am vulnerable to disillusionment in the name of orthodoXy.

Ohio man cuffed for shagging picnic table

george abney

Well.....I MUST SAY....

The table HOLE surely gave him a better time than his frigid wife AND

at the very WORST, the public display was at LEAST as clean as the rubbish they force on our children disguised as Sex Education!

Three CHEERS for the tableFocker!

He must have been uncircumcised or the friction would have been fatal to passion, SURELY?!! WHAT do YOU think, Benny Hen?

IBM dreams of optical chips with tiny light pulse device

george abney

IBM Opticchips Light Pulse Device...

Microprocessor design on this platform imbedded in nanotubes spread through a polymer surface can coat the hull of spacestations and function as hull breach safety systems that immediately identify/isolate/and correct any meteorite penetration of space station hull. Same thing for aquatic submersibles and the same concept is applicable to synthetic skin covering artificial limbs... to provide sensory inputs through the limb to the brain.

These microcircuits would be imbedded in human tissue/bones to provide communication interface and real time NET humanlinks for private-commercial uses and for use by the combat soldier in the field as the soldier physically hosts an entire array of communications systems in human flesh and bone.

Wow. It ain't Kansas anymore AND it ain't Oz either. Its something BETTER!