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Amazon rainforest starts making phone calls

Michael Dean

If a tree falls ...

We can argue about the noise but, it will make a ring

Drop that can of sweet pop and grab a coffee - for your sanity's sake

Michael Dean

Digging Further

If we follow the link to AAN piece we get this

"The study involved 263,925 people between the ages of 50 and 71 at enrollment. From 1995 to 1996, consumption of drinks such as soda, tea, fruit punch and coffee was evaluated. About 10 years later, researchers asked the participants whether they had been diagnosed with depression since the year 2000. A total of 11,311 depression diagnoses were made."

Way too many other possible reasons for depression could have happen - taking a wild guess with the age spread presented I think a few loved ones may have gone on rather than too many diet cokes.

Feds propose 50-state ban on mobile use while driving

Michael Dean

Current Laws

Why don't we just apply the current laws of driving without due care and attention. We don't need a law for every new tech distraction.

Ultimate flight-sim crashes into living rooms for 36 grand

Michael Dean

Can it be 'modified' to run X-Wing?

Gun-toting meth addict gets 12 years for ID theft

Michael Dean

Too early

My morning brain read the headline as "Gun-Toting 12 Year Old Meth Addict Gets ID Theft"

The X-Factor goes virtually mobile, expands voting

Michael Dean
Thumb Up

A good attempt

Nice try El Reg, but I can see if this story is picked up elsewhere it may gather some momentum.

The iPad will doom humanity to painful bog-roll horror

Michael Dean


All we have to do is figure out the 3 sea-shells :-)

US Navy plans self-building floating fortresses

Michael Dean

Prior Art Again

Hmmm modules should also contain pop-up weapon placements and com centers - sounds like M.A.S.K. to me

Gordon 'to sacky' Wacky Jacqui

Michael Dean

Mixed Feelings

I am glad to see her go, but annoyed that its because of expenses and not for incompetence.

E-tailers can't claim on returned goods

Michael Dean


Will this apply to software that will not work on my PC? Or can the "its out of the plastic" rule still be applied?

Government Gateway login details found in pub car park

Michael Dean

Media and Lost Property

Why is it that every time a lost device/laptop/file is found its handed into the BBC or a newspaper* ? Do the police not have any lost property bins anymore or are they full of spare knives?

*Mail on Sunday included for this one time.

Profs: Teacher-student relationships key to sex education

Michael Dean


Ummm how about a Parent-Child relationship in which safe sex is talked about.

Nintendo scores zero on e-waste responsibility

Michael Dean


I got a new Wiimote over weekend and the amount of paper work that came with it spouting where to dispose of it in a clean way was ridiculous. N cant wii-n either way.